"If everybody minded their own business, the world would go around a great deal faster than it does."

--Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

The summer is supposed to be a time of carefree days and warm nights. The website is up and running and it's nice to see that there are concerned Cooperators, but there is really no one to turn to for help. The only way change can happen if the entire complex unites, even then, how can we fight? Freedom of speech, the right for assembly, and freedom of expression are some of the ways that the Shareholders can begin to retaliate. Silence leads to increases in maintanance, abuse of power, violation of By-Laws, and can very well lead to bankrupcy. What will we do then?

Your emails and any other kind of support are important for us. You are our not just readers, but true neighbors, soulmates and friends.

"Hello, First of all, as a shareholder in building [personal info was removed] let me personally thank you for running this website.
However, I am concerned that the newest posts from people are 3 years ago! Is the site dead? Did you shut down your activity in lieu of the lawsuit?
There is a post from you dated July 29th, so I am hopeful that is not the case...
I wonder... There is all these complaints and problems, and yet, it doesn't seem that we as shareholders can do anything to help ourselves. There is no one to complain to, because even the head of this corrupt organization is in league with the rest of the thieves.
What can we do? Who can we complain to? Who can possibly help?

Are you aware there was a private party July 4, 2015 on the roof of building 7 supervised by Security staff?
Do bylaws say that cooperators are to be given 90 day notice of maintenance increases. How did the June bills appear with increase and no notice? Is there anything we can do about this?
Igor Oberman General Manager, does he still own his apartment? If not was the sale "arms length"? At the General meeting didn't he say he was concerned about the possible toxic problems of the proposed adjacent development because he had a young child who might be exposed. Wasn't this days before he became Manager and they would no longer own the apartment?
Would love to hear from you regarding these & other matters. Also how can we support your organization.

"All I can say is wow . After half of what I read on this website. I see the board of Director with all that corruption and all that has not change. Well let me give you some history the Board of Directors was started in 1970. Section 4 and it.went thru the same thing then . Buildings 7b 7a 6a 6b had it share of problems then and I see it still lives on in the Board of Directors You know how I know I grow up in 7b 2940 and [personal info was removed]. It always been coops . That playing you have with the train and all lol that been there and redone over and over it was put in the Board Of Directors when [personal info was removed]. They came.up with it for the kids. Along with the basebasket ball park behided it. And the one behide building 7a near the T.A building and lot. Your rec rooms the Board of Directors then but that in and it was redone over and over again. Try from 1970 till when I left at 18 1988. It just amaze me that it still that way today. But what is unknown to.you all is that some of the Board Of Directors then.kids still live there. All I can say is stop.the blaming and work.as a team that is how it is done and that is.how those.board members did it."

"Police may search your property without a warrant if you consent to the search."

I read your blog and live in building 6b. A few days ago I got a letter stating that since hurricane sandy the management office has been neglecting mandatory home inspections and I should call the office to arrange an appointment.
Do you know anything about this? I feel very violated in many senses of the way.
Thank you,

It is interesting how the previous Board President turned manager of TV4 persistently keeps putting his circle signatures to inform how the Board of Directors is making this complex a great place to live, management/maintenance staff continues to make inspections in apartments without valid reason.

Apartment inspections were introduced to this Co-Op after it went private by Igor Oberman and were continuously done since August 2012 [§3(j) of old leases]. There is no mention about "mandatory inspections" and what they include in the old proprietary leases nor in By-Laws. Sometimes the management office states the reason for the inspection as looking for unregistered air-conditioners, dish-washers and washing machines. However, those who conduct the inspections go through entire apartments as if they were given a search warrant.

Some Shareholders have been selling their apartments after those "inspections" as they could not mentally and financially stand numerous housing lawsuits against them filed in the name of the Corporation. To clarify "numerous", it means more than one lawsuit for a single apartment in some cases. If you, the shareholder deny access, you might find yourself in court with a case against you trying to prove that our landlord has a right to inspect pipes, etc. Letting an inspection occur does not guarantee that you will not be subject of an eviction.

Here are some tips once you are the chosen one for an inspection, if you do let them in, you may use your video-camera to record their actions as option number one. You may not allow them to take pictures in your apartment or video-tape, as option number two. You may not give them a permission to search in your drawers where you keep extremely personal items if you feel uncomfortable as option number three.

The website is sharing individual opinions and is not giving out any professional legal advices. Ask your attorney, how can you minimize the stress and avoid possible future litigations.

Keeping silent will not always spare you from an inspection.

"So long as Wall Street remains the world’s biggest equities market, New York real estate will be attracting millionaire investors and second home buyers for decades to come."

TV4 readers and activists brought our attention to one interesting article published by Sheepsheadbites on June 17th. This article is a sad reality that money talks in this town and it's iroic how the permits were all filed to receive tax abatements for a building that will have nothing, but rental units and commercial space. Does this developer need a tax break? The sad reality is the builidng is going up with all the waste being exposed and we the residents of this beautiful piece of land, will have to pay with our health for it.

"Trump Village Tower Developers Issued Building Permits Days Before 421-A Expiration 5".

Cammeby’s International Group is a group that stays behind the construction of 40-story tower (418-foot tall) on the 520 Neptune Avenue (Neptune Shopping Center). When they applied for a building permit for the Coney Island tower in January, we all hoped for the best. Unfortunately, the permit was approved by the DOB on June 1st.

The Department of Buildings reviews construction plans to ensure that they comply with the Building Code and meet current safety standards and zoning requirements. Once plans are approved, a contractor or contractor's representative may apply for a construction work permit.

"When was the last time you saw a Chevrolet in Tokyo? It doesn’t exist, folks."

--Donald Trump

Gloria Hacken and Bradley Pollack are the only two Board Members that still remain on the Board since Trump was built or became private. Other Mitchell-Lama Directors have been losing their seats gradually, one by one giving away Board positions. Instead of grouping their efforts and endorsing each other, they thought that the new wave of Board Members would be better for the complex, but they learned the hard way.

As you know, Gloria Hacken is no longer the Board Secretary (Executive Board Member). All of a sudden her annual departures to Florida for the winter months are a barrier to being the Secretary. It was not an issue when she campaigned her tail off for Mr. Oberman during his failed attempt to become City Councilman. Ms. Hacken still keeps the last strategic resource in her hands: she is an editor for the Trump Village News newspaper. She finally decided to write a smidgen of reality in her editorial.

"...We have many intelligent men and woman in our buildings who have the ability to serve on the Board and continue what Brad and I fought for. Instead, you refuse to run and allow people to be elected to the Board who shouldn't be there. Whose fault is it??? ..."-- writes Gloria on her editorial article.

Dear Gloria Hacken, when you were asked to support Galina Ovsischer and keep her on the Board, did you do it? When you were served, as the Board Secretary, with a petition to call for the Special Meeting, did you perform your direct duties and organize it? When 2012 Election Company Results were not displayed to Shareholders, did you request them? Did you discuss the situation with the corporate attorney, Dean Roberts?

She continues: "...I agree with many of your complaints and it is time for a change. If you care about your buildings and want changes, get off your butt, stop complaining and do something about it!"

It's a very brave speech, and the website wishes you to remain on the Board for as long as you can. Our prediction your days are numbered. You should also inform your readers that those who are not desired by the Board are not allowed to even run. Housing cases are brought against some candidates and stop them from running (2013 Election practice). Hon. Dean Roberts as a true lawyer concocts letters explaining reasons why you can run if you are a current Board Member, or not if you a on the "black" list. As a result, non-Board Shareholders stopped trying to run and just complain to each other while sitting on the park benches. What is sad, Ms. Hacken is that until you were directly impacted, you too were playing the ANARCHY game and bowed to the king. Maybe the loss of your parking spot is a fine you might pay for expressing your opinion. It will be interesting to watch.

We wish you all the best!!!

"All television is educational television. The question is: what is it teaching?"

--Nicholas Johnson

"Good Evening,
I noticed that my RCN bill that I received today went up in price. I am now being charged for channels that were supposed to be included as part of the building package. I called up RCN and they stated that there is nothing they can do and I would need to speak with the building management. If I remember correctly for the internet and cable package we are only supposed to be paying about $68, per the flyers that were in the building and that were provided at the RCN informational meetings. However, I'm being charged $18 more than that. I spoke to several other people in the building and they had the same exact issue. They were also told by RCN that they need to speak to building management. Any idea what is going on here? Why is RCN not honoring the monthly price they said that they would charge?
Thank You

The RCN Trump flyer states that you have to pay $66.95 per month for RCN Signature TV + Trump Village Tier and High-Speed Internet up to 25 MBPS. Shareholders paid extra $41 in the maintenance charge according to building contract. Shareholders who contacted RCN representatives for clarification of that charge were given no real answer. After the bulk TV4 agreement ended (April 1st), RCN began to charge it's customers directly by adding the difference to monthly bills. The reasonable question is: why did we pay the same amount as a part of a complex agreement that we now pay individually? Why wasn't it less for a better wholesale deal? What was the deal about?

Iya Shatashvili is our Account Representative, who you can contact at 718.577.3932 or iamze.shatashvili@rcn.net for any questions. Good luck for trying.

"We established we cannot trust anyone on the board!!"

--Eddie (March 18th, 2012)

As a newly established tradition, three current Board Members are running for three Board positions. The competition is so fierce, they can't afford to lose. Ironically, they can't lose even if they just vote for themselves.

To make sure that these candidates have a chance to win, against the By-Laws their biography page is taped on each floor on the wall next to an elevator. These Board Members scream from the colorful flyer how they are qualified and how much they accomplished as Board Members.

If you compare their biographies from previous years, you can't help, but how simple facts have changed and how well the past is embellished. Candidates can write about having Ph.D. in Economics, one can only wonder, if for the next reelection, they will have experience from the White House and maybe even win a Noble Prize. Anything is possible in this complex.

For example, Mr. Yegorov, has a "Bachelors degree in business management and marketing", which is a DOUBLE major (one for marketing and another one for management), but instead he worked as....."master watchmaker". No one is doubting his skills when it comes to watches, but for the Board this skill is only necessary to keep time of monthly meetings.

Eddie Aizman indicates that he has "a strong background in management", but does not mention his actuall degree. He writes the following:
"My responsibilities include managing staff, managing the firm's major accounts, contract negotiations and managing the overall strategy for the firm".
However, according to www.spoke.com, he works as a recruiter IT (Information Technology).

It's good to know that our fellow Eddie is willing "to improve the overall infrastructure of our buildings"; when $10 million (from Hurricane Sandy insurance) have been spent, while our structural problems remain unsolved. The Lobby is poorly painted so it still looks like it needs more paint; elevators are in poor conditions and screeech and rumble dangerously; hot water pipes are rotten and surrounded with green fences. On who's dime will he make the improvements?

Inga Zhilo was very humble. She promotes the work done by the Board and specifies that she "was able to redesign the playground and enhance the basket ball courts". The very expensive project was paid for by Hurricaine Sandy money, was not a priority for the majority of Shareholders and the plastic equipment is not made to withstand the test of time. Maybe she had time to graduate with a degree in Architecture while being a Board Member.

For those who are still in line for a parking spot and have been for the last 5 years with no hope, Ms. Zhilo states that she "improved our building's parking registration". It's difficult to understand what she actually means because it seems that the line only moves quickly if you are on the Board of Directors, like Sasha. He was #49 on the bldg 7 parking lot 2012. Somehow he jumped over all residents that were in line before him. He purchased his new apartment and received his brand new parking. Indeed, the parking registration is well-improved!

"It seems that this winter it snowed every week."

--Igor Oberman

The most recent edition of Trump Village newspaper was put into our mailboxes. As always, there is no proof of paid postage.

As TV4 Shareholders, we expect the Trump Village newspaper to be filled with important information about our complex, but with each edition, the newspaper has become nothing more than a place to advertise.

The most important news in this newspaper was the serious concern from Mr. Oberman and management about cigarette butts on the grass.

"...the snow has melted and now all those cigarettes butts can be seen that were throw[n] out of balconies and windows",-- says Igor Oberman.

"...after all the snow has melted away there is trash along the grounds and walkways",--echoed our management.

Our complex employees a vast amount of maintenance workers who are responsible for cleaning the TV4 complex inside and out.

"Snow has melted" excuses should be left for those that cannot perform their direct duties. According to our hard-working managers, the snow was running all winter long and lasting for months, giving absolutely no opportunity to clean up the mess.

Maybe with the sun on the horizon, we can all pray for a better future for our complex.

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning."

--Albert Einstein

The website has received an email from a person claiming to be a TV4 Shareholder. Names, addresses and dates were removed from the text for confidentiality.


I've visited your website - TV4New[s].org

After reading some of the information on the website, I wanted to let you know that recently I missed an appointment to have a bedbug inspection in.... I had received a notice on my door that bedbug inspection was being done the week of ...

I did not think much of it since I had an inspection in ... of 2014. So I did not call and schedule another appointment.

Well, instead of receiving a "final notice" to get the bedbug inspection, I got an eviction notice around... I felt alarmed that I was told to get out at the end of the month, that I was being evicted. I was later told that I refused to allow access to my apartment, grounds for eviction. This for a bedbug inspection!

What happened is that the day they showed up at my door, I had gotten home late and just cooked fish for dinner. It had slipped my mind and when the bedbug inspection person showed up I said it was not a good time as I had just cooked.

I went to the maintenance office and asked who to contact to take care of the bedbug inspection and had it done as soon as possible. Meanwhile the office had already taken legal action on ...(a week before I was notified/threatened with eviction). The management office had not deposited my maintenance check due to litigation and mailed it back to me. Also, the office sent two certified letters with the same eviction notice, one addressed to me and one addressed to my wife.

After I had the bedbug inspection taken care of (no bedbugs found, same as back in ...), I went to the office to make sure this issue was resolved and to hand back the returned maintenance check. The office manager had the clerk give it to him (...) and not a word was spoken to me regarding the manager. When I got my next maintenance statement, there was a legal fee added, for around $500. Just a single line item legal fees. No itemized breakdown of dates of when these legal fees were applied and for what activities.

I complained and asked if I could appeal this. The amount charged for this matter appeared to be very unreasonable. All I got out of speaking with ... over the phone was all I could do was sue. I was angry enough, but did not want to occur the expenses involved with hiring a lawyer.

So I paid my fine but feel I have been treated like a criminal. Especially as this was my "first offense", that I had a clean record up to this point. I certainly did not feel like a co-op owner that has resided here for over 6 years...

My first dealings with the management office and it was horrible and expensive..."

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!"

--Benjamin Franklin

Do you know who much is spent on our security and protection? If you don't, request the 2014 financial statements from the Management and carefully look through page 16.

TV4 "security and protection" expenses were raised from $448,670 (2013) to $544,192 (2014). Instead of trimming our expenses TV4's spending has increased in many unnecessary areas. How many security guards from Sottille Security are employed by Trump Village Section 4?

"The indoor children's room in building 6A is being destroyed, literally. Since only opening a few months ago, all of the games that were purchased for the room have been broken. It is no secret that we have numerous non-shareholders coming in to use the children's room and in a lot of cases breaking the equipment," stated Igor Oberman, TV4 Board President, in his memorandum to Shareholders.

Really? Then why did it happen? Can't $544,192 in salaries for the guards protect a project that our Board created and paid for with the Shareholder's money. If our security guards do not perform their duties, let's change the security company or at least make them pay for our losses due to their sloppy work.

If you want to use the indoor playroom now you have to pay. "...There will be a monthly fee per family", suggested Mr. Oberman.

This is a brilliant idea. People should be charged for the playground area, where free movie and carnivals take place and also how about an entrance fee to the laundry room, since there are non shareholders there too. If we charge for all these amenities, then the maintenance should go down, NOT!!!!!

"Soon all of the United States will know that the best co-op to live in is at Trump Village West."

--Igor Oberman

Shareholders of the complex were notified that TV4 playground had been selected to be featured in a national advertising campaign. Apparently our potential buyers can be swayed to buy corporate shares in this complex due to the "amenities" offered to children under 12 years of age. Halloween parties and RCN or Kings Bay Y sponsored events for little children is the deciding factor in a purchase, not the financial health of the complex, nor the anarchy that the Shareholders live under.

If you are really interested in how our playground could have looked like if another project was approved, go ahead and look through Miracle Playground website. Maybe they did not offer a good deal to the executive committee of the Board? No one will ever know.

So now our complex has a nice playground that can truly be used during the warmer months and since it's made of plastic, it's durability long term is questionable. There are however many pressing issues concerning the wellbeing of the complex that are being addressed just before the cold months sweep in. Workers were digging the ground on October 14th. As result of their activity (just our guess) to try and fix the pipes before they freeze and maybe become more damaged, buildings 6A and 6B had no power from 1pm till 5pm on that day. Shareholders that could not climb stairs were sitting in the lobby for 4 hours. This is a snapshot of what might be in store for the winter, but not to fear, the Halloween party should be fun for the elderly and disabled, who might go without heat or hot water and much worse: without an elevator.

Some skeptics may say that this article is filled with criticism, but the question still remains, what was actually done to attract investments into our Housing Corporation?

TV4 budget directly depends on 5-20% real estate flip tax which is paid from each selling transaction. How simple is that: more sales = more profits for our internal projects? There has been a lot of activity this summer, but where are the funds. Flip tax differs from other real estate transfer taxes: Real estate tax is for NYS and those who purchased after Mr. Oberman became president or those who sold after he began his reign are now forced to pay $625/share into some escrow account, just in case TV4 has to pay the tax that was omitted during the transformation from Mitchel-Lama to Private Co-Op.

It was initially intended that TV4 apartments were to be purchased for personal use. Shareholders are allowed to sublet their property only 3 out of 5 years (with the annual Board approval) which excludes potential buyers that want to buy apartment units as an investment and have already a primary residence at a different location. Our neighbor-buildings (Brightwater Towers Condo) owners easily lease their apartments on any occasion. Some can object that TV4 will lose its control as to who lives in the buildings and that they might not be good for the complex. You can answer the questions yourselves, Do the Shareholders of TV4 have any control of what is being done in the complex and are all Shareholders good neighbors? The answers are embedded in your consciousness.

"Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. As a peacemaker the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough."

--Abraham Lincoln

TV4 ruled by Igor Oberman, Felix Khusid, and Henry Dubro continues eviction procedures against it's Shareholders. There are 10 housing cases on the court calendar: #51243, #51244, #70065, #84901, #84902, #92972, #92973, #65413, #94765, #94766 filed in 2014 alone. The office claims to have lost documents for those Shareholders that are on the target list for eviction. Initially Shareholders believed that you could get evicted only if you did not pay rent. But not anymore. Now the Shareholders that spend their days outside all keep quite. The fear of eviction has made them into fearful cowards.

The new Shareholders who purchased and are now renovating are issued a very similar permit as to the one signed by Fern Riback (ex-Manager). Issued permits do not guarantee that Shareholders will follow rules if apartments are not carefully inspected throughout renovation process. Some residents openly abuse the system and even damage hallways and walls. The above demonstrated picture was taken on the same floor where a Board Member—Eddie Aizman lives with his family.

There is a new Civil Supreme case #504372/2014 which was recently filed against TV4. The resident, Wayne Butler, claims that he was a victim of a " slip and fall accident and suffers severe and serious personal injuries". Mr. Butler demands judgment awarding damages...due to TV4 negligence. The same plaintiff filed another case #015424 vs TV4 two years earlier. There is no crystal bowl, but it could be safe to bet, that this case might be settled for a large sum of money and then who knows how it will be divided. Math is a difficult subject.

The amount of money that TV4 spend in attorney fees since the new Board came to rule supersedes all other expenses that our buildings have, and these fees are conveniently hidden from the annual financial statements.

"Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater."

--Albert Einstein

Parking spots for sale or reserved for the Elite Few, who bow to the Board, as it is our government has become the norm. According to black book cooperators no longer have to declare TV4 legal /primary residence. There was nothing in the parking lot agreement that mentions primary residence. The current Board never voted or reviewed new parking lot agreement.

Parking spots 1 to 131 in 7 lot house: 10 out of state license plates. As per an internal confidential source, spot 25 belongs to Brad Pollack (a Board Member) who has had Florida plates for over 2 years

Another story was brought to our attention by a Cooperator from building 7B that has resided in bldg. 7A for 12 years and had a parking spot. That person has moved to 7B and is trying to sell an apartment in 7A, but was told that the parking spot is linked with the first apartment. Now this tenant has to start from the bottom of the mystery list to get a spot..

A transferring Cooperator always took parking spot with them in the past and they never belonged to an apartment. The main concern for all TV4 Shareholders is when, where and who made all those decisions and innovations?

Shareholders in TV4 are trying to follow the motto of IGNORANCE is BLISS and AS LONG IS IT'S NOT IN MY BACKYARD, but ironically, everyday someone else is affected.

Revolutions don't happen overnight, but when they do, they are usually effective. Let's hope the Shareholders rise up before they have nothing left to fight for.

“I think it all comes down to motivation. If you really want to do something, you will work hard for it.”
--Edmund Hillary

All Board Members have to acknowledge their fiduciary duties as Directors of the Housing Corporation. They should attend ALL Board Meetings. An absence is permitted if there is a legitimate excuse. Absences can't exceed 30% of all meetings for the year, otherwise that particular Board Member is automatically disqualified. This is written in the By-Laws, but everything else written in them has been violated, we are just following the new normal.

Gloria Hacken, the Board Secretary, who ran last year to be reelected once again, stated that she always attended Board Meetings. Bradley Pollack submitted his candidacy this year and promises “to continue to work for the betterment of Trump Village West”.

Lets see how they attend Board Meeting and participate in TV4 issues:

November 29th, 2013 ABSENT: Bradley Pollack
January 21st, 2014 ABSENT: Gloria Hacken, Bradley Pollack
February 26th, 2014 ABSENT: Gloria Hacken, Bradley Pollack
March 24th, 2014 ABSENT: Gloria Hacken, Bradley Pollack

As you can see, Bradley Pollack has missed 4 Board Meetings and Gloria Hacken—3 (consecutive).

In accordance with TV4 By-Laws, Article lll, Section 4:

…any one or more of the Directors may be removed for cause by a vote of two-thirds of the entire Board of Directors or of the shareholders entitled to vote. The term “cause” shall include, but not be limited to, the absence by any Director from four duly noticed Board meetings during any twelve-month period or from three consecutive duly noticed Board meetings during any period.

Why do Board Members run for reelection while refusing even from performing their direct duties? Stay home, do your business and let other qualified Shareholders volunteer their time to act in the best interests of the cooperative and its residents.

“I think one of the greatest joys of my life is to travel the world as an ambassador for Peanuts…”
--Charlie Brown

John Cerrone and Natallia Nosovicki, Real Estate Sales Agents for Douglas Elliman, have announced the sale of Apartment 22D in 2944 West 5th to all TV4 Shareholders in March 2014. Congratulations!

TV4 has all conditions for convenient and comfortable housing: right location (Location, Location, Location) which is next to the Ocean, subway and shopping area, affordable sales prices and a nice neighborhood. There is no need to attract potential real estate buyers. The only real problem is to get approval from the Board.

TV4 Real Estate Committee consists of 5 Board Members: Felix Khusid, Gloria Hacken, Inga Zhilo, Lilia Tamakhina and Edward Aizman, appointed by the Board President. These Shareholders decide who can purchase an apartment unit in TV4. They do not have to explain the reason for approval/disapproval of buyers to anybody.

Two main duties of our Management Company include supervision of TV4 service employees and buildings maintenance. It would be extremely helpful for our buildings if management staff keeps all areas within the complex clean and functional.

Recently we learned of a circulating petition by shareholders regarding Trump maintenance workers and how they avoid certain floors for routine cleaning.

TV4 main parking lot stayed covered in ice till the sun melted it. This was the first year that the dangerous icy conditions were left untreated, exposing our complex to numerous lawsuits.

We paid $206,018 last year to GREEN EARTH pest control. They are responsible for garbage disposal units (chutes) shut downs every month for disinfection, allowing for roaches and mice to go to town as garbage piles up. Despite the hefty price tag for "extermination" the roaches, waterbugs and other creatures are as much of a problem as they were under the previous exterminator.

It's nice to be the Board and determine the spending of our hard earned money.

“They say the world has become too complex for simple answers. They are wrong.”
--Ronald Reagan

According to the TV4 property management agreement, Douglas Elliman commenced it's work on May 1st, 2012. The Management Company main duties include supervision of TV4 service employees, buildings maintenance, violations cure, reviewing bills in connection with operating of the Development, monitoring/enforcing Housing Rules and representation of the Co-Op in Landlord-Tenant Court.

Douglas Elliman establishes a checking (operating) account in the name of TV4 and uses this account for TV4 expenses.

Douglas Elliman does not require any board signatures for the TV4 payroll account.

All other payments from the TV4 accounts require the signature of two designated officers (Board Members) and have to be made only after the statement or bill being paid was reviewed and approved by our Corporation.

TV4 includes Douglas Elliman on its insurance. Any discounts or commission received by the Management Company shall be credited to the Co-Op.

Douglas Elliman must create and distribute to ALL Board Directors monthly accounting reports (with an itemization of all outstanding and unpaid invoices expenses, maintenance and rental arrears for each apartment and other leased space) and:
• Bank Statements.
• Income and Expenses on a cash basis with budget comparisons.
• Accounts Receivable by shareholders owing the receivable.
• Aged Arrears Report.
• Cash Summary Report.
• Accounts Payable by vendor, payment, amount due and age of accrual.
• Balance sheet as of the end of the current month, comparison to previous month and comparison to end of previous year.

Before the beginning of each new fiscal year, Management Company shall prepare and submit to the Board of Directors an operating and capital budget setting forth projected income and expenses together with a written explanation and a comparison to the last 2 years.

Douglas Elliman shall prepare and send to All Board Members at least every two months a report which describes all work and services orders completed during the period by TV4 maintenance staff and a schedule of the staffing (utilization and efficiency of the employees).

Management must ensure that the Housing Corporation operates according to all laws, codes and regulations. It must provide an on-line computer system covering shareholders records, vendor and contractor records, payables and receivables and other data related to the Corporation’s operations, and maintain said computer systems and other related equipment.

According to the signed agreement, TV4 pays ($365,000 per year; $30,417 per month) for the following management staff: a general manager, an assistant manager, a receptionist and a bookkeeper. Henry Dubro, the general manager, stated in April 2013 that the assistant manager position was covered by TV4 insurance. Does it mean that our assistant manager's salary is being billed twice? Does it mean that anybody can easily break the written agreement? Why does our insurance pays for something that is already paid for in the initial contract?

Were any bonuses approved for Mr. Dubro and his staff for "cost savings and efficiency"? Was this not the reason why they were hired in the first place?

Good luck to those who want to see the financials of TV4 complex. They are not ready because of Hurricane SANDY.

“What is legitimate for Jupiter, is not legitimate for the ox.”
--Publius Terentius Afer

How convenient and ironic that The Advanced Group was in charge of Mr.Oberman’s campaign and at the same time Trump Village 4 officially hired this company to represent our interests and paid out $45,000 from April 2013 — September 2013. Somehow these months crossed-over with the preparation of the Board President, Igor Oberman for the Primary Election.

Igor Oberman invited all to visit Trump Village Housing via flyers that were sent out to residents of the 48th district. The flyer contained his family picture with Tatyana Porotnikova, their son Max and clearly stated “Igor Oberman, President of the Board of Directors, along with his wife Tanya and son Max”.

“Igor is the President of the Board of Directors of Trump Village West, a 1,144 unit coop, where he lives with his family” is still posted on his official website: http://igor2013.com/ along with the same family picture. Although some other biographical information was updated.

"As a leader in our community, father and husband I know the strength of our city comes from our schools, neighborhoods and public programs", stated Igor Oberman.

According to investigation documents of DOI (Department of Investigation) and TLC IG (Inspector General):
“In 2009 and in 2012, however Oberman identified himself as single in Background Investigative Questionnaires that he completed for DOI in conjunction with his municipal employment; both documents were signed under penalty of perjury. A check of the New York City Clerk’s Office indicates no records of a marriage between Oberman and Porotnikova”.

There is nothing wrong with domestic partnerships, there is nothing wrong with working with people that are helping you do other things, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a politician, but there is something wrong, when red flags are raised time and time again.

You are free to make any conclusions you want, but facts are crucial and undisputed.

“The darkness of the whole world cannot swallow the glowing of a candle”
--Robert Altinger

Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights or Feast of Dedication, is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Many families give gifts on this holiday and this tradition was fully followed by the dedicated Trump Village President.

A Jewish family who are Trump Shareholders received a regular eviction notice to vacate their premises and were required “to up and quit the premises and to remove yourself and your possessions”. This was the 3rd consecutive eviction notice signed by the corporate officer/landlord Igor Oberman. Two previous housing cases were dismissed/discontinued based due to technical errors in the Housing Court by attorneys of Rappaport, Hertz, Cherson & Rosenthal, P.C.

The envelopes containing court letters with evictions were stamped with special Hanukkah stamps. The holiday cheer was truly appreciated by the Shareholder’s family, who decided to share that special moment with the website.

The Cooperator showed up in the Housing Court on January 7th, 2014 without an attorney. He gently reminded to Trump attorneys that his address was misspelled once again and the Housing Holdover case was immediately discontinued. There was already series of cases improperly filed against this family.

Mr. Oberman wasted no time, nor our Shareholder's money and filed another case in Housing Court right away through the Rappaport Law Firm.

Shame, Shame, Shame.

“As a board member, I will make sure that every resident is treated with dignity and respect at our complex.”
--Inga Zhilo

According to Igor Oberman, Inga Zhilo was elected as a Board Member last year (official results have never been presented to Shareholders). She has recently replaced Lilia Tamakhina as the Board Treasurer, and now is charge of the budget of a multi-million dollar corporation Trump Village 4.

Inga Zhilo “I have served for more than 7 years on the executive board of the Presidents’ Council District 21” and has been working at New York Methodist Hospital with Feliks Khusid, the vice-President of the Board. They are also neighbors and friends. Ms. Zhilo promised to Shareholders to vote independently despite her friendship with the Khusid-Rubenchik family.

Inga Zhilo is famous for being one of the first Shareholders to break the “no pet” policy that Igor Oberman selflessly tries to enforce. She was brought to Housing Court by the previous Board for rules violation and her maintenance was not accepted for a while and she was not issued the Stock Certificate at that time. Ms. Zhilo complained that she would never have a dog if she knew the consequences.

While running for the Board, Inga Zhilo signed a Petition against Igor Oberman, Feliks Khusid, Lilia Tamakhina and others together with the rest of 302 Shareholders to be removed from the Board for “neglect and failure to perform as set in the By-Laws, violations of duties and disposition of corporate assets”.

Later on, residents of TV4 received colorful posters with her picture as well as Edward Aizman—other Board Member, that should have lead to their disqualification from the 2012 election. Our By-Laws are "amended" on the fly since Mr. Oberman came to power.

Inga Zhilo was noticed on the 6A-B parking lot washing of posters glued to the front car windows.

Inga Zhilo openly "discusses" with other Shareholders Board Meetings conversations from the meetings she was present at even though she signed a privacy statement not to share confidential information that can lead to significant losses by the Corporation.

There is still an open question in the air if Ms. Zhilo ever paid her debts to the Corporation (unpaid maintenance balance). She decided not to comment on the situation when approached by her neighbors.

This issue should be clarified as soon as possible if our newly elected treasurer wants to keep her reputation crystal clear.

“Being a product of public education, I understand the present needs in our district.”
--Igor Oberman

The corporate myth circulating in the Trump buildings exposed a complete fiasco. Igor Oberman who constantly represents himself as an attorney and a Judge to the public signed numerous letters regarding termination of the proprietary leases and tried to evict Shareholders who disagree with his doubtful managing methods. He announced at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting that we would pay back each and every dollar that the corporation spent for the litigation that became a giant epidemic during his presidential reign.

Our Co-Op is losing money on a regular basis due to frivolous lawsuits that are filed unprofessionally with plenty of technical errors (wrong addresses, wrong names, wrong reason, etc.). Some Shareholders are told that the families that are being sued deserve it because they violated the laws. Here is a great example of a housing case that was initiated and lost by Trump Village 4 (Igor Oberman) on your dime.

Housing case# 106425/2012 was opened against Levine, Ester and Levine, Brooke (the deceased mother and daughter of Martine Levine, a once Board President and up to this election a Board Member) and was lost by the Corporation. Trump Village 4 did not just lose the case but had to reimburse all legal fees to defendants.

The am-money judgment was granted for a total amount of $4,859.58 to be paid to Shareholders-respondents. That compensation was calculated based on an attorney’s rate of $275 per hour, typing charges (secretarial service) at $25 per hour and 9% annual interest rate.

The determination of what constitutes reasonable attorney’s fees “is a matter within the sound discretion of the trial Court” and the Court considers factors such as the difficulty of the issues, the skills required to resolve this, the lawyer’s experience and the time labor required for the results to be obtained.

This sum does not include the charges by the attorneys for Trump Village 4 during this housing case.

Igor Oberman initiates cases as the landlord, but he is not the one who is going to reimburse the expenses. The Trump Village Corporation and its Shareholders will pay for his personal games with opponents! How fair is that?!

“As a Co-Op Board President, a lawyer, a judge, and having worked for Borough President Marty Markowitz, I feel I have a diverse background and come with firm understanding of the legislative process.”
--Igor Oberman

A new edition of Trump Village newspapers is once again a valuable pearl of illogical logic.

Gloria Hacken confirmed her reputation of "most loyal" Board Member with an unlimited term:
“Thank you my friends and neighbors for your vote of confidence, re-electing me to the Board of Directors. …I applaud the shareholders of Trump Village West who don’t listen to rumors, bench gossip and lies…The shareholders of Trump Village West have spoken with their vote!...”

This statement made readers puzzled due to the fact that this election had 7 candidates for 7 seats. Even though Shareholders "voted" to reduce the Board from 13 to 11, two extra candidates Semeon Yegorov and Sasha Kanayev who recieved the least amount of votes still joined the Board. Who would have imagined it differently, since they were handpicked by Mr. Oberman?

In keeping with the new tradition, "Official Certified Results" were not stamped neither had a total amount of votes for the second year in a row, but who needs them anyway? The main principle of a democratic election FREEDOM of CHOICE was violated (7 other candidates were unreasonably disqualified).

American Shareholders are not so easy to manipulate. Many of them just boycotted the election. They did so because Biographical Material of the candidates lacked the most important part, pictures of candidates that were taken over 6 months prior to the election.

Ironically the announced results showed a difference of less than 100 votes between Igor Oberman who was generously advertising himself on our dime, from candidates that were not known to many. Nobody knows the real range of votes except the EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS.

The mockery of the election process among other acts by the Board are so obvious that there is no need for bench gossip. There is however a need for facts and the ability to express people's opinions and thoughts. This is the objective of this website, and unlike the Hacken Paper, people are allowed to post any and all comments without revealing their identity.

Communism is alive and thriving in Trump Village Section 4!

“Norris McLaughlin & Marcus possesses large-firm talent in a small-firm setting.”

The lawyers of Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, PA represent Trump Village 4, and Dean M. Roberts from the company is our General Council advising the Board on all legal matters.

To the best of Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, PA’s knowledge, information and belief, ‘the costs incurred by Trump Village Section 4, Inc. (“Trump 4”) through April 30, 2006 and the estimated costs incurred and to be incurred there after in the proposed reconstitution of Trump 4’ had to be $250,001 in total. It meant that in order to convert from Mitchell-Lama into Private Co-op, Trump 4 expenses were determined as a quarter of a million $ by a reputable legal company that had to be financially responsible for its statement.

You can find this official letter prepared and signed by Alan G. Blumberg and addressed to the NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal at Exhibit 15 of the Co-Op ‘Blue Book’.

RPTT applies whenever the sale or transfer is more than $25,000. This includes state or federal government-owned property transferred to a non-government entity. The RPTT must also be paid when the land and building(s) that make up a cooperative dwelling(s) are transferred to a cooperative housing corporation.

Since this reputable Company had to know about Real Property Transfer Tax that the Corporation might pay for its reconstitution, Trump Village 4 could make Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, PA compensate for its damages and bring a legal lawsuit (a malpractice case) against them.

"Statutes of limitations" are laws that set time limits on how long you have to file a "civil" lawsuit, like a personal injury lawsuit, or how long the state has to prosecute someone for committing a crime. In other words, a statute of limitation is a law that limits the time period within which you may sue a person or company. These time limits usually depend on the legal claim or crime involved in the case, and they're different from state to state-- different limitations for various types of lawsuits.

As a general rule:
•The time period begins to run on the date your claim arises or "accrues," like the day of the car accident, or when a crime is committed, and
•Once the statute of limitations has expired or "run," you can't file a lawsuit (or be prosecuted for a crime)

According to Shareholders’ research Statutes of limitations for a Legal Malpractice, 3 years N.Y.C.P.L.R. § 214(6); Fraud, 6 years (from discovery of fraud) N.Y.C.P.L.R. § 213(8). That time already passed by and our Co-Op cannot bring any lawsuit.

However, it could be a smarter decision to pay the RPTT to the NYC in 2007; easily sell apartments and file a case against Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, PA to get this money back. All legal fees paid by TV4 would be avoided in that case (we are still charged for RPTT issue legal representation).

Even though Dean M. Roberts testifies that the City did not notify them about the tax, other Mitchell-Lama Co-Ops (see the documents below) in Manhattan received official notes regarding RPTT while in attempt of converting into private status.

Hopefully, we are lucky enough if Trump Village Section 3 that has been involved in the RPTT litigation against NYC is going to win the case and save us from the possible bankruptcy. Our current RPTT debt to the City is over $13 million ($8 million plus fines) and still affects our creditworthiness.

PS. We are not lawyers, but like to discuss all possible options.

“Having a luck dragon with you is the only way to go on a quest.”

After the publication of the parking article on our web, about twenty Shareholders finally were notified to be lucky enough for receiving parking spots. Although, it was not the end of the story.

When Galina Ovsishcher was elected as a Board Member, her first step to bring some positive changes was to revise parking lists and to distribute the spots fairly. When she requested the lists, she was not allowed to get the valuable information due to its “confidentiality”. In the world where selected Board Members have numerous parking spots while other Shareholders stay in lines for years, it is extremely inconvenient to make other people familiar with the situation.

Gloria Hacken promised to Shareholders to solve the problem about a year ago, but complained that the management was lazy to check waiting lists. That could be accomplished in a day’s work.

Management prerogative and responsibility was identified to deal with parking “privileges” even though that was only the surface of the parking business. “Some” Board Members fully controlled the situation before and now Igor Oberman demonstrated a complete showdown. He signed a Trump Village Memorandum stating that Margarita Stepanova was invited to submit relevant documentation in order to get a parking spot.

Residents of 6B (2932) building were shocked that the memorandum with such “personal” data was distributed all over the place of the building: under each door. You are free to bring to a conclusion that Margarita Stepanova lives in each apartment of the building and we all have to put our noses into her personal business.

By the way, Igor Oberman officially pays $68 for two parking spots ($33 and $35 for TA and main building ones accordingly), but utilizes at least two main building spots which is not authorized for any of us.

All Shareholders are equal before the housing rules, but there is always somebody who breaks the rules and abuses the system. And this somebody is the one with unlimited power and is not restricted by any means.

“If capuchins ran the world, we might have avoided the recent banking crisis”

Trump Village Board extended Douglas Elliman’s contract from May 2013 to December 31st, 2013 to manage the complex at the August Board Meeting.

Igor Oberman proudly considers hiring the management company as his personal success and one of the wisest decisions that all TV4 Shareholders have to be thankful for.

While managing our buildings for 16 months, the Douglas Elliman’s Management has not resolved the parking situation in TV4. There are many unoccupied parking spots in the main buildings and the TA lot is not fully filled. As a result, Cooperators that purchased their units in the last few years are still waiting for an "updated" list, while all Board Members have ample parking in prime spaces regardless of how long they have lived in the complex.

However management employees do not forget about personal convenience and park their cars in front of our building while we, real owners, have to wait. General Manager, Henry Dubro, has parking spot # 19 next to 6A bldg. We can accept that decision due to his disability. The assistant manager, Matthew Pilato, is not handicapped and still utilizes Spot #49 next to 6B bldg. According to Trump residents, Michael Portnoy occupies spot #88 where Igor Oberman’s car was contently seen before.

When Shareholders directly approached Igor Oberman to clarify the parking issue, his response was that he had more important problems to deal with. Indeed, his political run for the City Council position occupied a lot of his time and our money, but also affects the basic rights to enjoy our surroundings. He has been the ruler for nearly 2 years, and accept for his expensive obsession with landscaping, very little has been done to help the Co-Op. We do have to mention that he has been generous with Green Earth Pest Control, who "disinfects" our garbage chutes monthly at a cost that we will never know.

Mr. Oberman defies the proprietary lease and the TV4 By-Laws. He owns one apartment, but manages to occupy several parking spots that are available for his needs: #88, #13, #112, etc. It's good to be the king.

Shareholders received a very nice brochure from Douglas Elliman’s Real Estate Agents stating that Quarterly Survey of Residential Sales in Brooklyn for 2Q, 2013: Co-Op sales in Brooklyn are up 22,6% from the previous year and median sales prices have jumped by 15,3%.

Unfortunately for our Co-Op, Trump Village West January--July sales went down by 40% compared to last year for the same period and the Corporation has lost about $2 million in apartment sales. The reason for this is our Board that choses to pass those that they "favor", the drastic reduction in prices, the increase in apartments that are up for sale since the new regime, and this is just the beginning. It is sad that no one cares about their investments.

Good luck selling your apartments!

Igor Oberman, Felix Khusid, and Douglas Elliman are making this complex a great place to live.

On a positive note, don't forget that you can get an Amazon Box.

“The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.”

From: Yuliya
To: sevakaplan@yahoo.com
Sent: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 10:25 PM
Subject: your show about Igor Oberman

Dear Seva Kaplan,

You feel absolutely free to state in your program that the person, Yacov M..., received hundred thousand dollars to call "Gulag" Igor Oberman's policy in Trump Village Section 4. I, Yuliya B..., was also a part of that story published in the NYPost by Philip Messing. What a lie! You have to be responsible for your words.

I can see that your ambitions as a Radio show reporter are too high if you can compare your show with NYPost. They do not just put facts, but carefully check them and have a special team for investigations.

Gary and Anna Peckerman also donated to Igor Oberman (owners of your Radio). What a coincidence!...You are a true 'hero'! Seva falsely alleges people that actually were naive enough while trying to contact him and tell him the truth in March 2013.

I and Yacov M... are ready to come for your show to openly debate with Igor Oberman. Unfortunately for the audience, Mr. Oberman would never agree due to his corruption patterns and various violations of Trump Village By-Laws. We agree to ask him argumentative questions. Make sure you prepare your documentation to prove that a disabled person, Yacov, who has been evicting by Igor Oberman already 3 times with no merit at all, took a bribe and call specific names.

People like you bring a shame on our community.


From: Steven Kaplan sevakaplan@yahoo.com
To: Yuliya
Copy: Igor Oberman IgorOberman@aol.com
Sent: Thursday, September 5, 2013, 2:57
Re: your show about Igor Oberman

Dear Yulia,

I am transferring your letter to Igor Oberman for a comment.

Thank you,

From: Igor Oberman IgorOberman@aol.com
To: Steven Kaplan sevakaplan@yahoo.com
Copy: Yuliya
Sent: Thursday, September 5, 2013, 2:57
Re: your show about Igor Oberman

Ms. B...,

I am only responding to this email out of respect to Seva.

First, you really should give people that you contact and call me names some background as to your motivation.

When you bought into our co-op complex, you agreed to follow certain rules contained in our proprietary lease. If you did not want to these rules, you could have simply found a housing arrangement that was more suitable to you.

One of our rules as is in most buildings is that any construction work performed requires that it be done by licensed and insured personal. You and Mr. M... however, decided not to follow that rule. As far as I understand from the management staff, your unlicensed contractor was your relative.

The co-op must insure that work such as electrical wiring is done by a licensed professional. It was only one year ago that across the street, a fire was started by unlicensed electrical work that resulted in the death of a residence. As a complex we must insure that the work performed by your relative does not kill your neighbors. You may disagree with our rules, however you must follow them.[Our Comm.: Electrical works were done by Reliable Electric Company and paid by Trump Village itself, please see the receipt below. Just another made up lie by Igor Oberman]

In an attempt not to follow the co-op rules, you filed a HUD discrimination claim against me and the complex. Seeing through your false accusations the HUD complaint was dismissed. Similarly, the first time the co-op had to take you to housing court, the judge saw through your nonsense and we were able to be successful in housing court. So, if I am doing my math correctly, both previous court cases were resolved in the co-op favor. It is my opinion that that third court case that is currently pending will be likewise resolved in the co-op favor. Feel free to debate the merits of your case with the housing court judge and whether you are living in a “gulag”.

Second, as far as to you calling me corrupt. In the 50 year history of the complex, I have been the only board president who has successfully decreased maintenance. Usually corruption implies unfavorable contracts are “given” to vendors. [Our Comm.: By-Laws, Article III, Sec.5. Compensation: No Compensation shall be paid to Directors for their services as Directors] If you are ignorant of how our vendors are selected then let me explain. Contracts in our complex are bided out and at least three proposals must be received before going to the board of directors (recently we got 12 bids for a contract). The bids are then brought by the management team to our 13 board members, who then vote. I only represent 1 out of the 13 votes.

Please find any other complex anywhere that was affected by Superstorm Sandy and had the maintenance lowered. Maybe, if such a complex exists, you could move there. In short, common sense dictates that our maintenance should have been going up if their was corruption instead of going down.

Third, I do not understand your attack as to the $175 dollar contributions by the Peckerman’s. I have received over 300 contributions by various business leaders and friends. I would suggest you do some more research on the over $200k contribution that your friend Ari Kagan has accepted from Real Estate Board of NY, whose agenda would damage our neighborhood.

Fourth, as far as coming onto Seva’s show to debate. You have already done a full hour long show on Gregory Davidzon’s show attacking me. You could have invited me then [Our. Comm.: He was invited when the Radio Show was on, but never made any attempts to come]; at least I could have made that show more interesting. Instead listeners were subject to a boring hour of Mr. Davidzon, trying to make you interesting by attacking me on behalf of his friend and my political rival Ari Kagan.

Fifth, I do not dispute that Mr. M... is disabled. I would further add that I believe you suffer from an undiagnosed condition yourself.

Igor Oberman

From: Yuliya
To: Igor Oberman IgorOberman@aol.com
Copy: Steven Kaplan sevakaplan@yahoo.com
Sent: Thursday, September 5, 2013
Re: your show about Igor Oberman

Mr. Oberman,

When you accuse people, please just use facts, not your fantasies.

Before starting my renovation (almost 3 years ago), I received all official permits from Trump Village 4 (you attached them to the eviction notice). After the renovation was done my apartment passed the official management inspection (see the same papers) and my construction deposit was returned (2,500 check signed by Lollie Reich our ex-Board President).

Electrical work was done the only authorized company in our buildings--Reliable Electric [Please see the receipt below, at the end of the article] ... And I have receipts. Faucet and sink were installed by Trump Village maintenance employees and do not require any plumbing permits to do that IAW the plumbing code.

If I did something wrong, my deposit would never be returned to me.

Dep-t of Human Rights stated in the letter that my discrimination was based not on military status but on my membership in a tenants organization CCC. They have no jurisdiction over that issue, but Housing Court has. That's called a violation of the NYS Real Estate Law, when you discriminate tenants based on tenants organization participation.

In front of the Judge, Michael Rosenthal representing our corporation lied that the inspection was mandatory for all Shareholders. First 10 tenants were members of CCC, the inspection was not mandatory for all 1144 units. The Judge did not let Henry Dubro to come and inspect my apartment due to his harassing tactics (see the agreement) and did not let open my personal drawers.

When a management representative came to my apartment he said he was instructed otherwise: and instead of checking pipes and conduits opened up my personal drawers and made a search /pogrom. His actions were videotaped. By the way, he even did not have a list of work he was checking. He simply did not make any documented comments. Why? Because everything was good!

You, Mr Oberman, were never elected by Shareholders to be a Board Member. Where did you come from? Last year Board election was fabricated and Shareholders have never seen official election results. By the way, this year election never happened at all. And we cannot even see our annual financial statements. Where are they?

You are so informed that you even do not know how many Board Members there are in our complex. For your records, not 13, but only 11 now. What a good President!

You, Mr. President, lowered our rent, but did not distribute our STAR program money fairly and kept a big part of it!!! Dean Roberts states that if we get them completely then our maintenance would be increased... What the point to take our money and then decrease the rent ! Simple MATH! Just your manipulations!

All work in our buildings are covered by the insurance, and other complexes do the same work.

Do not even try to tell me about contract bidding! Let us and other Board Members see it. You as a Board Member have fiduciary duties but take contributions from vendors. I mean all vendors.

So, if you are so fearless, let's do debates and let people judge!!!

PS. Mark Silvermetz won his Supreme Court case that you discontinued with prejudice. He is officially requesting all his legal fees to be reimbursed by you, I mean by the Corporation.


“There’s only one principle of war and that’s this. Hit the other fellow, as quick as you can, and as hard as you can, where it hurts him most, when he ain’t looking.”
--WWII Field-Marshal Sir William Slim

Trump Village Newspaper has stooped to it's lowest point. The front page of the free newspaper that was diligently delivered to every door has a short story encased in a bold, black frame. The story lies about Mr. Kagan preventing the Carnival on August 25th, 2013. It further goes to blame Mr. Kagan for taking the pleasure from children and being a monster. There are lies and then there is pure slander.

Mr. Oberman cancelled the fair because August 25th, 2013 was the Brighton Jubilee and he was busy campaigning like the other candidates. It is HE who hurt the children by putting his intersts first. The Kings Bay Y carnival happened in the beginning of the summer and went on as planned.

The fact that this newspaper is totally controlled by Mr. Oberman is reminisent of COMMUNISM. It makes us wonder, who is the communist using KGB tactics? Based on this story, it is Mr. Oberman and his faithful editor.

Trump Village News is a special edition that Igor Oberman openly abuses for his political agenda. Although, some other Shareholders are free to surprise us with their hidden talents and unique experience/fantasies (page 19 is unmatchable).

Jay Sonners shared his life-expression in poems. He told us that "Olivia from Bolivia... whenever he asked her for love was unable and hid under a table". After "he would kiss Sue from Kalamazoo, he felt his head covered with lice…Marcie from Canarsie was a Nazi who was anti-Semitic". And at the end: he does "not want to love Anna, Lana or Hannah, he just wants to love his girl from Guyana…"

The website is not here to judge if Mr. Sonners poetry is a precious pearl or not. The editor's duty is to make sure all the poems are censored and are for kids under 16 or 16+ with a special mark.

Helen Commodore paid more attention to daily life situations in her poem ‘Storage-ing’. She described a condition there was no room anywhere, when closets, corners all were filled. Hopefully that stuff is not easy flammable. Make sure apartment hallways are free and approachable in a case of fire or any other dangerous disasters.

RED CROSS website

No wonder that Trump Village newspaper ended up in trash. At the end of the day, all TV4 cans were overloaded with Gloria Hacken's "products".

Enjoy your life!

“Ambition is pitiless. Any merit that it cannot use it finds despicable.”
--Eleanor Roosevelt

Mark Silvermetz is a Shareholder of Trump Village 4 and an ex-Board Member. He tried to be re-elected during the last Board election 2012, but was unreasonably disqualified by Igor Oberman. The website is uninformed if the Board participated in that decision too, however the Board Minutes do not reflect this fact.

The By-Laws involved in such terminology “a Shareholder not in good standing” pertain to ONLY those Shareholders who do not pay their maintenances voluntarily to eliminate their capability for Board election. Other conditions have to be determined by the Court or otherwise any Shareholder can be put in such status while the Board stops accepting rent payments and places any Shareholder they wish in this category.

Mark Silvermetz did not break this rule specified in the By-Laws and therefore was illegally disqualified. Unfortunately, this is the new trend of “abuse of power” in our Co-op. Certainly, the general legal Counsel of TV4, Dean Roberts, did not make any comments regarding this situation.

Trump Village 4, or actually Igor Oberman, decided to continue hounding on Mark and filed a case#504000 in November 2012 in Supreme Court. The case was discontinued with prejudice in May 2013. We lost the case and now Trump Village has a good chance to reimburse all legal expenses to Mark Silvermetz.

Special thanks to Igor Oberman for his strategic plan. Now we have to pay bills for his ambitions and personal retaliation to Shareholder Silvermetz.

However Igor Oberman decided to present Mark Silvermetz as an ogre that scares Trump Village kids. He received an order of protection from Mr. Silvermetz in 2012 and was waiting for revenge.

As many of you know, Mark is handicapped since childhood and is completely harmless. His disability made him an easy victim to use as an example of what can happen with other minded citizens in TV4.

All Shareholders received an invitation for disbursement of dividends in December 2012. The flyer that was placed under every door and hung on every wall of every floor had no mention of who was going to give out the dividends, nor did it mention "good or bad" standing. When Mr. Silvermetz showed up to collect his dividends, Igor Oberman made a complaint of “violation of order of protection” even though Mark was officially invited to the event as were all SHAREHOLDERS.

Mr. Oberman was quick to alter the flyer. The new flyers came out, inviting only “Shareholders in good standing”, and Mark Silvermetz was described as a Shareholder in bad standing.

Now Mr.Silvermetz’ criminal matter case is at the Criminal Court stage were his actions can be interpreted as a criminal act (misdemeanor--a minor offense) and a man who has suffered from cancer at a young age of 16 and is unable to bend one of his legs, wears custom shoes, and has been on SSD due to his illness, might be sent to jail. How does this apply to Mr. Oberman's political platform of protecting ALL people, if he becomes a Councilman?

PS. Mr. Silvermetz, while serving on the Board came up with an energy saving project which yielded the co-op lots of money.


“All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.”

No one should underestimate the mind of a lawyer (which ironically sounds like LIAR). As we all know Mr. Oberman is a lawyer, who is heavily focusing his efforts on Luna Park Housing, which is conveniently being managed by DOUGLAS ELLIMAN, a name that must ring a bell with TV4 Shareholders. Mr. Oberman, who has not been employed on a full time basis for a while, has plenty of free time on his hands. When he is not running the show at TV4, he is convincing Luna Park residents to vote for him.

Luna Park residents from West 8th Street were visited personally by Igor Oberman during his door-to-door campaign. The Trump Village President told his potential electors that he decreased maintenance in TV4 due to his management skills and promised to accomplish the same in Luna Park after his election. Flyers with his agenda are constantly on the board of the complex. Other political candidates are not endorsed there that raises numerous relevant questions.

Mr. Oberman fails to inform the residents of this complex, that has been facing many challenges of it's own about his MISUSE OF POWER and FUNDS of TV4. The colorful flyers from the Kingsbay Carnival, which were mailed out to all democrats of 48th District and emailed to the parents of P.S. 100 students as well as the constant advertisement on the radio came from the pockets of TV4 residents under the pretense of increasing Apartment Sales. The adds with HIS name in the BAZA supermarket were also to "attract buyers".

The cost of such flyer is about $1.00 each. It was mailed to approximately 12,500 residential units of District 48 twice: $12,500 multiply by 2 is equal to $25,000. Just simple math!

Mr. Oberman failed to mention his numerous attempts to evict the disabled and war veterans all at the cost of the complex legal insurance, when they all pay their rent.

Mr. Oberman also failed to mention that this year, for the first time in the history of the MAGNIFICENT complex he calls his own, Cooperators were not provided with an annual financial statement, the Board Elections were moved to October, the election company was handpicked by Mr. Oberman, and many elderly did not receive the full amount of their tax rebates (STAR program), as they were promised by Douglas Elliman and the NY Department of Finance.

Luna Park residents, be careful what you wish for and who you vote for!

Luna Park website

"You know you work in an elementary school when the graffiti on the bathroom wall says, ‘I love my mom'”

--Lynnette Lott

TV4 Shareholders submit questions to Gloria Hacken and wait for answers:

“Newspaper is TRUMP VILLAGE NEWS, address being used is 2942 West 5th Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11224.

This paper was a joint effort of both Section 3 & 4. When it was run by Stella and Carl Burris financial statements were given to both Sections and profits were paid to us and losses were shared by us.

When the Burris's died Gloria Hacken became editor and just took the paper over as her own. That is about 25 years. She has given no one a financial statement and all profits go to her. She claims that she loses money on every issue.

The current issue has 20 pages: pg.2--1/4 page ad, pg.3--1/2 page ad, pg.4--2 adds 1/2 & 1/8 page, pg.6--entire page ad, pg. 8--2 1/4 page ads, pg.10 & 11 center fold, 2 entire page ads, pg.12--entire page ad, pg.13--entire page ad, pg.14--2 1/2 page ads, pg.15--entire page ad, pg.16--2 ads totaling 1/2 page, pg.17--2 1/2 page ads, pg.18--entire page, pg.19 --1/2 page ad, pg. 20--entire page ad.

With the amounts of ads there has to be a profit. Where is that money?”

Mass Media is the fourth largest power in the world, and Ms. Hacken as the Editor of a newspaper that is only edited by her and the President continues to misinform TV4 Shareholders (you are free to term it with a tougher word). Independent and unbiased editorials are not her style. As a result, the so called ‘facts’ that are regularly published in OUR TV4 newspaper are just unsupported false statements. Moreover, the editor frivolously gathers gossips and pushes “per say” information.

TV4news is a website that publishes facts and doesn’t aim to hinder Ms. Hacken’s ambition, but Gloria does not have the electorate to keep her seat as a Board Member, not to mention some of the higher political positions. TV4 website has never included data about Ms. Hacken competing for any seat other than that of the Trump Village News Editor and Mr. Oberman’s poster senior citizen on his campaign flyers.

We kindly remind that the Board Secretary position currently occupied by Gloria Hacken obligates her to perform certain fiduciary duties to our Corporation and she is liable for writing information that is false. She along with all the Board Members is fully informed about the activities of the Board and even if any Board Member claims to be unaware, they are still held liable for each decision made by the President.

Ms. Hacken wants the Shareholders to believe that eviction cases in housing court are brought on by violations by the Shareholders. If Shareholders are not paying for a dishwasher or anything else that is simple to resolve, why start legal proceedings without allowing the situation to be remedied (collecting fines for violations). How simple is that! Somehow Gloria Hacken residing at the Board for 40 years is still not familiar with TV4 housing rules!!! What a surprise!

It’s a well-known fact that Igor Oberman possesses three air-conditioning units in the wall sleeves while officially making payments only for a single one (do not play with us, we can post receipts). When will he be evicted? Well, let’s treat everybody equally!

TV4news website publishes information from various sources such as public financial and court records, newspapers’ and web-based articles, voluntarily provided personal documentation, etc. We carefully edit the info to fit our community format and are recognized among some political editions. At the same time, ‘valuable’ gossip-oriented columns written by Gloria Hacken is just her opinion. The website allows for comments, but Ms. Hacken does not, unless they fit her agenda. Freedom of speech as well as of the press needs to exist, but facts are more valuable than fiction. Sometimes the truth hurts.

"We'd all like a reputation for generosity, and we'd all like to buy it cheap."
--Mignon McLaughlin

As a part of Igor Oberman’s political campaign for City Council position, he organizes carnivals in Trump Village for any occasion to introduce himself as a successful and generous manager. It is not a secret, that TV4 budget but not his campaign funds suffers from these tricky games and his continuous “generosity”. The TV4 Board presents the situation as it approves advertising expenses for familiarization potential buyers with our complex. We look at it as “getting free publicity from some eyebrow-raising sources”.

While one of our Shareholders experienced an apartment robbery of his unit (bldg. 6A, 7th Floor) in June, Mr. Oberman has not fully completed installation a computerized security system since the hurricane Sandy that he likes to mention too often as a proof of his tremendous leadership success. We kindly remind you that our insurance pays almost for all restorations but unfortunately it is moving too slowly.

Instead of reorganizing TV4 security methods to be able to handle the situation, we invite our neighbors and pay for their fun so our President can spread his political speeches all over our district.

“According to the executive director of the Kings Bay YM-YWHA, Leonard Petlakh, Mr. Oberman approached his group about throwing and paying for the carnival—something Mr. Oberman's co-op had never done before, Mr. Petlakh said. Mr. Oberman provided the photo of himself and his family to be used in the mailing, Mr. Petlakh said.

"I wasn't born yesterday, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was doing it for a political campaign," said Mr. Petlakh, adding that he couldn't care less who wins the council race—and that he would be happy to have any of the other candidates provide space and co-host events with his charity.

The Campaign Finance Board has looked into the possible use of co-op resources for campaigns before. In 2009, Bob Friedrich, a council candidate who was president of the Glen Oaks Village co-op in northeast Queens, hosted a community gathering at the co-op that the CFB later found to be campaign-related, requiring Mr. Friedrich's campaign to pick up the expense.

Meanwhile, one of Mr. Oberman's opponents, Ari Kagan, has himself faced scrutiny over such issues from the Oberman camp, which filed two separate Campaign Finance Board complaints against him over several alleged infractions. Both were recently dismissed by the board.”

We all want to check the spent amount of our monetary sources, but Mr. Oberman planned his game in advance—our financial statement did not show up in June, so Shareholders can only face the real circumstances of his waste after the election.

Co-op, nonprofit mailers promote council candidate

"We both have a great loyalty to it, and I think that it's important to give it our best shot."
--Nicholas Lea

Our website is designated to discuss events and conditions in TV4. It is oftenly mentioned in newspapers and on Radio, known among local politicians and disputed during TV4 Board Meetings.

As you could notice, TV4 community newspaper does not indicate Shareholders' mood and real situation in TV4. Instead, it seems to serve a single goal--to praize and push Igor Oberman for a City Council seat as an outstanding leader.

If you ever asked Gloria Hacken, the editor of TV4 mass media and the Board Secretary, about TV4 Management and the Board, you might compare her personal opinion with her published stories and find it quite opposite and extremely entertaining.

We believe in Shareholders' and Board Directors' standing for their ideas and freely expressing them. These are principles of democracy and we are ready for facing circumstanses due to Igor Oberman totalitarian point of view.

Selected Shareholders are still in Housing Court for solely Oberman made cases. TV4 lawyers falsely stated about annual inspections for all apartments, while neither the Board nor the Management ever requested it, but Igor Oberman personaly only for specific Shareholders opposing his distructive policy.

Gloria Hacken, the community activist for the Republican Party, uses all available means to serve to a democtrat, Igor Oberman. Loyalty is not quite necessary when you try to keep your Board seat. A picture of two friends--Ms. Hacken and Mr. Oberman, is located on political poster for Oberman's campaign, while he proclaims caring of senior citizens. At the same time he unreasonably initiates housing cases for TV4 legal insurance. Disabled and senior TV4 tenants are forced to hire attorneys to be represented in the Court and wastethousands of dollars of their limited family budget and take loans.

We just thank Igor Oberman for following Soviet antidemocratic traditions and methods.

“If you always do what you always did, then you'll always get what you always got"
--Ronnie Coleman

Many TV4 water sprinklers were damaged during hurricane Sandy and not repaired for a long time. It does not stop our managers to buy and plant different flowers for our enjoyment.

Snowballs bushes (hydrangea) usually transplants nicely when you water them if you run into hot dry soil. As usual for TV4, bushes were planted first, and sprinklers were installed much later. Now you can all observe the result.

Gardening should be done in the early morning or in the evening. When you plant blooming bushes at 1pm in June, do not be surprised that it would die by 3pm.

May our Board/Management take smart decisions? Or will our money keep going to waist??

“The moment you think of a joke is the best moment"
--Judd Apatow

If you found out that your car misses all 4 tires, do not be surprised (see the picture above). The real surprise is still waiting for you: security guards are not responsible for any damages made to your vehicle!!! So, just relax, call police /your insurance company and be late for your work. You will be able to drink some coffee and eat a cake in TV4 Tatiana Café soon to release your stress. That is how our Managers/Directors take care of us and make this complex a great place to live! Enjoy it!

Unfortunately, there are lots of criminal incidents going on in the area. Our cars are vandalized, bicycles are stolen and stairs are full of drug trash. Where are the guards when teens are getting high? Our safety means nothing and OUR property is exclusively OUR responsibility even though we pay for security service.

As per February 2013 Board Minutes, new security cameras were installed and outdoor lighting was repaired, but we did not notice any situational transformations. Igor Oberman increased the quantities of guards up to about 7 per shift. Do we really need so many of them, if their high numbers do not bring any benefits to us?

Igor Oberman has a personal video camera on his floor to monitor his neighbors’ life and record all the expected and unexpected guests around his apartment unit. TV4 security guards are too busy escorting him and his family members. He liberally says that he can use our common funds for his personal protection and he does not feel safe here. What about us?

Instead of performing their direct duties, security guards are used for threatening Shareholders when they ask inconvenient questions to the Board during meetings. We are treated as criminals in our own home! They distribute tons of Management flyers to apartments’ doors while unwatched dogs’ owners do not clean up after their pets. We all complain to the Board Members and management staff, but somehow security guards still keep their jobs and the company owner donates thousands of dollars to Mr. Oberman political campaign.

“What do these plantar prints tell us, Holmes?” asked Watson.

Igor Oberman declared that there was no more real estate monopoly in TV4 during the Shareholders Meeting (June 5th, 2013). He also added that Casandra Properties Inc. lost its exclusive rights.

Shareholders have noticed a new real estate company involved in TV4 transactions: NYC Realty Brokers represented by Thomas T. Lipovetsky and Gary Melamed. We all observed its cards-magnets on our doors, while both lawyers, Mr. Lipovetsky and Mr. Melamed, did not include a business address of the firm on their cards that was in violation of 19NYCRR Rule 175.25 (d)(2)(business cards must contain the business address of the licensee); and put advertising posters on some TV4 terraces declaring themselves as our "Trump Village Brokers". Later on, posters were removed.

Gary Melamed is a managing attorney at Melamed Law Firm LLC and Co-Founder/ Managing Real Estate Broker at NYC Realty Brokers LLC under license#10491203356. He donated $175.00 for Igor Oberman’s political campaign. Thomas T. Lipovetsky is also a LL Company Broker under license# 10491203452. NYC realty Brokers LLC is located at 2753 Coney Island Ave, STE 208, Brooklyn, NY 11235.

Can we consider the company as a new real estate monopoly? Prospective buyers push us to acknowledge the idea. Some try to buy apartments through other agencies, and receive their applications disapproved with a signature of Igor Oberman. We are watching for the tendency.

As per our unofficial real estate salespersons’ interviews pertaining to TV4 property units, the application procedure becomes extremely complicated and takes lots of time. Instead of reviewing buyers’ applications locally, TV4 attorneys get involved in the process. As a result, buyers waste valuable period due to timely sensitive mortgages. By the way, attorneys do not do their part of reviewing for free. So, we pay for legal services and loose potential Shareholders.

While our Board is proudly announces its incredible efforts in making this complex a great place to live, we suffer from its unprofessionalism in managing the Corporation. Not everybody was born to be a manager, so let’s choose wisely.

PS. The apartment 5J of building 7A, where NYC Realty Brokers put its advertising, was occupied by Ida Botvinick under the Mitchell Lama. Ms. Botvinick died about 4 years prior to our going private and then the apartment should have been reverted back to the corporation. Mitchell Lama would have given it to next on its list. TV4 attorneys were supposed to get apartment back to us and we could get some extra profit from selling it. However it never happened.

Additional info links:PART 109--FAIR HOUSING ADVERTISING
Real Estate Lisence Law

“There's no reason you should write any novel quickly.”
--John Irving

The website would like to apologize for a grammatical error. MR. HAKEEM JEFFRIES IS not a REPUBLICAN, but is a DEMOCRAT. If we offended anyone, we do apologize. We are also grateful that the office of Mr Jeffries did attempt to intervene in our "GULAG". It's is ironic that the corporate counsel, MR.DEAN ROBERTS, who gives advice in a blog about corrupt coops was unaware of the By-Laws of the complex that he represents.

We would also like to note that regardless of what party our elected officials belong to, their goal is to be elected to office. We hope that some will read this and actually think about those that not only vote for them, but depend on them as well.

Here is an example of a communication asking for protection for a basic constitutional right "the right to vote" and the response from a democratic official. FYI, the "elections" in Trump Village 4 have been moved for the first time in history of the complex to an unknown date and time. DEMOCRACY???

From"Boyle, Patrick"
13 February 2013
Re: Co-op issue

I hope all is well. The attorney[Dean Roberts] said he was not familiar with any such language that calls for a special meeting or election when 25% of signatures are gathered. Can you provide me with the relevant language via email from the bylaws so I can send them to him?

Patrick Boyle
Constituent Services Representative
Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (NY-08)

"Boyle, Patrick"
4 March 2013
Re: Issue with building

After follow-ups with Mr. Dean Roberts, he maintains that tenants should focus their attention on the upcoming elections for a new board, and will not move forward with the petitions submitted.
Given the elections coming up in your building, please let our office know as they come up and we will try to ensure that they were done fairly and that all votes were counted. It is best to direct our energies there at this point.

Patrick Boyle
Constituent Services Representative
Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (NY-08)

“We didn't expect such spartan conditions in the honeymoon suite.”

None of TV4 Cooperators has received any election proxy by now. Candidates night to meet Board candidates and ask outspoken questions directly to any of them has never taken place. Election Company has not been chosen. What is going on? The answer is lying on the surface, we will not vote for TV4 Board Members in June.

The Board Secretary, Gloria Hacken, signed a "Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders of TV4" on May 9th. According to the notice the Annual Meeting had to be held "on the Wednesday June 5, 2013 at Public School 303" as our By-Laws demanded. However our Board decides to deal business otherwise, and TV4 By-Laws are just worthless pages of miscellaneous rules and requirements for them. Are you still surprised?

"We are having an information meeting to discuss the state of the complex with our corporate attorney, accountant and management company" Igor Oberman informed us instead.

There are 7 open Board Members' positions this year. 2 extra (Eli Ben-Jshay resigned and Galina Ovsishcher was voted out) and 5 Board Members going for reelection: Igor Oberman who was never elected before by Shareholders, Gloria Hacken, Felix Khusid, Sandra Malachowski and Martin Levine. As you can realize, these Board Members do not feel confident enough to be involved in any democratic competition during the election. As we all can guess, they are not so popular among Shareholders and are not ready to lose their comfortable Board seats.

Non-Board approved, but professionally recognized and experienced in the management field Board Candidates announced their readiness to run for the Board this year. You might face consequences now.

Does it mean TV4 election would not be expected any time soon? Or would be other popular TV4 Board Candidates disqualified later on? Be prepared for any tricks again. Moreover honey plated Directors' positions for hard work and unspeakable dedication will be fought for.

P.S. The location of the meeting was changed to Community Room of bldg. 6A (2928 W 5th ST).

“One hundred pennies make a dollar.”

Do you want to know the Quote for Audio Campaign in All 4 Brooklyn Stores of Net Cost Market? Shareholders must know prices paid for "TV4" advertisings with constant mentioning of Igor Oberman's name.

"The media platform in Netcost Markets will allow you to strategically position your Medical Office and convey your message to the Targeted consumers while they are at the store. The consumers spend about 25-35min on average in the store and shop with us 4 times/month. And about 540,000 consumers visit all of Netcost Market monthly.

Your Advertisement can be seen (on Display Screens) or heard on the in-store Radio three times every 90 Minutes. In-store advertising is a lot more effective because consumers have no choice but be exposed to your Advertising message.

Net Cost has quite a few different in-store advertising venues such as: Digital Signage, Audio, In Store Promo Events, Shopping Carts and Circular (to learn more at www.Bluetagg.com).

Some interesting advertising positions at Net Cost Brooklyn stores (prices below include all 4 Brooklyn stores):
In - Store Radio - starting at $154/week.
In - Store Video - starting at $220/week.
Flyer Distribution - each cashier at one of your selected stores will place flyer into one of each shopper's bags - $500/week. Truly effective service!

Net Cost stores also have shopping cart advertising positions as well. A great way to run a Brand Name Awareness Campaign.

Last, one more location of Net Cost Mall has been just opened- Queens, NYC.

For all questions and placements, please call at 888-415-1617, ext.111"

Thank you! We keep you posted.

“A citizen called to report a slow-moving tortoise on the shoulder of a motorway. It turned out to be a deflated football.”

Today one of our friends invited us for an excursion to Brighton Towers Condominium (two white brick buildings just across the Coney Island Aquarium). We went to see how our neighbors live and their Management Agents operate after the Sandy hurricane disaster that flooded everything around here.

In order to meet high expectations from Condo tenants, workers of Brightwater Towers tend to focus on building renovation and complete accomplishments of all their projects.

Condo management office has been already renovated (please, see pictures). The personnel are friendly and professional. What surprised us the most was that you did not have to schedule any appointment to see anybody in the office. Walk in is permissible and encouraged, compare to our management, where you have to wait for 1-3 weeks to meet Nonna Kontorov, and Henry Dubro is unavailable most of the time.

Brightwater Towers election official results are on the board (TV4 Shareholders have never seen theirs from the last election) and the Candidates Night took place on December 4th, 2012 (TV4 Candidates Night was cancelled).

Jeff Hower, the General Manager of Brightwater Towers, is nice and available to hear any of your complaints, while Henry Dubro, TV4 manager, still cannot learn that “a customer is always right”. All internal buildings posters and memos are done through the Condo management only, and do not promote any of Board Members with any ambitious logos nor fancy signatures.

Meanwhile, Jeff demonstrated curiosity in how much money did Trump Village spend for its building posters? And we have to keep that question in our minds.

"What to do if you're accused of a crime--remain silent"

"I will represent ALL the constituents of the my District. As members of a minority group in the Soviet Union, my family and I experienced government sponsored discrimination first hand. I will do my part to make sure that all New Yorkers live in dignity and enjoy equal rights and protections under the law."

This is one of the agenda's in Mr. Oberman's campaign. Mr. Oberman does not practice what he preaches. In the last year, he has started eviction proceedings against 10 elderly or disabled Shareholders in Landlord-Tenant Court. These people are forced to hire attorneys on a limited income and as soon as their cases are dismissed, he opens new ones. How does this translate to living in dignity and protecting equal rights?

Trump Village Court cases do not proceed only in Housing Court, but also in Supreme and Federal Courts.

Our attention brought a Supreme Court case# 504000/2012 where TV4 was suing a Shareholder, Mark J. Silvermetz (an ex-Board Member fighting against corruption in our corporation). Mr. Silvermetz is represented by Bruce Levinson, Esq. who has just submitted Memorandum of Law in Opposition to the Court:

"Defendant Mark J.Silvermetz, through undersigned counsel, submits this memorandum of law in opposition to plaintiff's motion to discontinue this proceeding with prejudice but without costs or attorneys' fees being awarded to either party. The question is whether a cooperative can capriciously initiate a meritless suit agaist any co-op owner it does not like, forcing him to rack up significant legal fees in self-defense, and then just voluntarily discontinue without any deleterious consequences to itself. Administrative Rule 130 and this state's jurisprudence involving leases with attorney fee provisions require that malicious and frivolous lawsuits meant to intimidate should be deterred through an award of fees to the wrongfully-sued individual...

In the time leading up to his being sued, Mr. Silvermetz has been an outspoken critic of Igor Oberman, plantiff's current Board President, who according to news reports, likes to rule the co-op with an iron fist and treats it as a Soviet-style gulag. Plantiff belatedly concedes it has no case...Yet it refuses to reimburse Mr. Silvermetz for his legal fees in having to defend a case that never should have been commenced, and seemd to have been designed to force him to spend money and silence his criticism of Igor Oberman".

Igor Oberman initiates different kind of advertisements of selling apartments for Trump Village. He organizes carnivals, radio advertisements, posters on Trump Village buildings and Net Cost Mall verbal advertising. Covering his real intentions to promote himself for corporate assets, Igor Oberman pretends that he just wants to push real estate transactions in TV4. In fact, when potential buyers research the ongoing situation in the Co-Op, they do not want to buy anything here as soon as they see how many legal pending cases we have.

And now tenants discriminated by Igor Oberman through filing meritless cases, request their attorney's fees back.

Thank you, Igor Oberman, for spending corporate money for your legal games with your opponents!

“Nothing goes perfectly, especially when you're opening a restaurant.”
--Bobby Flay

This edition of the Trump Village News newspaper was a platform for the political campaign for two candidates, the editor of the newspaper Ms. Gloria Hacken and our fearless leader, Igor Oberman.

Under the header MANAGER'S REPORT TRUMP VILLAGE WEST, where only Mr. Oberman's picture was featured (in case you missed his photos throughout our building and since when did he become manager?), but who are we the simple folk to ask, was a lot of interesting information.

Mr. Oberman filled us in on the future of our complex. He is indeed determined to make it a great place to live. AMAZON lockers are vital for the majority of the residents in our complex, without them life will be terrible, we need to carry our lap top not only to the laundry room, but to the courtyard as well, but he saved the best for last.

Igor Oberman:
We are undertaking to have a premier restaurateur open at our complex. Shortly, you will be able to order dinner as you leave for work and have it ready by the time you come home!... The Board of Directors is doing it’s very best to make this complex a great place to live… Thank you for your continued support.

A PREMIERE RESTAURANT is coming to building 6A. Dear shareholders, how many of you want to have rodents, bugs, and smells of food lingering in our unpainted lobby? Think of what it can do to the resale value of your apartment, if you are lucky to live above the restaurant, and if you are not, rodents travel fast and multiply even faster.

When will the Shareholders have a voice in the complex? Do we all not care about the place we call home? We as Shareholders don't have a newspaper where we can voice our gripes or opinions or give suggestions, but we must do so in the votes we cast.

“If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner.”
--H. L. Mencken

A letter from a Shareholder:

"It is always a pleasure to receive the Trump Village newspaper. The poems that our shareholders write is a talent that not may posses and are a pleasure to read. It is also nice to have the telephone numbers of many businesses that sponsor the newspaper handy and the information for seniors is of benefit.

This month's issue was very special. The full page spread of our mighty president and his faithful 3 board members (by the way, doesn't the TV4 board consist of 13 members?) at the opening of Bargold Storage was a masterpiece. Our president's picture has appeared more often in papers of all sorts in the last few weeks than that of Mr. Obama. Wonderful P.R. or severe narcissism, but who is to judge.

What is of greatest interest is the brief article Mr. Oberman wrote to the shareholders. He called them his family, but according to Ms. Gloria Hacken, you have to live here for at least a decade to really feel the spirit of Trump Village.

Mr. Oberman wanted his "family" to know that he is making the complex a great place to live, just in case you missed that logo on all the notices that you see posted on a daily basis in the lobby, on each floor, and near every elevator.

One of the "great" accomplishments will be FREE Wi Fi in the park. The elderly are probably thrilled that this is going to be available to them, because they don't travel anywhere without their laptop, but what joy it will bring to the thugs and drug users that hang out in the park when they will be able to steal not only an I phone, but an I pad, and an I pod from the kids that actually have these devices.

One can argue that our security men will be there to protect them, but who will be monitoring the President's floor, car, and family? So if you think that Free Wi Fi in the park is at the top of TV4 priorities or is even an accomplishment, then HAIL TO THE CHIEF."

Another article about Igor Oberman's political career:

"If at first you don't succeed try, try and try again"

"Back in 2010, as always, there were rumors of investigators looking at Carl Kruger, which is when most of us first heard the name Igor Oberman.

That year, Oberman, then an administrative law judge at the Taxi and Limousine Commission (a part time position so insignificant that even I once held it), announced an abortive race against Kruger.

At the time I wrote: "I don't find the credential of being a Taxi and Limousine Commission Judge too impressive; and the batting average for TLC judges seeking elective office is pathetic (as are some of the TLC judges who've done so) --but he's running against Carl Kruger. I'm not saying I'd vote for a dead dog against Kruger, but I'd probably vote for a dog who was terminally ill."

Unfortunately, Oberman dropped about 15 minutes later, after the full weight of a Carl Kruger clusterfuck landed upon him.

The most promising avenue for fundraising in that race was the LGTB community, but suddenly Kruger, who had opposed same sex marriage, was dangling the prospect that he was about to undergo political reassignment surgery. Kruger's message came with both carrots and sticks and the hoped for funds did not come through for Oberman.

One cannot really blame Oberman for getting out while the getting was good.

However, one can blame Oberman for his cowardly statement of retreat: “I believe [Kruger] is someone important to Brooklyn and the Democratic majority,…There was room at the table for another person, but at this point I would say that we need someone like him representing Brooklyn."

Oberman had squandered what little credibility he had left, and then, to put the cherry on top of the cake, received his reward: a part time job with Marty Markowitz.

Then, in late 2011, when Kruger finally got indicted, Oberman's name surfaced as a potential successor. This efforts lasted only about six seconds, and made the prior one look like a great success when Oberman got caught attending a fundraiser for GOP candidate David Storobin and (I'm sure only coincidentally) somehow managed to lose his job with Markowitz moments later.

So, one couldn’t be blamed for assuming that Oberman’s candidacy was that of a hopeless yutz. But, Oberman’s fundraising numbers clearly show otherwise.

With at least two strong Russian candidates, the possibility of a victory by a non-Russian like Chaim Deutsch (though probably not the politically courageous Theresa Scavo) suddenly looks far more plausible than it did last week."

“Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough.”
--Don Marquis

Rita Portnaya, age 62 and Anna Richter, age 61, have brought a lawsuite in Kings County Supreme Court against Trump Village Section 4 for age discrimination. Also named in the lawsuit were Douglas Elliman Property Management and Igor Oberman, President of the Board of Directors.

According to the suit, Portnaya and Richter, long time employees of Trump Village as a bookkeeper and an administrative assistant, were harassed, verbally abused and intimidated for the purpose of replacing them with a more youthful staff. Both women, who had no performance issues, were escorted out of the building by security guards.

Igor Oberman, President of the Board of Directors, was named as an aider and abettor in violation of the Human Rights Law of the City of New York. Oberman is a lawyer and currently works as an Administrative Law Judge with the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Portnaya and Richter seek damages for loss of income and benefits, emotional distress and for punitive damages. Neither woman has yet to find employment. Portnaya and Richter hired employment and civil rights attorney, Philip Taubman, of TAUBMAN KIMELMAN & SOROKA LLP. who commenced suit.

If you are a witness of the harassment and age discrimination for Anna and Rita, please contact their attorney, Phil Taubman at 212.227.8140; 30 Vesey St., 6th Fl., New York, NY 10007.

Women Bring Suit Against Trump Village and President of CO-OP Board for Age Discrimination

“If something is irrational, that means it won't work. It's usually unrealistic.”
--Albert Ellis

Today all Shareholders receive bunch of flyers delivered straight to their apartment units as usual. We all get to use to it—papers on our doors and next to the elevators, papers on the walls and papers in the mail rooms.

Igor Oberman as always demonstrates his signature on the bottom of the flyer. He is: “…happy to report that RCN has installed free Wi-Fi services in all laundry rooms.” What a wonderful idea when we have many Shareholders having zero knowledge neither regarding Internet / computers nor having any of them at home! Bravo! If we take into consideration broken dryers and washing machines, we do have to waste our time there.

Mr. Oberman does not want you to know that Douglas Elliman (a management company) charges us extra for every printed flyer. Prices are:
• Colorful @ 75 cents
• Black-and-white @ 25 cents.

You do not have to be a math genius to realize how much money they waste every day. We mean our money. Stop killing trees and stop robbing us!

Indeed home washing machines are prohibited in TV4. Let’s check their usage by inspecting Board Members’ apartments. Board Members must set an example of rules obeying. Do you see any of them in TV4 laundry rooms? If not, how do they do their laundry?

“In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant.”
--Charles de Gaulle

Who can be more surprised than TV4 residents? If you live somewhere else where you are constantly bored, do not give up. The only right decision is to move into Trump Village Section 4 buildings, and your life is going to be full of surprises every day. Political games and marketing manipulations, outrageous contrasts and brain washing technology, colorful flyers promising great living conditions and just uncounseled ignorance of management, what can better keep your mind busy in our Co-Op?

New washing machines and dryers have been just installed in all laundry rooms. TV screens and white metal benches are supposed to create an illusion of incredible improvements that are constantly going on under direct supervision of our wise Board. Somehow new machines are out of order over and over again. Shareholders complain that the machines do not fill up with enough water resulting in unsatisfactory laundry. All laundry TVs have sound turned off, and you literally cannot hear (and many Shareholders cannot even see) what the entertainment is about. New benches block the movement of the laundry carts, and apparently we do not have homeless people here to use them for a healthy sleeping.

Well, it seems to look like an ingrate exaggeration, but as soon as you start counting spent money for all of that, you would talk our language here. Effective management is not about bringing fresh ideas all the time and signing new contracts non-stop while wasting our money. Balanced budgeting engages resources to develop reserve funds and bring necessary building renovations step by step. At the same time that should be done under professional supervision and according to a long-term plan.

The only legitimate conclusion we should make, that Igor Oberman intends to give out all TV4 present and future available funding and finally leave us with holey pockets.

What is the amount of our Reserve Fund? Do we even have one? Elevators are broken from time to time and continuously stink, especially in 6B building. Instead of using money for gradual replacement of elevators, Igor Oberman paid you change.
So, take this bribe, vote for him and slowly walk to your floor using the staircase.

PS. And do not forget to bring some water when you do your laundry.

"All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure."
--Mark Twain

As we stated before a few Shareholders were brought to the Housing Court by Igor Oberman for corporate funds. We are talking here about non-existing inspections for selected Shareholders which were not approved by the Board and were not requested by TV4 Management. Our Board President proactively uses his position to clean up election 2013 and remove opposed candidates by putting them in bad standing without any legitimate reason.

These Shareholders are victims of harassment, retaliation and abuse of power. Igor Oberman personally refused from giving out corporate dividends to them based on the fact that they were in the Housing Court even though he was under litigation on his own. There are different civil cases against him in Civil Supreme Courts and he is under HUD and Div. of Human Rights investigations.

Shareholders questioned Dean M. Roberts regarding the situation, and now you have an opportunity to read his comments.
Question № 1 to Dean M. Roberts:                                 

“Dear Mr.Roberts,
I am a Shareholder of Trump Village Section 4, where you are a legal counsel. I have recently received a letter from TV4 management stating that I was not a Shareholder in good standing (the letter is attached for your review). I regularly pay my maintenance fee, and therefore I logically request an explanation regarding my negative status. Additionally, Mr. Dubro refers me to you for all questions. Please be so kind and answer my question.
I would like to be informed regarding the status of Igor Oberman. As you know, his case is in the Supreme Court right now and he is accused in retaliation and harassment of Shareholders. Does it mean that he is not in good standing? Why does he still occupy his Board position?
V/R Julia

Answer by Mr. Roberts:

“Ms. Bezvoleva: It is my understand that you are currently the subject of a Housing Court action, which is being handled by the cooperative's L&T attorneys, who I assume you are familiar with. Please contact them regarding that issue.”

Question № 2 to Dean M. Roberts:

Mr. Roberts,
You have not answered the second part of my question. Trump Village attorneys were present at the Housing Court on January 17th, 2013 and notified me that they were unprepared for the trial. How could it happen that they showed up and were paid by our Corporation while being unprepared. You are the legal counsel, you should know better.
Igor Oberman, the Board President, is currently under litigation in the Supreme Court for breach of fiduciary duties. Why is he at good standing? If I follow your logical chain correctly, he should not be. Shareholders who were under the Housing Court litigation last year such as Galina O., were still at good standing and participating in the election campaign. Does it mean that you do not treat Shareholders equally? That is why I need you to clarify the situation.
V/R Julia

Answer by Mr. Roberts:

“Ms. Bezvoleva: As I stated before and as I suspect you know, we are general counsel to the cooperative and as such give advice to the board of directors and not individual shareholders. Further, I cannot speak to your Housing Court case as that is being handled by a different law firm and you should consult with them directly.”

PS All running candidates were authorized to pick up election petitions and start collecting signatures for their campaign. We wait for the petitions submission, and announcements who is going to be disqualified. We already met about 7 senior citizens in the 6A building lobby (March 4th, 2013) collecting signatures for Sandra Malachowski while she was not even present to pick up her election petition (Ms. Malachowski is in Florida). Is she going to be disqualified? Of course, the answer is no.

“A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.”
--Suze Orman

TV4 filed a Supreme Court case# 501704/2012 in June 2012 against Island Property Services, Inc. (“Island”) “et al”. Our corporation is legally represented by Dean M. Roberts, Esq. on that case.

TV4 signed an agreement with “Island” to "determine the economic and legal feasibility of purchasing or securing a long-term lease for the adjoining parking lot" (TA Lot) by TV4. The parking lot and facility owned/ controlled by the Metropolitan Transit Authority that is occupied/ leased by our Co-Op. The corporation occupies TA Lot under a license agreement that was set to expire on Sept. 2012.

The subject agreement between “Island” and TV4 was originally signed in March 2009, when Marty Levine was the Board President. Later it was renewed 3 times in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Total compensation paid to “Island” by TV4 consisted of $495,000.00.

Our Co-Op representatives allege that “Island” did not provide services and documentation reflecting work.

“Island” states on its side that its representatives attended monthly Board meetings from March 2009 until March 2010, and made detailed presentation to the Board of the progress of the lease extension. When Lollie Reich was elected the Board President, “Island” was directed by her to make all presentations solely to her and the building manager. When Igor Oberman became the Board President, he refused to sign any consulting agreement extension even though at the April 4, 2012 Board Meeting, Board Members again voted to renew the agreement.

“Island” requests a damage compensation of $1,000,000.00 to be paid by TV4 and believes that “Igor Oberman exceeded his authority… and usurped the Board’s authority and role in the Co-Op’s decision-making process.”

Neither the Board President nor the Board discusses with Shareholders how much they have spent for the law suit from our budget. Is that worth it? Board Directors represent the corporation, and have no right to file cases based strictly on personal interests.

Hopefully, TV4 would not be demanded by the Court to pay any monetary compensation. Due to checks distribution to Shareholders and all lawsuits expenses, our financial climate is in great danger.

"How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg".
--Abraham Lincoln

Many Shareholders of Trump Village do not trust TV4 legal counsel, Dean M. Roberts, Esq. and over 260 signatures were collected for his removal. We believe that Mr. Roberts does not represent our corporation into its best interests, and covers up corrupted Board Members instead. Literally, Dean M. Roberts suggests how to manipulate and harass Shareholders in order to keep them obedient:
“…Taking away services—such as gym access and parking privileges--can be the most effective motivation enhancer of all. In co-ops where parking is provided at steep discounts, for instance, residents threatened with the loss of parking many times immediately correct their defaults
They’re also denying access to amenities like gyms and parking.It's smart, cheap, and very effective”.

It’s not a secret that some TV4 Shareholders are harassed by Igor Oberman and other Board Members through attorneys of Rappaport, Hertz, Cherson & Rosenthal, P.C. Housing cases while having “no merit” are constantly dismissed by professional and experienced Judges but new cases for the same Shareholders anyway keep to be filed over and over again:

Index Number: 100485/2012 Dismissed  Jan 17th, 2013 9:30 a.m.
Index Number: 61632/2013 Newly Filed  Mar 28th, 2013 2:00 p.m.
Index Number: 52456/2013 Discontinued  Feb 8th, 2013 11:00 a.m.
Index Number: 55898/2013 Newly Filed  Feb 15th, 2013 9:30 a.m.

By the way, Igor Oberman spends corporate money for his personal retaliation (eviction attempts). All eviction notices are signed by him, and all cases are initiated by him.

Shareholders have contacted Dean M. Roberts on such issue, but he refused from his direct responsibilities as a legal counsel, and pretended that was not his function to control legal situation in TV4. He suggested calling Rappaport…lawyers, who simply ignored Shareholders calls. Mr. Roberts wrote:
As I stated before and as I suspect you know, we are general counsel to the cooperative and as such give advice to the board of directors and not individual shareholders. Further, I cannot speak to your Housing Court case as that is being handled by a different law firm and you should consult with them directly”.

Why do we pay Mr. Roberts if he cannot perform his duties and consult our Board Members regarding the issue?

Fines, gyms, and parking spots help boards keep co-op/condo owners in line.

Ask an expert: How can I take on my building's 'zombie' co-op board?


It is nice that Mr. Dean Roberts Esq. gives advice about removal of the board. Mr. Dean Roberts is one of the most dishonest coop attorneys in the state of New York. He presided over an election for Trump Village 4, a 1,144 unit complex, where all of the bi-laws were violated. He helped facilitated the shadiest contracts and represents the interests of the board and not the shareholders. Please don't take advice from this attorney, instead hope that attorneys like him are disbarred.

Dean M. Roberts is a legal counsel of Trump Village Section 4, Inc. What he intentionally forgets to tell us that he helps current Board to put Board candidates in a bad standing by filling false cases in the Housing Court. These cases are dismissed by Judges, but then they are newly filed again and again. Trump Village Section 4 last year election was fabricated and official election results have never been posted out. Some candidates that were promoted by the Board President, had to be disqualified for the By-Laws violations, but it never happened. We collected over 260 signatures to remove Dean M. Roberts from his position, but he does not want to resign and still helps our corrupted Board to waste corporate funds for personal needs and retaliation.

"Every picture tells a story".

Gloria Hacken is the Board Secretary, and has been on the Board for a while now. She is an editor of Trump Village newspaper, and basically only prints her own and same of the kind opinions in there. Even though, we, Shareholders, are real owners of the newspaper, our voices are not counted. Many of us know her husband, who constantly takes pictures around Trump Village. Certainly, Mrs. Hacken does everything to keep her Board position.

What many of us do not know, that Gloria Hacken did not attend at least 8 Board meetings in 2011. Somehow she was still kept on the Board anyway. Why do we need somebody to take care of Trump Village business, when that person doesn’t even show up for so many important Board meetings?

Another Board Member--Sandra Malachowsky missed at least 4 Board meetings in 2011. 302 Shareholders signed the Petition to remove her from the Board. We have not received any proof that Ms. Malachowsky ever won Board Members election 2012.


"From the sublime to the ridiculous is only one step".

Recently Shareholders have received the “Trump Village News” № 5 newspapers. No doubts, our community newspaper is monopolized, and contains only one-side stories about our outstanding Board. Shareholders have sent their letters to Gloria Hacken with opposite thoughts and opinion, but their letters have never been published.

Gloria Hacken as always wrote a story about the very small group of unhappy Shareholders. We would like to remind to all Board Members that volunteers collected twice over 25% of the entire Shareholders’ signatures. The last time, 302 signatures were presented to Gloria Hacken as the Board Secretary. She failed to do her job, and those signatures have never been even verified. So, Mrs. Hacken calls 302 Shareholders (one signature per apartment) as “the small group”.

Additionally, Mrs. Hacken wrote that flyers sent around in our building stated “We live here and we can do what we want”. May we see those flyers? Unfortunately we have not seen anything like that written, but we have not even surprised to get this tricked misinformation from Gloria Hacken. She probably wants to stay on the Board Member for a long time, and therefore she has personal interests to promote the Board and herself. Although Board Members positions are voluntary, and Board Members should not receive any dividends from work, somehow all Directors do not want to resign.

Gloria Hacken commands to us: "move somewhere else". This phrase describes her better than anything else. First of all, that is our personal decision to leave or to stay. Many of us bought their apartments and did not get them from Mitchell-Lama program. Secondly, the Board easily disapproves sales of our apartments. And finally, our complex has so bad reputation and negative financial situation, that it is almost impossible to sell anything. The only bank lending money for TV4 is Wells Fargo. The rest of banks refuses from giving out any mortgages.

Another Board Member, Sandra Malachowsky, openly announces her work as “quality is better than quantity”. Does it mean that the rest of Board Members work in opposite direction?

We truly sympathize her in terrible loss of her family member. There are many professional experienced Shareholders in TV4 that can take her position, and help in managing the Corporation. Every Board Member is replaceable.

Also we like to mention that Sandra Malachowsky’s name was on the Request signed by Shareholders as a Board Member for removal due to “violations of duties and disposition of corporate assets”. So Ms. Malachowsky calls 302 Shareholders as “a few “.

The Board election 2012 was extremely doubtful, and official results have never been posted out. A colorful flyer with a picture of Ms. Malachowsky was illegally circulating around. But somehow she was not disqualified. Can somebody explain us why? How can we be sure that Ms. Malachowsky even was elected?!

Although every person has his/her own experience as a Shareholder, we cannot consider Sandra Malachowsky as a helpful Board Member. She never helped anyone of us on any issue, and we are unaware if she helped anybody else especially regarding parking. It is not a secret that parking privileges are distributed unfairly.  Some Shareholders/Board Members get parking spot at once, others unsuccessfully are in line for years. Our new management company, initially hired in May 2012, has not made significant improvements since then. Their staff like to advertise themselves as they did a lot. Shareholders complain all the time about them during the meetings and personally, and positive results are not visible (dirty hallways and staircases, maintenance fee are not collected in time, parking situation is unclear, illegal inspections, etc.).

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter".
--George Washington

According to Article 19 of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights:

"1). Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference.
2). Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice. “

First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America declares that:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Unfortunately, Trump Village Section 4, ruled by well-known Board President-- Igor Oberman, has an absolutely opposite opinion (unique of its kind) on that subject.

TV4 Shareholders decided to post some flyers on the board in our laundry room, and had all legal rights to do that. The flyers did not contain any slang nor offensive words. Shareholders received a fine of $1000.00 from TV4 officials for that. In addition, TV4 officials falsely state that the Shareholders broke some TV4 property while attaching flyers to the walls. What a lie! TV4 legal counselor--Dean Roberts, was contacted on such matter, and he promised to present some evidence on that case. Of course, the evidence has not been ever presented since then, and never will.

View Letter

In accordance with NY Lawyer’s code DR 5-109 [1200.28], when a lawyer employed or retained by an organization, the lawyer shall proceed as is reasonably necessary in the best interest of the organization.“If, despite the lawyer’s efforts in accordance with DR 5-109 [1200.28](B), the highest authority that can act on behalf of the organization insists upon action, or a refusal to act, that is clearly a violation of law and is likely to result in a substantial injury to the organization, the lawyer may resign in accordance with DR 2-110 [1200.15].

Shareholders complained many times about neglecting of duties by Dean Roberts to Grievance Committee, and collected many signatures to support their will. Dean Roberts is hired and paid by the TV4 Corporation, and therefore has a right to represent none of Board Members personally. His function is to make sure that Board Members obey TV4 By-Laws and other Laws while their representation of our Corporation.

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it".
--Albert Einstein

Although initially hired to terminate the ongoing safety hazard to the residents of Trump Village Section 4, the security guards are instead occupied with the politics of our building neglecting their responsibilities. The securities disregard for this prevalent issue is the reason behind the relentless and lingering stench of smoke and the littered cigarette stubs and burnt foil that clutter the staircase. We pay for TV4 security, but somehow this function is not performed properly. Do you miss some adventure? Do not use elevators, take stairs and you can be more than just surprised!

Shareholders constantly complain about filthy stairs (especially 6B building) to Board Members, and about some drug usage to security guards. In order to solve the problem of dirty stairs, they’ve been painted while unwashed. Certainly, it does not make any sense to paint stairs all the time instead of cleaning. You can observe uneven clotted painting. Obviously stairs have to be washed on a daily basis, not painted instead. This conclusion is simple and logical for us, but not to TV4 Managers. And they continue to waste our money on their doubtful projects.

We took pictures in two buildings: 6A (20-23 floors) and 6B. Board Members: Edward Aizman (with two little kids) and Inga Zhilo live in that area. As Board Members, that is their direct duty to deal with TV4 issues, and make our complex safe and clean. Unfortunately, we are uniformed of any success or even attempts in that field. Their neighbors still witness strange smell and smoke coming from staircases. What is even worse, they are scared!!!

Igor Oberman regularly signs posted flyers as: “The Board of Directors—making this complex a great place to live”. Sorry, we completely disagree.

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value".
-Albert Einstein

More and more Shareholders file housing discrimination complaints with HUD and Div. of Human Rights. As per our information, TV4 basis of discrimination mostly are age, disability, retaliation and military status.

Acts of discrimination can be:

--Refused to rent or sell to me.
--Evicted me/ threatened to evict me.
--Denied me access for my disability.
--Denied me equal terms, privileges, or facilities that other tenants were given. (Example 1 | Example 2)
--Harassed me based on my sex, national origin, race, disability, etc.

TV4 Shareholders/witnesses on discrimination cases testify:

“I am a rules and regulations follower and therefore I called management office, set up an appointment, kept it and let representative to conduct “routine inspection”. It looked like he had a SEARCH WARRANT since he even had to OPEN ALL MY CLOSETS”.


“My family and I live in fear for the last 6 months….My family fled to this country to escape religious and political prosecution and now I am living in a nightmare”.

In accordance with TV4 By-Laws, the Board President is the General Manager of the Corporation/Co-Op. All eviction notices are signed by Igor Oberman, and nothing is done without his knowledge and approval. Shareholders carefully checked Board Minutes, but did not find any discussions regarding such matter. Victims of discrimination/harassment sent emails to the rest of the Board Members to notify them. No actions ever followed.

When Co-Op Board Members engage in tortious conduct (Directors acted in bad faith or with a discriminatory purpose), they can easily be held personally liable for their actions.

Duty of Care New York has a long-standing rule that a Director does not exempt himself from liability by failing to do more than passively rubber-stamp the decisions of the active managers. Barr v. Wackman, 329 N.E. 2d 180 (N.Y. 1975).

Business Judgment Rule:The business judgment doctrine bars judicial inquiry into actions of corporate directors taken in good faith and in the exercise of honest judgment in the lawful and legitimate furtherance of corporate purposes: Auerbach v Bennett, 393 N.E. 2d 994 (N.Y. 1979).

Ask the Attorney: Can a Lawsuit Hold Board Members Individually Liable?

Example of a Discrimination Complaint


"Honesty is the best policy"

We all receive “Trump Village News”, which is called a “Community” newspaper, but is not in reality. Only a few Shareholders/Board Members can freely publish their opinions there, and it seems that this newspaper only meaning is to promote Igor Oberman and his “team” members. You are not going to find any opposed opinions of TV4 Shareholders.

Mrs. Gloria Hacken calles “rumors” all documents and evidences presented to DA office regarding apartment 7J. That case was called by Frank Dudis (Deputy Bureau Chief of the Rackets Division) as an “abuse of power” to TV4 Shareholders whose names were on the DA case. We are only Shareholders and have no power to fire nor hire any management employees.

According to Gloria Hacken, that is normal to buy the same apartment twice from different owners and have 2 different TV4 certificates on that apartment. That is what actually happened with APT 7J.

Nevertheless to mention, how we were overcharged by 2 monopolized Electrical and Plumbing companies, the only companies authorized to use by Board Members.

“STOP BELIEVING RUMORS…” Honorable Gloria Hacken says.

Gloria Hacken, as a Board Secretary, fails to represent the Corporation in its best interests. She intentionally misinforms the Shareholders and readers of theTrump Village newspaper. We are ready to preve it HERE and NOW.

Shareholders complained and sent all documents regarding apartment 7J to District Attorney and Attorney General. We received a letter from AG, calling it "patterns of fraud and illegality in the sale of cooperatives". Now you see who is right and who is completely wrong here!

AG Letter     DA Letter

Mrs. Hacken does not stop on that note. She wrote another article about Cablevision event at TV4:

“While a few protesters enjoyed the popcorn and ices they still found time to pass out flyers trying to ruin the evening. Guess what??? No one cared about their flyers and they certainly did not spoil the event for the majority of shareholders…”

First of all, so called “protesters” had absolutely no time to eat the popcorn and ices.They were in the center of Shareholders attention, and discussed TV4 main topics. Even if they wanted to eat, shame on Gloria Hacken to even mention anything about that. Movie night was sponsored by Cablevision, and was organized specifically for TV4 Shareholders and tenants. Who gave you right to count Cablevision food?

Secondly, why did Gloria Hacken decide that those Shareholders tried to ruin the event? We still live in a democratic country, where the freedom of speech is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and by many state constitutions and state and federal laws. That is normal for civilized people to share their thoughts and opinions. Does Honorable Gloria Hacken think differently? TV4 Shareholders came for movie night to communicate. What was wrong with that?

to our information, about 100 flyers were giving out, and shareholders were requesting more and more. Why this entire lie is spreading out in TV4 newspaper? There are different answers: some Board Directors are afraid of TV4 Shareholders sharing of ideas; they want to misinform the Shareholders to keep their current positions; they want to stop “freedom of speech” in our complex, so everyone believes in their stories only.

We are adults and we are smart!!! Our goal is to discuss not to argue. If you want to bring something on the table, do it, but do not make false statements, that look miserable. All shareholders should have equal right to publish their ideas in the community newspaper. Finally, we pay for it!!!

Gloria Hacken, give us right to use OUR TV4 newspaper for OUR opinion and legal information. This newspaper is not only yours and for your opinion only.

Letter sent to Gloria Hacken by a TV4 Shareholder, it has not been published in the news paper:

“Dear Gloria,

I just finished reading your interesting and informative editorial. As you stated, we live in a democratic society where we have the right to disagree or exercise our right to freedom of speech. You spoke about our former manager, Fern Riback. She may have worked very hard but she lacked good public relations skills. We did not mind that she expected us to follow rules and regulations, but it was the manner in which she communicated her expectations to us that bothered the majority of the cooperators. She was very harsh, too authoritative, and callous with us. If she would have spoken to us with the respect that we deserved and in civil manner, she probably would have been able to keep her job. Having a title of authority, such as “manager” does not signal that one should abuse the privilege or allow this newly found power to act as though one is superior to her “subordinates”, we cooperators.”

"Mankind, when left to themselves, are unfit for their own government".
--George Washington

Many Shareholders witnessed how election campaign flyers of 5 Board candidates (Edward Aizman, Inga Zhilo, Richard Lurye, Sandra Malachowsky and Polina Kravchenko) were glued to cars, illegally dropped in mail boxes and distributed all over the TV4 complex. According to TV4 By-Laws, ArticleIII, Sec.2(D)(4), those candidates had to be disqualified. But somehow it never happened.

Then Igor Oberman freely and openly violated our By-Laws by his letter to Board candidates. He tried to change the Co-Op rules.

Our By-Laws (Article IX) clearly specifies that It:

“...may be amended, repealed or altered, in whole or in part, by vote of a majority of the stockholders of the Corporation cast at any duly called annual or special meeting of the stockholders.”

Unfortunately, Igor Oberman, a licensed attorney, made a decision to amend our By-Laws on his own. TV4 Shareholders have never voted for that amendment neither they have ever been called for a special meeting on that subject. TV4 General Council, Dean M. Roberts was notified about those violations, but no legal investigation ever took place.

View Document

"If anything can go wrong, it will..."

Shareholders “at good standing” have started receiving eviction notices based on false allegations. These notices of termination are signed by Igor Oberman as a TV4 Landlord and prepared by Rappaport, Hertz, Cherson & Rosenthal, P.C. (attorneys for landlord). To your knowledge, all legal expenses are paid by TV4 Co-Op funds, not personally by Igor Oberman. We, as Shareholders, regularly pay our maintenance fees for our complex to functionate properly. Mr. Oberman, as our “Landlord”, wastes our TV4 budget liquids and, as a result, money of a Shareholder as an individual.

Igor Oberman calls Shareholders as "John Doe*and Jane Doe*" in his letters. Mr. Oberman is a licensed attorney, and occurring situation is strange. The names "John Doe" for males and "Jane Doe" or "Jane Roe" for females are used as placeholder name for a party whose true identity is unknown or must be withheld in a legal action, case, or discussion. Does it mean that Mr. Oberman does not know Shareholders living in TV4? No, it does not. He crossed out their names in his letters intentionally.

We called the basis as “false allegations”, now lets us explain our concerns. Mr. Oberman states that Shareholders “failed and refused to provide access to the landlord upon their requests”, and “the requests were made by the Board of Directors, management”. That is not true. Shareholders were refused from giving out any written requests or explanations. The requests were not mentioned at any Board meetings, and were not written on any Board minutes.

Other Shareholders were extremely surprised while letting management staff come in to their apartments for so called “inspections”. Instead of checking pipes and conduits as per rule 3(j) of the proprietary lease, management representatives made a search in Shareholders closets, checked floors, air-conditioners, dish-washers and even some outlets (without any supporting electrical license).

Shareholders are called to be “under litigation”, and their maintenance fees are all returned and not collected. It means that we do not just pay for legal services presented by Rappaport attorneys, but also loosing Co-Op budget money.

Management staff calls these cases “political”. We consider these actions discriminatory. That is how “our Landlord” tries to spoil reputation of Shareholders “at good standing”. Up to now, five of the cases are brought to Housing Court where real evictions (with the warrant of eviction) can occur.

Eviction Letter Sample Form:

Sample Page 1
Sample Page 2

Eviction Letter Sample Form 2:

Sample 2 Page 1
Sample 2 Page 2

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