Members of our TV4 community are honored to present you unique and useful information. Our financial and accounting professionals processed and well organized data of Trump Village, Sec.4 apartment annual sales.

You can find any apartment sold at TV4 for the period of time from 2007-2015 years. You just have to find the needed year and choose the address from the presented column. The apartment price and the day of transection are available. By using our database you can check when and at what price some Board Members and other Shareholders purchased their apartment units(shares).

Shareholders now have an opportunity to see the total amount of all apartment sales for each year (2007-2015):

2007 $6,009,500

2008 $18,010,000

2009 $10,359,750

2010 $8,975,000

2011 $9,557,500

2012 $6,925,000

2013 $9,272,500

2014 $12,556,000

2015 $7,683,000

TOTAL: $89,348,250*

According to TV4 By-Laws, Shareholders pay a transfer fee to the Co-Op --20% at first sale and 5% at all following sales. It means that first years our Co-Op was getting 20% of all sales and even 100% from the apartments that were possessed by the Co-Op. Later on, we consider the probability of 5% transfer fees for the second, etc. sales transactions. We advise you just to look at those numbers, and make a conclusion regarding the amount of money received by TV4 Corporation. The next question arises of how transfer fee money was spent by the Board Members. The TV4 Treasurer is responsible for the money control.

*small mistakes are possible

Annualized Sales Reports

TV4 Sold Apartments 2007- 2015.xls


Block No.7273

Lot No.25/50

Map: 28

Zoning: R06—Special Ocean Parkway District (OP)

Description: Trump Village Section 4 is comprised of 2 residential apartment buildings (Building 6 and Building 7); each building is 23 stories high with brick facades. The individual buildings are comprised of two sections: Section A and Section B.

Section A in each building is comprised of 396 apartments, and Section B in each building is comprised of 176 apartments. Accordingly, there are 572 apartments in each building and a total of 1144 apartments.