Julia is a Shareholder of Trump Village, Sec.4. She purchased her Co-Op apartment (shares) in 2010, and since then has been actively participating in TV4 community life.

Julia has a Master’s Degree in Economics (Honor Graduate). Constantly striking for professional and personal development, she also completed Financial Management and Leadership Courses. Achieving “Commandant’s List” status, she excelled in all areas of academic instruction. Her performance in highly technical environment demonstrates her ability to quickly grasp new concepts and ideas.

Working as a Financial Manager, Julia volunteers her free time for Family Readiness Group, supporting Soldiers and their families.

As a Financial Manager, she strongly believes that to manage Corporation the Board of Directors has to be professional, not amateurish. Lack of 3 components: necessary education, relevant job experience and customer service skills can lead to non-refundable waste of corporate assets.

Negative trends in US economy affect almost every citizen of this country. Precisely smart and successful investments are key factors to survive and keep savings under modern conditions. Real estate is a long term investment bringing current stability and even future security. To ensure that our apartments (shares) save and increase their values, our Co-Op structure and management methods should be reformed and reorganized.


Galina joined TV4 community in 2009 with her husband and two kids. She believes that the well-being of our Co-Op/Corporation strongly connected with a stability of investment value.

Galina graduated from Brooklyn College (1999) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, and became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She has been working for Spector, Foo, Weissman LLP for thirteen years, mostly dealing with real estate companies as a professional accountant.

As a TV4 Shareholder, Galina and her family want to see our Co-Op free of corruption, well managed by professionals and in good financial shape. For that purpose it is essential to use independent audit to clarify financial situation in our corporation. Positive numbers of TV4 annual statements cannot guarantee optimal business climate and successful marketing trends.


My name is Eugene. I think everybody knows me through the series of news reports when my family had to face eviction due to having an emotional helper for me. We've received lots of support from you, guys, and we really appreciated all your help and sympathy.

I was an active duty US Army Soldier for seven years. Through my time of service I had to be a part of two deployments Kosovo and Afghanistan after 9/11. In Kosovo I was a part of a KFOR force that provided a peace keeping mission. As for Afghanistan I was a part of the OEF 4 that provide combat operations against Taliban and AL-Qaida. My military awards are the War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Combat Patch and Combat Badge, which made me a legit combat veteran.

I currently work as a Car Inspector for the New York City Transit Authority. Actually I’ve been an electrician for about 27 years. I graduated from Theatrical Art and Technical School as an Electrical light technician in 1989. As of now I am back in school trying to pursue my degree as a Psychologist.

I joined our Trump Village 4 community in 2009 with my lovely wife Galina and two kids. When we came here we were happy that finally had our own roof over heads. The most of all that I loved over here the feeling that I was on vacation. Unfortunately this feeling is gone due to the situation in our Co-op. As a combat vet I will fight for our right to have a community that is free of corruption, harassment, discrimination and abuse. My motto is “Fight till I win or die trying.”

For any housing corporation it is important to be desirable place to live in. Real estate transactions should move smoothly in both directions and Shareholders must be sure that they can easily sell their apartments at any time at good market price. My apartment is my long-term investment. If this clear logical chain is broken, it means the corporate Board does not work efficient. The amount of sold apartments is impossible to hide and this indicator has the same value as inflation to the economy. Lets remind to our Board of Directors this simple but essential point.


My love for Trump Village complex stems from growing up here and having fond memories of the people who lived here, the beauty of our buildings inside and out and from the respect that we had for our property. This is what made me come back to TV4 in 2007, when my husband and I were one of the first people to purchase an apartment when the Co-Op went private.

I am a registered pharmacist who graduated from Long Island University in 1993. I have been working in one of the largest and oldest pharmaceutical companies since graduating from college. Through hard work and excellent results I was promoted to EXECUTIVE SALES REPRESENTATIVE. My responsibilities include sales and marketing of medications to physicians, nurses, offices and hospitals. My job entails proficiency with computers, balancing a budget, negotiation and signing of contracts, and most of all my industry is being upheld to the highest moral and ethical standards, so abiding by the Law is a must. I am also a certified life coach. I have a large list of clients who seek my help when they don’t know what to do with their career, personal life, etc.

I want to see our complex become premiere in many ways. I am the mouthpiece for those who want to make a difference, but can’t.

We need to have a healthy financial baseline which can only come from SALES and RENTALS of our apartments and by trimming the extras. Just like in government, we need to reduce the deficit, cut wasteful spending, and focus on projects that the majority of residents want.

I want to see the Board that is acting for the benefits of the Shareholders and is concerned with their needs and wants. Our complex has to be NUMBER ONE. We have to care about our apartments because this is our financial future and an investment that we all made for our children and grandchildren.