"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

-- Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Shareholders recieived a memo under their doors from our renewed management but with old habits in a classic style.

"Dear Shareholders, I wanted to give you a quick update, as I have in the past, on the litigation front," wrote our brand new, but well-known manager.

Mr. Oberman cited the Trump Village 3 transfer tax victory which took place several months ago as if it was Trump Village Section 4's win. It is good, but old news and it's hard to say how much credit should be given to him for this victory.

Interesting how it's the first time in history Shareholders are updated on the status of a TV4 legal case. What about all other lawsuits that were filed on our behalf: Ms. Fern Riback, Portnaya/Richter, Mr. Polito, Mr. Silvermetz, numerous housing cases and the list goes on? Interestingly enough we are not getting any updates about that. Most of these cases were settled in the favor of those who are mentioned above. Why did Mr. Oberman not write a memo about the cost and wins or loses of these cases?

As usual, countless papers were distributed to all doors and huge size posters attached to elevators walls and bulletin boards at your expense.

Maybe this is a good tactic to take your minds off inspections that are not in the By-Laws, the poor financial statement, and tons of other serious issues that are affecting the complex (break-downs of elevator system, deteriorating cleanliness condition of buildings, more security staff providing less security services, etc.).

"It was not curiosity that killed the goose who laid the golden egg, but an insatiable greed that devoured common sense."

--E.A. Bucchianeri

The website is correct again. Igor Oberman became a TV4 manager. The salary of our new manager is a mystery to all of us. His next step is probably goint to be the dissolvement of Douglas Elliman, since their contract terminates in August and he can be the head of a managing company too.

Our Co-op was full of letters signed by Igor Oberman, Board President, now it's signed by our new manager. Do you need some specific qualifications and relevant experience to become a manager of multi-dollar corporation? Obviously, not, but maybe a big part of Henry Dubro's time was spent training Igor Oberman. The letter confirming his new position was brought to every apartment of the complex:

"As you know, Igor was the Board President during 2011-2015", which is three and a half terms.

Yes, we all know that and hope that our corporate attorney, Dean Roberts, is aware, but he knows that there is no governing body to oversee Coops, so why not ignore the By-Laws? We all also know that in accordance with By-Laws Amendment # 2:

"Section 2. Term of Office. ...Notwithstanding the foregoing, the President may not hold office for more than two consecutive one-year terms".

The letter also states " Igor successfully took on the Department of Finance when they tried to unfairly charge our complex $13,000,000.00 dollars for transfer taxes".

That is a very inappropriate statement since Mr. Oberman signed a memo where he openly confessed:
"We are pleased to advice you that the New York State Court of Appeals has issued a decision in the case of Trump Village Section 3, Inc. v City Of New York that holds that the City's assessment of a transfer tax based on the cooperative's leaving the Mitchell Lama program was improper and that no tax is due. Therefore, based on this decision, the cooperative will not be required to pay the transfer tax claimed by the City".

The website has two questions: First, if Igor Oberman is still a TV4 Shareholder (owner of apartment shares) regardless of where he lives, how can he be a manager? CONFLICT OF INTEREST is a given.

Second, if the Board of Directors can unanimous vote on such important issue and if they did, why didn't Mr. Oberman mention it during our Annual Stockholders Meeting?

How do you the Shareholders feel about this move?

"That's where the big guys get together, and they can talk behind closed doors and be frank with one another."

--Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

The highly anticipated Election Results for this year's "election" are in!!!! Edward Aizman is the lucky winner. He received more votes (343) that Igor Oberman (295) did in 2013. Did so many people still vote when there were the same amount of candidates as seats? Go figure, maybe Mr. Aizman ran a very efficient campaign.

As this blog predicted, Felix Khusid became the Board President, his wife's best friend Inga Zhilo is the Vice President, Lilya Tamakhina- Treasurer and Edward Aizman- Secretary. The days of sharing information with the cooperators are a thing of the past, but this year takes the cake. No one knows the total number of Board Members. Mr. Oberman's presence on the Board is a mystery, and the resignation or Mr. Sasha Kanayev from the Board is also a huge secret.

This blog is willing to try and predict the future. Mr. Oberman will be present in TV4 in some format, but his reign will expand further. Time will tell and you are all going to say, wow, we were warned.

For those who think that Mr. Khusid will be a nicer, better, kinder President, we command your eternal optimism and hope. Enjoy this ride.

"Every year we have fires. I ask you to contact staff..."

--Igor Oberman

The Annual Shareholders Meeting was held on June 9, 2015. There was no anticipated election results to follow since the only candidates allowed to run for the Board, were already active Board Members. The turn out of Shareholders was dismal with about 1-3% in attendance along with seven Board Members (Igor, Felix, Ida, Sofa, Lilya, Inga and Semyon). Four security guards secured the perimeter of the meeting room. The few brave Shareholders that did show up tried asking numerous questions and expressing concerns, but were fed the usual rhetoric.

Igor Oberman cited "his" biggest accomplishment, getting rid of the RCN monopoly and informed the tiny crowd that three more cable companies are scheduled to come. He claimed that pipe replacement delay was due to a difficult choice between 10 qualified vendors. Mr. Oberman blamed the increase in Maintanance on rising cost of utilities and real estate taxes. This statement was confirmed by management staff but refuted by the accountant, Linda W. Heaney. She stated that there are no eral financial reserves on hands, "Things are tight" was her direct quote, and therefore, the real reason for maintenance increase is to keep a balanced budget to allow for the borrowing of money if needed (for future projects: pipes, elevators, painting...) in the form of a loan from a bank (not a good sign of financial health). Her calculation are confirmed in the financial statement and are a direct contraditon of the story told by the CHAIRMAN of the complex.

[Comm.:Actually, utilities decreased from $3,135,675 (2014) to $3,127,557 (2015) and real estate taxes from $3,920,885 (2014) to $3,910,191 (2015) page 2 on your draft of financial statements]

Larry Vitelli from Douglas Elliman proudly confiremed Ms. Heaney's statement that management "kept energy costs down". He also added that sales prices went up 20-30%. They compare prices for the same apartment for different years. This approach is very interesting while we all know that original apartments were missing renovations for years.

Dean Roberts, our corporate attorney, was quoted stating the following "I'm sitting on money". He was refering to the transfer tax money that was witheld by the Corporation during closings. Mr. Roberts claimes that he does not know where some people are, so please update him with your current address in order to get your money back, but ironically, those who are still waiting and do call the firm, are told that there is a long line and they will get their money in the not so near future.

Shareholder Vicki: "What is the projected increase due to elevators...?" Mr. Oberman did not let Linda Heaney answer. He summarized future expenses as follows: $2 million for pipes + $5 million for elevators = $7 million in total.

Shareholders also expressed concern about the infamous parking list that is not displayed and the numerous empty spots that are not getting filled after the staff managed to take them away from numerous Shareholders, they also complained about constant lack of hot/cold water, especially in the colder months, and despite the elimination of the RCN monopoly, they are still paying $41 in a cable surcharge, and the double increase in maintanance in the last year.

In spite of the raised concerns, Igor Oberman appeased the few who were brave by stating that, our Corporation is in a good shape because different banks are ready to lend money for mortgages (Wells Fargo, City Bank, Chase and Central Bank). Ms. Heaney clearly stated that there was only $12,000 as our reserves. It will entice the banks to give a loan, but at a much higher rate and with greater capitol if the buildings were to default.

"Recycle me, I want to be a bike!"

We all received a memo from our manager along with our maintenance bills.
"Due to the rising costs of insurance, natural gas, electricity, water and sewer, building repairs and real estate taxes, we will have to increase the building maintenance...",-wrote Mr. Dubro, and left his job position at TV4.

Our Board President is never one to deliver the bad news, and two years ago, when he was involved in his political career, he bought the love of Shareholders, by cutting their monthly bill by $5. Well, two increases later, he is still trying to make this complex a "wonderful place to live", but for whom, one might dare to ask.

Kings Civil Supreme case #003457/2013 brought by ex TV4 employees, Rita Portnaya and Anna Richter, for wronfgul termination was settled this April. According to unverified data, plaintiffs received a monetary compensation.

Igor Oberman is leaving his presidential position and actively pushing his new project through PYE Properties. According to "Amusing the Zillion", the new owners of a long vacant lot on the north side of Surf Avenue directly across from the Cyclone roller coaster in Coney Island are seeking ideas for seasonal use.

If you are still guessing, who is going to be our new Board President, this site is willing to take bets. The site is preditcting Felix Khusid as the new President. But with a mocary of the election, what's in a name or title, the show will still go on as it has been since 2012.

Enjoy your increase in maintemance, and after all, since RCN no longer charges $41 directly through the Co-op, you are just paying an extra $9 per month. Make sure to vote for the three candidates, who are already Board Members, because if you don't, they will still win. Watch the wilted flowers that cost so much to plant after Sandy, and cost you, the Shareholders, a lot of money, and if you are very lucky, wait for Mr.Gaba to be named manager on Monday.

PS. Do not miss the Annual Community Festival and Health and Sport Fair, which is part of the 13th Annual Russian Heritage Month and is produced by the Russian American Foundation, in cooperation with the New York Post. Among Special Guests: Avraam Russo and Pesniary Ensemble!

Sunday, June 7, 2015, 11 AM – 4 PM Asser Levy/Seaside Park.

"I have no intention of sharing my authority."

--Louis XVI

Only four candidates were trying to run for the Board, three were present Board Members. This situation may clearly serve as a sign that other Shareholders have given up a dream that every Shareholder could become a Director, run under equal terms and conditions and have a fair chance to participate in the election, at a bare minimum.

Even though all candidates are Shareholders of the same complex, election standards are not the same for all of them. According to our By-Laws, if you want to run, first, you need to pick up a petition and gather at least 50 signatures from Shareholders (one per apartment). Second, you have to submit your biography and attend a "Governance Class" sponsored by our Corporation.

For the past years, governance classes were scheduled at a recreation room of 6A building. This year is different. The only non-Board Member Shareholder was required to register for a Facilities Management Course at Baruch College at personal expense. The Shareholder was required to pay $475 for the class with a promise to be reimbursed by the Cooperative. The other running Board Members were exempt from the class due to their present Board experience. Despite the fact that the Shareholder took the governance class in 2013 together with Board Members Sasha Kanayev and Semyon Yegorov, it didn't count due to different standards.

Apparently, the Board membership gives you a unique expertise in Management, even if you are just a watch-maker. So, even if you are a manager in real life, you are still not qualified enough to serve on the Board. On the contrary, a Board Member position makes you qualified to skip a Facilities Management Course in order to perform your managing duties in a multi million dollar Corporation.

"Detroit's industrial ruins are picturesque, like crumbling Rome in an 18th-century etching."

--P. J. O'Rourke

Our Co-Op managers made a decision to organize another fun-day for residents and respected guests. Festival flyers were given out in our neighborhood including PS 100. The suggested idea behind it is a hidden advertising of our complex and, of course, participated companies such as KingsBayY. People come to TV4, enjoy the view and want to live here.

Even though the idea by itself is very clear and highly appreciated by our kids, our management forgot to add some finishing touches to it, as always. Any visitor could see five green fences built around old broken pipes on the TV4 perimeter. They are as green as the grass on the lawn, but you can still notice them. Even hypothetically, if you miss a single green mushroom on the lawn, but not so many of them... They are still here since 2012 Hurricane Sandy!

"'Obvious' is the most dangerous word in mathematics."

--E. T. Bell

When Shareholders learned that our new assistant manager, Joseph Gaba, Esq, they became very concerned. Our Board President, Mr. Oberman has been Mr. Gaba's business partner and used as his attorney. This not only raises the question of who pays his salary, Douglas Elliman or TV4 directly, but also spells CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Mr. Gaba donated heavily ($2,500) to Mr. Oberman's campaign several years ago as well.

All Board Members are volunteeers, and must not have any personal interests in governing our Housing Corporation. If Board Members hire their partners/co-workers or friends or relatives to work for TV4, or any other complex, there is always going to be a conflict of interest and another reason to wonder what is happening to the builidings.

To find the answer on this "connection", just submit their names in the Google search and see the obvious results:

1. Joseph Gaba, an attorney, who represented Mr. Oberman in the time leading up to the final disposition of the Conflicts of Interest Board investigation.

2. Gaba & Oberman Law Offices is Abortion Alternatives Information and Services, Adoption Agencies and Services, Attorneys, Estate Planning and Administration Attorneys, Family Law Attorneys company...

"All in all we have studied nine different kinds of work and in them have found no evidence that sustained chewing exerts any important effect on work output in routine tasks."

--H. L. Hollingworth

Today a Community Meeting took place in Coney Island Hospital on the 2nd Floor. The session started with the presentation made by NYC Department of Transportation. Its Safety Improvement Project is about the realigning of Stillwell Avenue (and corner of Surf Ave). Crossing the street safely will be reached through increasing pedestrian space, moving eastbound bus stop closer to crosswalk, and giving pedestrians an additional 7-second head start while crossing north-south (total 30 seconds).

Trump Village activists decided to bring the Community Board (CB) attention to our current concern-- the construction of 40-story building on the Neptune Shopping Site. One of the Trump resident voiced out that there was no information where the shopping stores would go, but some stores already left; there was no lightning, no cleaning the snow and Neptune (corner West 5th St) intersection was not that safe to cross.

One activist stated that even though he had three minutes per time-limit, he needed only four words: "Danger to people's health". Also he reminded that the laundry shop was also located on the site in addition to the gas plant. That shop was for commercial and individual cleaning. And all these toxic groups would go into the air: " Speak with the strong voice!"

TV4 Shareholder (Irvine B.): "I would like to ask the Community Board to take a vote for record that they oppose the construction".

Another TV4 resident (Elinore C.): "Originally we were told that the Community Board had never heard about that...We ask the Community Board to work on our behalf."

The CB members were trying to justify something, but the voice from the auditorium stated: " Then we need a new Community Board", and that speech was met with applause.

"We would all like to vote for the best man but he is never a candidate."

--Kin Hubbard

Potential Board Candidates had an opportunity to pick up nominating petition samples in the management office in the beginning of March. Mr. Joseph Gaba (new assistant manager) was a very professional employee. He carefully looked through candidates' payment ledgers for outstanding balances and suggested to return completed petition (with 50+ signatures of Shareholders') by April 6th. For those who might not be aware, Matthew Pilato and Tiffany are no longer employed at Trump Village Section 4.

Unlike in the years past, we have no information as to the amount of vacant seats and who is up for reelection. As the By-Laws state (Amendment № 2), the President may only hold the title for two consecutive one-year terms. Let's see how the By-Laws will be followed.


It is extremely sad that our neighborhood is being referred to as "Toxic Trump" in the press.

Pungent pollutants under planned Trump tower

Seniors worried about toxic Trump cleanup

"We are one neighborhood together..."

--Mark Treyger (Councilman District 47)

Today another public session was held to present results of the Remedial Investigation about our Shopping site (The Former Dangman Park Manufactured Gas Plant Site) at Abraham Lincoln High School. TV3 Board President attended the meeting, asked lots of questions to NYSDEC representatives and gave a wonderful speech about our community, flow of information in a timely manner, and availability of updates in local newspapers. Igor Oberman, our Board Chairman, did not show up at all as well as the rest of Board Members. Maybe he and the rest of the board know something the others don't or do they simply not care?

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) representative stated: "We are confident that we can be protective". There are three inspectors that can check the site daily. The cleanup of hazardous materials (like coal tar) lasts approximately for six months. Even if the construction is not going to take place, the cleanup must be done due to changing pipes or putting new electrical wire at the shopping site.

NYC Comptroller Scott M. Stringer on Proposed trump Village Shopping Plaza Development:

"It is aimed at a neighborhood where the locally zoned school is overcrowded, at 116% capacity. The proposed development will strain the local infrastructure, ranging from sewage and streets to access for essential small business like pharmacies.
Perhaps most alarming is the following fact, it is being proposed on a toxic Brownfield. Construction on this site could stir up toxic dust into the air and into the homes of long-time residents, many of whom are acutely at risk, like the old and young. That's a serious risk--and we cannot endorse any proposal that threatens our health and safety".

Mark Treyger had a strong stance on this proposed development as well and audience met his every word with applause. He focused on the lack of availability of any expert opinion and demanded a statement from the Commissioner of DEC about safety. How residents will be evacuated if the storm/hurricane comes? It was a big problem for 23-store buildings during the Sandy. Now we would face a 40-store building.

An email from our reader:

I was present at today's redevelopment meeting and no one asked why is this project a priority for the NYSDEC? There are 1000's of polluted sites which are not sealed and which communities are begging the DEC to cleanup. However they only cleanup sites when a developer asks to build. The representative from the DEC tried to [wiggle] his way out of it and claimed that it's not a priority and a planning board decides the order of business.
The second point is that Chaim Deutsch has never explicitly decried the project (unlike Mark Treyger), nor has he explained how he would fight it...

If you have any question about the project or you want to review site-related documents, please contact:

William Wu
NYS DEC - Division of Environmental Remediation
625 Broadway, 11th Floor, Albany, NY 12233-7014,
Phone: (518) 402-9662,
E-E-mail: william.wu@dec.ny.gov


"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."

--Thomas Jefferson

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) charges TV4 and the president of its Board of Directors, Igor Oberman, with housing discrimination for refusing to allow a veteran with a psychiatric disability to keep an emotional support animal ("Mickey," a Shi Tzu); HUD charges TV4 and Igor Oberman for wrongfully denying the veteran’s request for a reasonable accommodation and taking steps to evict him and his wife in retaliation for filing a fair housing complaint.

The combat veteran of Afghanistan and Kosovo, Eugene, and his wife, Galina, also alleged that they were retaliated for filing their complaint by freezing their place on the wait list for parking in the main parking lot and removing the wife from the Co-op’s Board of Directors (August 2012).

"Complainants (Eugene and Galina) were placed on the waiting list for a parking space in the main lot in September 2009, when they purchased coop shares in their apartment. By May 2012, Complainants were third on the waiting list for a parking space in the main lot. Because Complainants exercised their rights for a reasonable accommodation, Respondent Oberman, the President of the Trump Village Board of Directors, directed that Complainants' position on the main lot waiting list be frozen in place.

As a consequence of Mr. Oberman's directive, at least one shareholder who was lower on the main lot waiting list moved ahead of Complainants and acquired a space before Complainants. Complainants did not receive a parking space in the main lot until October 2014...

The Secretary of HUD, through the office of the General Counsel, and pursuant to 42 U.S.C.§ 3610(g)(2)(A) of the Act, hereby charges Respondents Trump Village and Oberman with engaging in discriminatory housing practices in violation of 42 U.S.C. §§ 3604(f)(1),(1)(2), (1)(3)(B) and § 3617 of the Act."

HUD's charge will be heard by a United States Administrative Law Judge unless any party to the charge elects to have the case heard in federal district court.


HUD's charge

HUD enters Coney Island dog fight between vet and Trump co-op

"I was drinking the red bull the whole night and now I can see noises."

On Wednesday, January 21st, a Public Hearing was held at Abraham Lincoln High School. Subject of this meeting was the planned redevelopment of Trump Shopping Center that would include a 40 story residential building. Meeting was chaired by New York City Council member, Chaim Deutsch, District 48 who spoke to assembly. Mr. Deutsch vowed he would continue to represent us and voice our concerns to the developer, Ruby Schron. Other speakers were: State Comptroller, Scott Stringer; City Council member district 47; Dennis Hasher, representative of Cammebys' International (development company); Representatives from DEC and National Grid. There was a very large turnout of residents from TV4, TV3, Luna Park, Brightwater and surrounding area attending. All questions and comments from attendees were heard, addressed and responded to.

Most important topics discussed were: Toxic danger to residents when and if land is excavated; Overcrowding of existing schools, where student census is at peak; Added traffic, that would further congest our neighborhood making access impossible; Lack of parking and Hardship imposed on Senior Citizens and other residents. Mr.Hasher stated that developer had secured ownership of Royal Palace building on Sheepshead Bay Rd., next door to Net Cost. That building is being renovated to accommodate drug stores, banks and other businesses' from closed shopping center. Vendors may rent space if they wished. This would offer continued services to our community.

Also, brought up was the strip of land used as a delivery driveway behind shopping center stores. That land always used exclusively by Shopping Center. The real question is if that land belongs to TV4, if there is an easement given by courts to Trump Corporation at time of its construction.

Mr. Hasher stated that meeting was called to answer our concerns and was premature. They did not have the complete plans to show us at present time. But he also stated that the toxic chemicals that are underground would move and spread if not re mediated now. That cleanup would be as prescribed and supervised by DEC and conducted in the safest manner. The meeting scheduled for 1/28 to further discuss was postponed due to weather conditions. That meeting will be scheduled in near future.

Residents Demand Answers From Developers Of Proposed 40-Story Tower At Trump Village Shopping Center

Coney Island Residents Vehemently Oppose 40-Story Tower

Video from the Meeting

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."

--Mahatma Gandhi

"Attention Neighbors,

There will be a Public Hearing at the Lincoln High School regarding the planned development in the Trump Village Shopping Center on January 21 at 7:00 PM. Present at that meeting will be the representatives of the developer, local politicians, the NYS Environmental Conservation Agency (DEC) and National Grid representatives. Official reports show that a large area under the shopping center is contaminated with cancer causing chemicals including cyanide, benzene, and coal tars from a gas plant that used to be on that site. The cleanup can cause these toxins to become airborne and make us very sick. WE NEED TO SHOW UP IN LARGE NUMBERS OR THE BUILDER WILL HAVE A FREE HAND TO DO WHATEVER HE WANTS! Please be there to voice and express your concerns and opinion! Inform your neighbors as well!!

This construction will have a tremendous negative environmental and quality of life impact on the neighborhood and its residents. The noise, congestion, lack of parking and increased traffic in the area which will delay emergency vehicles like ambulances, will all make living here intolerable, as will years of living with pounding construction work, airborne dust and pollutants. Our electric and sewage systems are already overtaxed. We, the community have to put pressure on the developer and the politicians and insist that they do a proper environmental assessment, and publicize it before they start any work in the area. Also, the loss of sunlight and existing views for hundreds of apartments will also have an effect on its thousands of residents. These quality of life problems will decrease property values in ALL high rise buildings in the area.

We don't want a 40 story apartment building in this neighborhood that is already overcrowded and oversaturated with multiple high-rise apartment buildings. We need, instead, and expanded improved shopping center/mall with restaurants, cafes, a movie theater, public parking and some green space with benches. The developer would receive ample rental income on his investment, and get good publicity and goodwill from the area’s residents for doing the right thing.

In addition to the above, it will cause severe problems for the many of our senior citizens who will no longer have access to their drug stores, banks, restaurants, post office, doctors, department store, and various other stores that have been in the community for a long time. Many of our seniors don’t drive and depend on these stores. Their ability to walk to the shopping center helps them maintain their sense of independence. Even an extra block’s walk would be extremely difficult for them."

Point of Contact for this event is Elissa at Eztheway@aol.com

"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples' money."

--Margaret Thatcher

Every year Shareholders of this wonderful complex received their financial statements under their door and there used to be a meeting for them and the Board to discuss the expenses of the buildings. This year is special. Those who want to know how our complex is thriving has to go to the office and ask for a printout of the financials. Maybe this is the only thing that our Board is saving money on.

TV4 financial net loss is $1,684,796 in 2014 (compared to $513,936 in 2013). Some of the big increases were:

1. Corporate expenses due to increasing insurance $1,067,274

2. Maintenance operating expenses $4,937,228. The significant increase in expenses could not be offset by an increased amount of flip tax income, which rose from $1,282,400 in 2013 to $2,048,285 in 2014.

Management expenses increased from $189,092 to $249,191 (pages 4-5 of the financial statement). Our corporation had cash and cash equivalents in its bank accounts as $2,028,063 in 2013. That amount was reduced to $871,364 in 2014. Also securities held to maturity were condensed from $1,332,338 in 2013 to $780,000 in 2014 (page 3).

Page 15: "As a result of the Notice from the City regarding the RPTT, the Corporation began collecting an estimated proportion of an owner's share of the transfer tax on sale of apartments subsequent to April 1, 2011 which were owned at the time of reconstitution." In reality, owners that purchased their corporate shares after the reconstitution (from Mitchel Lama to private) are also charged with the litigation tax ($703 per share). Obtained transfer tax was deposited on escrow account as $736,551 in 2013 and $1,311,551 in 2014. According to NYC Realty Brokers pamphlet, in TV3, the fee is $354 per share. There was no memorandum written to Shareholders that the Board voted to collect this money, nor for the increase from $625/share to $703/share. This increase went into affect in August. How many of you Shareholders who wish to sell are aware of this?

Once again the expenses for legal fees are missing from the report.

"Very appropriate. After all, when you call from TLC a caller ID will say that you called from TLC. That could be an implied threat. Also, when you are at work, you are supposed to be working."

--Mary Finn

The Daily News published a new article about our Board President : "Former Taxi and Limousine Commission lawyer gets $7.5G fine from Conflicts of Interest Board" (COIB).

COIB found Igor Oberman used his TLC phone during business hours to work on his political campaign. DOI Assistant Inspector General Riviera concluded that 618 calls of the approximately 2,000 calls made or received on Mr. Oberman's TLC phone (January 2- May 1, 2013) appeared to be for Trump Village business. TLC terminated Mr. Oberman from his employment on September 11, 2013.

At the hearing Igor Oberman "testified that because of his board position he deals daily with vendors to resolve issues at Trump Village." He "asserted that many of his donors are also vendors at Trump Village and that many of the calls identified as political calls were related to Trump Village business".

Mr. Oberman "testified and provided an invoice and a piece of candy to demonstrate that the four campaign- identified calls to Mini Mint were to order candy for Trump Village, not for his campaign" [candy with Igor Oberman's name and signature].

The Conflicts of Interests Board ordered that Igor Oberman be assessed with civil penalty of $7,500 for violating Chapter 68 of the City Charter, the City's conflicts of interest law (November 6th). The Board also noted that the instant case involved three aggravating factors:

First, Respondent declined to accept responsibility for his actions.

Second, as an attorney, Respondent was in the category of City employees historically held by the Board to a higher duty to comply with the conflicts of interest law.

Finally, Respondent received both telephone and written advice from the Board and from the TLC attorney responsible for ethic matters.

"That is an old contaminated site"

--Steve Barrison

Trump Village Section 3 and 4 shareholders and activists managed to gather over 1,100 signatures against the new construction where our beloved Shopping Center is currently located. These petitions will be mailed with all the information to the politicians (Councilman Chaim Deutsch, Councilman Mark Treyger, Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny, State Senator Diane J. Savino, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, Public Advocate Latitia James and Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams). The text of flyers circulating around suggests the public to refer to the July 22, 2014 report on the Remedial Investigation of the former Dangman Park Manufactured Gas Plant Site, which is now the Trump Village Shopping Center (Site No. 224047, Index #A2-0552-0606) about large amounts of coal tar, carcinogenic BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylene), Volatile, Semi Volatile Organic Compounds and petroleum based chemicals that were found under the ground.

A new article "Trump tower toxins" was published in the Brooklyn Daily on the November 6th, 2014. It has a link to an Acradis report from 2011 —1,433-page remedial investigation work plan for the site on behalf of National Grid. According to the article, the site’s soil has cyanide, heavy metals such as mercury, manganese, and selenium, extensive evidence of pesticides, highly flammable chemicals, and compounds that can cause chronic breathing problems.

The concerned activists state that based on CURRENT land use (a paved surface and the shopping center covering the entire site), they do not anticipate exposure to these toxic materials, but once the concrete is removed everything in the approximate one acre site most likely become airborne. Contaminated groundwater being pumped out is yet another exposure pathway.

If you want to sign a petition or have any questions please refer to Elissa and Andrea at eztheway@aol.com and andreabobrow@gmail.com.

"We are not strange, we are dramatically different"

Neptune Avenue Shopping Center belongs to Rubin Schron, one of the city’s major property owners, who purchased it from Robert S. Trump. Mr. Schron, president of Cammeby’s International became well known due to his offer of $2 billion in cash to buy the Empire State Building last year.

There is a rumor that the Shopping Center may be demolished and replaced by a 40-story tower. That news made Trump Village residents extremely upset. First of all, many Trump residents actively use the Neptune Postal Office, local Apple Bank branch and other shops. Secondly, if such monstrosity is going to be build, it will cover Neptune Avenue view for many 6A-6B apartment owners. And lastly, increasing quantity of local population will lead to overcrowded area, worsen parking and transportation situation.

Do we fight? Gloria Hacken and her husband initiated two meetings of TV4 Shareholders. A little more than 2 dozens of tenants participated in the action. People protested against moving JASA – a provider of services to adults 55+ from Trump Village buildings; and against demolishing of Neptune Avenue Shopping Center.

It is essential to express needs and issues of TV4 cooperators. But more important is to be heard and taken into consideration and not just wimp and cry. About 2,000-3,000 people live in TV4. Most of them have never heard the potential demolishing of the shopping center. Ironically more Shareholders protested against the TV4 Board than Mrs. Hacken was able to gather for such vital projects.

Our Board has to be more proactive and push valuable information to Shareholders. Unfortunately, the informational notices, that we all constantly get, contain lots of facts that are not directly connected to our concerns. The TV4 Board has lost trust of Shareholders and cannot rely on their support.

"The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between."

--Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Summer 2014 is over and so are hopes of Shareholders for a better life in TV4. As always, our Board has been working very hard, but with minimal results. Could other Shareholders manage our complex better if elected? No one will ever know, because fair elections don't exist in this beautiful complex.

Our management moved to a newly renovated office after hurricane Sandy destroyed the original offices located on the lobby floor, TV4 was paying rent for the eyesore trailer that the management occupied for over 2 years as construction on the new state of the art facility with a wet bar was being built. The answer to why it took so long and why the office had to be so expensive will always be "INSURANCE FUNDS".

TV4, a pet-free Co-Op, is overloaded with unregistered dogs. Even illegal subletters do not have to hide their pooches anymore, and allow them walk in the hallways while unaccompanied. One of the Board Members--Inga Zhilo, who ironically was the first Cooperator violating a "no pet" policy became a victim of a PITBULL attack (who was much greater than 35lbs). She and her doggy were bitten a few months ago according to witnesses.

According to the new PET POLICY created by our Board, Dog-owners received permit rules in the beginning of the summer. They have to register their pets by November 2014, but applications are not available yet. Management employees suggest that timeframe will be pushed back. This doesn't seem to be a priority.

If you take a closer look at the grass in between the buildings, that our Board spent enormous money on landscaping, you will notice construction fences and cones everywhere as well as waves of steam come from the underground. This is due to untreated conditions of our pipes (corrosion) and fixing the pipes is not going to be covered by "HURRICAINE INSURANCE". The estimated timeframe for replacement of these pipes is not known and winter is fast approaching.

It seems that $11 million received from Sandy insurance did not cover a lot of structural problems and the money has been spent. No one knows on what, but it's GONE.

"Fashion fades, only style remains the same."

--Coco Chanel

SpinGreen maintains bins for both indoor and outdoor use that, how they suggest, are rust, graffiti, and bedbug proof. You can find its slogan: "We give clothes a second chance" on the web http://spingreen.com/. Bins claimed to have State of Art Weight Sensor technology to ensure the containers never overfill. SpinGreen also has a 24/7 toll-free customer service hotline in case of emergency. Each owner is also provided with $1 million liability insurance.

While it is illegal to place these containers on public land, Groman, 34 and originally from Ukraine, works with private property owners. Co-op President, Igor Oberman, accepted the offer and TV4 hosts a bin.

"As a for-profit, instead of providing tax receipts like some program, SpinGreen offers a portion of the sales Groman sends her accounts a monthly check that comes out to anywhere between 7 to 10 cents per pound depending on volume. However, not all partners, including Oberman, accept the cash, and instead look to SpinGreen to host events and offer other donations, " says Forbs.com website.

“I don’t see it as a main revenue stream,” Oberman said.

To date, SpinGreen is yet to sponsor any event in TV4 complex and the donations that they give are not published anywhere. Once again Mr. Oberman and crew are deciding how to make this complex a great place to live by refusing to accept possible revenue for TV4 funds.

"Hey, High Speed, you are going in a wrong direction."

Summer is the most wonderful time of the year. Residents of Brighton Beach and Coney Island love to come out and sit in front of their buildings in the evenings and catch the ocean breeze. The great thing about having court yards or parks that belong to a building complex, is that only the residents of that complex can use these facilities.

It has become well known that TV4 West is not a typical Co-Op, but when the TV4 President stops squandering the funds that he and the Board claim our complex lacks and either does something to make this complex a great place to live or steps down?

Get ready for a FREE FOR ALL on July 30th. Igor Oberman is hosting a movie night on the lawn between building 6 and 7 called "THE DESPICABLE ME 2".

Aside from the truthful movie title, our wonderful Board placed an ad in the Sheepsheadbay Bites, a local newspaper, inviting ALL who are interested to show up.

Since when has our complex become a PUBLIC platform? Just think of the money that is being spent on the advertisement, the sound permit from the city, the added security for the unforeseen amount of people that will show up to this event, and the overtime that must be paid to the maintenance crew to clean up after.

There was also a ton of money spent on a children's room that will have a ribbon cutting ceremony with candy provided by Shareholder's maintenance money. All Shareholders are reminded of the event daily with the colorful legal sized copies that are once again plastered in front of every elevator and on every floor. How much do you think this is costing you?

Those who were curious, went to check out the new management office, or should it be referred to as the Renovated Gracie Mansion. How much money was spent on this project?

Meanwhile, our trash is still exposed and with the hot summer days, the odor that it emits through the parking lot and the rodents that find shelter in is standing as it did for years, but the exterminators keep on coming and charging.

The residents of 6B, 2nd floor did get lucky last year, when their floor was remodeled, but what about the rest of the complex? The hallways as well as the stairwells look worse than some battered projects. There is no money for the things that this complex is in real need of, but plenty to squander.

LADIES and GENTLEMEN enjoy the show and wonder who really is 'THE DESPICABLE ME"?

Click on this advertisement at http://www.sheepsheadbites.com/

I don't have to show anything to anyone. There is nothing to prove.

--Cristiano Ronaldo

Can it be that the Shareholders of TV4 are becoming wiser or are they just tired of the blatant disregard of the corporate By-Laws? We might not know the answer, but the less then 100 Shareholders in attendance for the Annual Shareholder Meeting is a sign of something.

Our Board made sure that there were 6 security guards, Mr. Sottile (the owner of the security company) and Matthew Pillato (an assistant manager) guarding the door. Most of the attendees were elderly and many had walkers, canes, or home aides. Did the Board need so much security against such a "high risk" group of Shareholders? This was just another way to waste your money.

No one dared to ask questions or challenge the 'Dictator'. Mr. Oberman was his usual self, telling Shareholders stories that make no sense. He claimed that rebate that Shareholders were due this year had to be taken away based on a vote taken by the Board in 2009, but failed to show the minutes from that meeting and why would the current Board take action 5 years later?

Since when is it legal for a Board of any corporation to TAKE Shareholders' money without their consent?

We, Shareholders, had to have a vote on this subject or at least hold a vote with the current Board to continue taking that cooperators' money as corporate money. No one every voted for this type of action, was notified of this action, and can't say anything in this matter, because in Countries that are run by a dictator, people have no say.

Last, but not least, TV4 shareholders should begin playing lotto or become fortune tellers because the last 3 board election winners were predicted way before the election with 100% accuracy. Even this year, Mr. Pollack, who has been on the Board forever and has missed numerous meetings since he likes to spend his winters in Florida won by a landslide?

Once again our Board is making this complex the best GULAG in the world.

"If you don’t vote, then you should not complain."

--Igor Oberman

According to our By-Laws: Article II, Section 1, the Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the Corporation “…shall be held…at 8:00 P.M.: on the first Tuesday of June…” which means June 3rd for current year. Somehow that provision was disregarded by the Executive Board, and Shareholders were invited to Temple Beth Abraham on June 10th, 2014 which was a week later, by our Board President, Igor Oberman. This violation is less obnoxious than the one that occurred last year, when the "election" was held after Mr. Oberman's primary for city council of the 48th district. A politician to be and a lawyer disregarding the By-Laws of the cooperative that he became President of, nothing seems like a surprise.

Many Shareholders traditionally voted via election proxies instead of personal appearance at the Annual Meeting. This year numerous Shareholders complained that they had not received their proxies or the candidates’ biographies this year. There is probably no reason to mail out the proxies, since our elections have not been held fairly since 2012(2012-no official results, By-Laws violations: spreading out colorful election flyers; 2013-seven candidates were unreasonably disqualified; 2014-By-Laws violations: spreading out election flyers and campaigning robocalls through TV4 emergency system). Democracy is a dream for TV4 Shareholders.

An interesting memorandum written by Mr. Igor Oberman states: “Please remember to vote, if you don’t vote, then you should not complain”. What exactly does Mr. Oberman mean by this statement? As Shareholders, tenants, or just citizens of this country, you have all rights to freely express your views of the Board's current policies, violations of By-Laws and other TV4 mismanagement. Please remember the First Amendment to the United States Constitution that guarantees freedom of speech. We, Shareholders, regularly pay our maintenance and the Board Members are "elected" by us and should work for us and our housing investments.

Most recently, we learned that Mr. Oberman was a Chief Executive Officer for our registered Corporation (DOS ID #: 140600). Our manager, Henry Dubro, is the Principal Executive Officer. How come none of the Shareholders were notified, and what was the purpose of this move?

Does anyone care about the shares that they purchased with their hard earned money? Those who dare, ask questions, you might be surprised by the answers you receive at the Annual Shareholder Meeting. Are you going to be able to ask any questions at this meeting and also please take note of the enormous amount of security and police officers from the 60th precinct who will be present at the Temple at this event. Why does a wonderful Board that is making this complex a great place to live need an entourage of bodyguards?

"Life's like a play: it's not the length, but the excellence of the acting that matters."

--Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Our election rules keep changing and changing.

This year our Board of Directors finally decided that the Shareholders should meet the "candidates" in the most unusual format, but does it really matter? This year there are 5 potential Board candidates who are running for the ‘office’ to volunteer their time in order to manage our corporation in the ‘most’ effective way. This year the Candidates were ready to introduce themselves to the residents of TV4, but the majority of Shareholders decided not to show up for the event. Our basic right to a fair and balanced election was taken away in the 2012 election and with each year the mockery of the FREEDOM to VOTE progresses.

TV4 Board of Directors and Management spent your hard earned money on the printing and distribution of flyers asking to vote for Lilya Tamakhina and Bradley Pollack. If this statement is incorrect then why did not security guards collect them right away? That trick was already performed in 2012 with much prettier pamphlets that were stuck to every windshield and were found at every door.

What should begin to worry the Shareholders more, are the numerous phone calls (robocalls) asking for a vote for Ms. Tamakhina and Mr. Pollack. The phone numbers that are given to the management office are for emergency use only and are considered confidential information. They are in no way to be used to solicit or promote any candidate, especially the select few.

This disturbing situation triggered TV4 website viewers to comment: “Printed election material for 2014 is being distributed door to door against by-law rules (like last year). Also, TV4 automated emergency phone system is being used to call cooperators and instruct them to vote for Igor's two chosen candidates.”

The real rebus is if you still think that Board Members are elected through an honest election (or at least through some kind of election) or appointed by… just guess who can appoint.

It is sad to watch how so many residents of this complex had fled their homelands because their government was corrupt and they were not able to participate in fair and balanced elections. Many residents have family members who fought in wars for these rights. Our beautiful complex has become a dictatorship.

"Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm."

--Abraham Lincoln

Owners of cooperative units and condominiums who meet the requirements for the Co-op/Condo Property Tax Abatement can have their property taxes reduced. The amount of the abatement is based on the average assessed value of the residential units in the building.

NYC Department of Finance mailed a Co-op Tax Benefits Letter outlining each unit's tax savings for personal exemptions and the co-op property tax abatement. The Co-op Tax Benefit Letter is an annual letter DOF sends to each cooperative board or managing agent. This list is typically mailed in December. If there are changes throughout the year, a new letter is generated.

Co-op boards were legally required to report changes or discrepancies in ownership or eligibility for the 2013/14 tax year to Finance by February 15, 2014. Changes had to be reported using the Co-op Tax Benefit Change Form.

In January 2013, the NY State Legislature passed bill S2320/A3354, which amended the Co-op/Condo Abatement. For more information and a description of changes, click here.

Co-op or condo owners cannot be receiving J-51 Exemption.

TV4 Shareholders have been asking the amount of their STAR benefits at the management since February. As per management, those rebates will take place in July-August. TV3 Shareholders claim that their Coop has already distributed STAR benefits among residents.

If you want to receive a print out of your exemptions, write a request to the following address:

New York City Department of Finance
Customer Service/ Personal Exemption Unit
59 Maiden Lane, 22nd Floor
New York, NY 10038

PS. Another topic that should be noted is that based on the decision of the TV4 Ground Building Committee, indoor bulletin boards were purchased by the Corporation to eliminate paper distribution individually to all residents. Those boards were installed in lobbies, but Igor Oberman continues to use the old method of communication and “kills trees”.

“Liar, liar, pants on fire.”

Shareholders-tenants are subject to monthly charges (maintenance) to provide funds for the housing operating expenses, future capital acquisition, and major repairs and replacements. Maintenance charges are based on an annual budget determined by the Board of Directors.

It has become a tradition for Igor Oberman to notify the residents of TV4 how the Board is making this complex a great place to live, but not this time. The increase in maintenance letter was written by Henry Dubro, our general manager, who took responsibility to inform Shareholders about the maintenance increase, even though that was not exactly his responsibility. Maybe in this case he should, since in December he and Douglas Elliman employees got a huge bonus for saving money for the complex.

In accordance with TV4 agreement, we pay the residential management, Douglas Elliman, a management fee of $365,000.00 per year. Moreover, this agreement covers the position of the Assistant Manager, filling this role is Matthew Pilato since November 2012. Mr. Pilato is on the TV4 payroll and gets paid by our Co-op as well. This is defined as double dipping in most instances.

Therefore, our Corporation spends over $400,000 on the current management company, who most Shareholders complain about for poor service, rude behavior, and refusal to answer any questions. Needless to mention, that Douglas Elliman Management was brought to TV4 by Igor Oberman who signed the initial agreement together with Felix Khusid in April of 2012 without full Board approval.

Shareholders repeat the mantra that the previous management employees: Anna Richter and Rita Portnaya worked much better. The entire payroll of the office staff was equal to Henry Dubro's salary, but yet the office functioned just fine and they were able to go through the privatization in 2007, apartment sales were highest during their employment, people were able to ask questions, and they did not dance to the beat of Mr. Oberman and Mr. Khusid.

The Co-op was billed of $206,018 for the exterminating in 2013. Green Pest Company conducts its services on monthly basis (see the flyers on the compactors doors). The amount of cockroaches and water bugs remains the same, but this expense alone is rising to outrageous sums. It is to no surprise that the owner of Green Earth Pest Control is one of the bigger donors to the failed political campaign of Igor Oberman.

Also there is a chain of housing cases initiated by Igor Oberman against CCC (tenants’ organization) members that was not approved by the entire Board according to Board minutes. Eviction cases continue to get dismissed at Brooklyn Housing Court. TV4 alone is responsible for all legal expenses related to the cases, but the spent amount has never been displayed to the Shareholders.

Our Corporation received about $10 million dollars to cover its expenses connected with hurricane Sandy. 2013 annual financial statement reported a net gain from the storm as $1,017,857 and J-51 abatement as $145,039 (taken from Shareholders’ part of STAR program). Ironically, hot water pipes were not replaced during the summer, which is very important. The elevators are hanging by a thread; the only floor that was repainted is the "model floor" in 6B. The office is just now being renovated and the new board room has a steel door that was installed to mimic a vault and we still pay a monthly charge for that management wagon. Our complex obviously does not look like the works and services that were done cost anywhere near $10,000,000.

Only miscellaneous works are visible such as the new non matching vinyl floor tiles in the lobby, office fridge magnets and continuous gardening projects.

Shareholders were so happy to get a 3% maintenance decrease and $5/share while Mr. Oberman was attempting to run for office, but now while his political career is on hold due to investigations into his behavior, he and his vice president are showing the real financial state of our complex. Don't be surprised if another increase comes in the near future and a loan will be taken out as well.

Don't forget that our Board President does not have a full time job anywhere (to the best of our knowledge and belief) except as TV4 Board President, but he has a signature authority to write down checks on behalf of our Corporation. Nobody audits if paid works for the checks are directly related to the Coop.

Trump Village 4 is making this complex an expensive and dilapidated place to live in!

“My heroes are just everyday people who work hard, are honest and have integrity.”
--Jordin Sparks

The Sabbath Candle Lighting almost turned into a deadly catastrophe for the elderly resident at 2932 West 5 Street. At about 7pm residents of the building felt a horrible smell of burning candles. Smog could be seen in the hallways. Apt 6G (two-bedroom) was under fire. Teams of fire-fighters promptly responded to the dangerous situation and were able to not only control the fire, but to save the woman. Residents were told to remain in their apartments. Both staircases were blocked to utilize water pipes and elevators were shut down. The security guards remained at their posts as if nothing was happening. The building's superintendent Carlos Angilucci did attend to the woman and encouraged her to stay in his apartment until her son was to arrive.

PS. Air cleaning equipment was installed at night. Special workers were cleaning the building next day (washing walls, etc.).

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”
--Mark Twain

Trump Village Sec.4 represented by Rappaport, Hertz, Cherson & Rosenthal, P.C.(a law firm, that not only donated to Mr. Oberman's campaign, but has been billing thousands of dollars on a monthly basis to EVICT the innocent) was not able to establish its housing case #91148/2013. Igor Oberman signed a Notice of Termination according to which the Shareholder’s lease was terminated and the Shareholder was required to quit the premises. The housing case was filed based on obscure facts and our Corporation paid at least $1805.00 to these attorneys as was reflected as legal fees on the Shareholder’s bill.

Igor Oberman keeps mentioning that all housing cases against Shareholders are for our good and based on real issues. Shareholders who care about their investments should ask how many cases are dismissed and are paid by the Corporation. Annual Financial Statements do not reflect all legal fees and Shareholders remain blind to the true financial state of our corporation. Mismanagement and unnecessary expenses require the Corporation to take loans and lead to rising of our monthly maintenance bills.

Lets see if there is a brave Shareholder, who will dare ask the PRESIDENT to show the legal fees spent since he became president. Silence is not always the best answer.

“We hear, digest and work on it.”

Councilman Chaim M. Deutch organized a town hall meeting on the future of the Asser Levy (Seaside) Park. The park takes its name from Asher Levy (who died in 1680), one of the first Jewish settlers of the Dutch colony, New Amsterdam, in Manhattan. Most of the actual parkland within Asser Levy Park is located on a 7.8 acres parcel. The last capital project was in 2001, when the city spent roughly $400,000 to reconstruct the lawn in the oval surrounding of the bandshell. In 1999, there was almost $800,000 in capital work done to partially reconstruct the bandshell including landscaping and mechanical and electrical work.

The previous Borough President Marty Markowitz tried to build a $64 million controversial amphitheater in Asser Levy Park in 2009.

Mr. Deutsch gave a speech that there was no money to renovate the park that should have risen from capital funding (used for big projects). Just building up bathrooms alone costs over $1,000,000.

The Speakers suggested lots of different ideas: to install an exercise set up, dog fences for keeping the area clean, sprinkler system and rock climbing wall. The park also needs more benches, trees for shading and more lighting. There is a flooding problem in the area since the underground waters are just a few inches below the surface. Elevation and draining could be a solution for this problem.

Sponsorship from private companies is taken into consideration although the vendors’ competition process takes up to 2 years for its completion. Ironically the Boardwalk area does not belong to the 48th District, but to the 47th District instead that is run by Councilman Mark Treyger. Mr.Treyger is a chairman of the City Council’s new Recovery and Resiliency Committee.

Parks are a vital part of our community and are always a great way to make constituents feel that their elected officials are looking out for them, but before TV4 residents can enjoy parks as many other coop shareholders, their government should introduce a bill that would stop the destruction of their Coops through wasteful spending, corruption, abuse of power, and so often breach of fiduciary duties. How come no public official in Brooklyn wants to touch this topic?


“It is what it is, and it ain't nothin' else... Everything is clearly, openly, plainly delivered.”
--Dan Flavin

The OATH (the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings) Tribunal holds hearings on a wide variety of complex administrative matters including disciplinary cases involving NYC employees, human rights and discrimination cases, car seizure cases, City license revocation cases and complex contractual disputes and is located at 100 Church Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10007.

Case #141657 - Conflicts of Interest Board v. Oberman, Igor was set up for a Conference, which was scheduled on March 27th, 2014.

All parties are required to attend conferences as scheduled. At the conference, they must be fully prepared to discuss all aspects of the case, including the formulation and simplification of issues, the possibility of obtaining admissions or stipulations of fact and of admissibility or authenticity of documents, the order of proof and of witnesses, discovery issues, legal issues, pre-hearing applications, scheduling, and settlement of the case. In the event that the case is not settled at the conference, a trial date may be set.

New York City Chapter 68 (“Conflicts of Interest”) identifies as its purpose the preservation of the trust placed in public servants of the City. Chapter 68 establishes the Conflicts of Interest Board (COIB), whose five members are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council. The Board’s formal advisory opinions (as opposed to its more numerous informal advice letters) are issued publicly, with deletions to prevent disclosure of the identity of the parties involved. Since its creation in 1989 the Board has issued 196 advisory opinions.

“Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right.”
--Abraham Lincoln

Keith L.T. Wright is a NYS Assemblyman for the 70th District and a Chairman for Committee on Housing. He has been serving the people of Harlem in the New York State Assembly since 1992.

Alex Litvak (the Coordinator of Cooperative Community Organization), Ari Kagan (Democratic District Leader) and Co-op Shareholders from different New York Boroughs had an important meeting with Mr. Wright regarding major housing issues of Cooperators/Shareholders. Trump Village Section 4 problems were also mentioned as examples of wide-spread practices of the almighty Co-op Boards and the intimidated and unprotected Cooperators.

Major topics of the discussion included:
• NYS main pending Bills for Cooperatives,
• Housing discrimination,
• Board transparency to the rest of Shareholders,
• Responsibilities of government agencies such as Attorney General Office and Department of Human Rights.

It is nice to know that there are POLITICIANS who actually care about their constituents and are willing to protect their rights.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
--Mahatma Gandhi

TV4 Shareholders described the legal situation regarding their Co-op to representatives of the NYC Cooperative Community Organization (CCO). They described how they are brought to Landlord-Tenant (Housing) Court based on allegations made solely by Igor Oberman, Board President, who does not require the approval or even a discussion of the intent to evict shareholders (lack of any housing court or intent to evict is absent from all Board Minutes).

Housing Court Judges have limited jurisdiction over corporations, or at least that is how the problem is explained by housing attorneys.

CCO representatives have plenty of experience about the subject of Abuse of Power of the Board directed to the shareholders due to their direct communication with Chief Judges about Co-Ops. Their achievements include a clarification regarding Shareholders protection under the Tenant Protection Act and if they have a right to open up harassment claims versus the Corporation.

The answer in this matter is positive because Shareholders are treated as tenants by the Housing Company and they sign a proprietary lease (please see the original letters in the Housing Discrimination part of the website).

The letter with a legal clarification on TV4 issues was delivered to the Hon. Fern A. Fisher, Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for the NYC:

“…In general, issues of cooperative housing are investigated by the Supreme Court… Specifically, it comes when there is a conflict between Board of Directors and an ordinary shareholder. At the same time, County Housing Court is tasked to investigate local issues concerning just tenancy-like non-repair, non-payment, etc. . …

At the same time, County Housing Courts do accept cases when cooperative building is trying to evict a shareholder for any reason. …Just the corporation is authorized to submit an eviction claim to the court. Corporation is fully represented by Board of Directors elected by general meeting of shareholders. As collective body, Board of Directors is authorized to sign all documents on behalf of corporation… No individuals are authorized to sign any documents on behalf of corporation unless it is approved by the Board of Directors. As a collective body, Board of Directors can make this approval only during an official meeting… . Copy of minutes of this meeting of Board of Directors should be forwarded to the shareholder in dispute as well as to be attached to the court claim.…”

The website will inform you of any official responses.

"An empty stomach is not a good political adviser."
--Albert Einstein

The NYC Department of Investigation (DOI), Office of the Inspector General for the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC), has completed an investigation on Igor Oberman. DOI has substantiated the allegation that Mr. Oberman excessively used TLC resources, specifically his assigned telephone and computer to conduct campaign related business, his private realty business and business on behalf of Trump Village 4.

Igor Oberman commenced employment with TLC on June 11th, 2012 as the Executive Agency Counsel but not as a Judge (for trial) as he widely stated. The website has already notified TV4 readers about termination of his TLC employment.

An interesting story was published by the Crain’s New York Business today about TV4 President, an attorney and ex-TLC Administrative Judge—Igor Oberman:

“A former top attorney at the city's Taxi and Limousine Commission turned his governmental office into a hub for outside business and a City Council campaign, raising more than $40,000 from donors using his work phone, according to a city Department of Investigation report obtained by The Insider.”

” Last April, records show, Mr. Oberman signed off on a six-month, $45,000 lobbying contract with the Advance Group for the portion of the massive Coney Island co-op he runs a part of, Trump Village, at the same time the Advance Group was running Mr. Oberman's political campaign, separately earning $73,000. Mr. Oberman says the lobbying expenses were entirely legitimate and separate from the campaign.”

“Separately, the Department of Investigation report, which was forwarded by a source, states that despite a warning not to do so, Mr. Oberman had "excessively used TLC resources" to conduct his political campaign, operate a realty business, and other business related to Trump Village, the massive Coney Island co-op of which he runs a part. Troves of campaign documents were found on his work computer, according to the report.”

“Dean Roberts, an attorney for Trump Village, said the firm was hired to look into the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's intentions for a parking lot owned by the agency. The lot is used by residents of the co-op, but the MTA may eventually decide to sell it, he said.”

“Crain's reported in July that Trump Village, as well as a nonprofit with which the co-op had held events, had sent out campaign-style mailers prominently featuring Mr. Oberman and his family, sparking a still-ongoing Campaign Finance Board probe into the spending. The Daily News also reported that a number of vendors hired by Trump Village—including Mr. Roberts—were also big campaign donors.
Besides working for Mr. Oberman, the Advance Group also printed mailers touting one of his opponents, Mr. Deutsch, for a socially conservative political action committee. “

PS.TV4 spent $45,000 ($7,500 per month) on services provided by the Advanced Group for April-September'13 election period. It would be nice to obtain the complete report of the full scope of work done by the Group in connection with TA lot while so well-advertised by Dean Roberts for its outstanding job. Did TV4 finally renew the agreement on that subject? What exectly did we pay for?

Read the original Article at:
“City lawyer used office for politics, probe finds”



"If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?"
--Steven Wright

The 2013 Elections are over and so is our 3% reduction in maintenance. Hopefully TV4 does not have to take loans to cover the unpaid difference (about $30,000-$40,000 per month), although Shareholders would not know about it anyway. If you have a calculator nearby, you can easily calculate the shortage in funds for the last 9 months in the Co-op budget.

The maintenance reduction trick and mass building propaganda brought to us by our farsighted leader was all a part of his elaborate scheme to run for City Council, but still earned him less than 200 votes of TV4 residents. This shows that some people are aware of the trouble our Co-op is facing.

If you ever requested your STAR benefit printouts from the NYS Department of Finance, you can clearly see J-51 and COOP part amount that we did not get from our Management team. The amount of STAR COOP part obtained by the TV4 was not mentioned in any documentation ever provided to Shareholders.

Both STAR (J-51 and COOP) abatements were withheld from our accounts and taken by the Co-Op representatives without our permission or votes. Mr. Dean Roberts, our corporate attorney states that it's common practice in Co-ops for the Board to take the money, nice to know. Unfortunately, Co-Op Shareholders do not receive STAR Tax Abatements directly from the Department of Finance to have control over their refund checks.

Happy New Year to all Trump Village residents and big thanks to all your support!

"The things which are most important don't always scream the loudest."
--Bob Hawke

Shareholders of TV4 “in good standing” are encouraged to attend the Building Meetings by it's creator and organizer, Igor Oberman. Although “good standing” terminology (non-violation of Co-Op rules) is not determined by any Court judgments as it is in the rest of the US, but by our unique by-laws which are altered to the convenience of Mr. Oberman and his posse.

Key subject that is discussed at all meetings is the enforcement of ”no pet policy”. The main argument of not allowing pets is the fear of spoiling planted flowers and bushes that the corporation spent so much money on.

Counter-arguments to allow for pets are:
1. Official pet permits given out by the Corporation
2. Lost housing cases
3. The absence of flowers and green plants in the winter time -- most logical one.

Approving the dog policy should be taken into consideration. Pet owners constantly repeat their readiness to pay for their "little" ones some monthly fees in order to legally keep them.

The other topic Shareholders keep talking about is electrical savings reached by different means: turning off some lights in the hallways during night time and installing movement detectors in the compactor floor rooms. The management feels that such innovations may result in increased injury probability of Shareholders and additional spending. The Board turns a blind eye to TVs that are constantly on in all laundry rooms, without sound, wasting electrical energy while the rooms are empty.

Non Trump Shareholders still freely do their laundry in our facility. Security guards do not check any proof of residency, when called. Intruders can be easily watched while walking in the complex with full laundry carts. The security is too busy monitoring some Board Members' safety.

Initially suggestion to equip all doors with stoppers for Shareholders' convenience was successfully implemented to 6B building door only.

As many of you’ve noticed, the new garbage collectors were not built while the old ones had been already disassembled.

Brooklyn Borough Flag was destroyed by the wind and currently we are expecting a replacement, unfortunately the same can't be said of the Board or management in the near future, so enjoy the complex that has become a beautiful place to live (NOT).

"Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all."

Shareholders started receiving calls from a strange person claiming to have obtained phone numbers from a non-elected government official (the name was intentionally omitted). The person threatens Shareholders that they will be shortly evicted if they do not hire a specific attorney that according to the source is ready to take housing cases for a minimal charge and to fight with Housing Judges.

Please be advised to choose your attorney carefully and not based on some stranger’s opinion.

"Housing in our district is a huge issue. I will seek to pass legislation that holds landlords accountable so their properties will not continue to deteriorate at the expense of residents."
--Igor Oberman

November General elections showed us that electors were smart enough not to chose the candidates that engaged in the dirtiest of wars to date in the history of Brooklyn politics. Congratulations to Chaim M. Deutsch who was a trustworthy candidate and did not participate in dirty political games and contrived slander, which was a constant from Mr. Oberman and Mr. Storobin.

The general election ran more smoothly as compared to the Primaries and violations were minimized by many pole-watchers observing the 100 feet area around the election poles rule.

Many of Shareholders do not support Oberman’s Co-Op ruling where anyone can be brought to the Court by our Housing Corporation only for opposing his “views” on principles of democracy and harassing dictator’s practices. Unfortunately our Judicial System can easily be abused by the Co-Op President that can file numerous cases against Shareholders while he does not have to pay for consequences from his personal pocket and having a legal background allows for even greater abuse.

However brave residents are ready to stand for the American way of life and openly express their thoughts as well as real housing situation in our Co-Op. Igor Oberman was the only City Council candidate whose negative image was circulated in many American Media outlets. The NYTimes, the NYPost and the DailyNews published their articles to familiarize voters with Mr. Oberman’s meritless attempts to evict War veterans and disabled citizens, for managing Trump Village Co-Op as “an American-style gulag” and receiving contributions from almost all Co-Op vendors while having fiduciary duties to TV4.

Crain'sNewYorkBusiness added the Co-Op President campaigning for corporation assets:
“A widely distributed mailer prominently featuring Mr. Oberman and his family was sent out recently by Trump Village, the huge co-op for which Mr. Oberman serves as president in Coney Island. And two more were sent by a nonprofit in southern Brooklyn that Mr. Oberman approached about co-hosting an event. All that outside spending could give Mr. Oberman an advantage over his opponents, who like Mr. Oberman are supposed to adhere to strict campaign spending limits.”

Let’s include Co-Op Audio Advertising in Net Cost Mall, building posters, candy with his signature…that cost over $30,000 to the Co-Op… Igor Oberman is not ready to give up a position that can sustain his livelihood and allow him an unsuccessful attempt at public office. He stated in the “Ruskaya Reklama” newspaper and on Seva Kaplan’s Radio Show that two electors were paid by Jobs for NY funds to call his Co-Op ruling as Gulag. He also stated that Jobs for NY was an independent financial structure that wanted to destroy housing buildings and built casinos and hotels instead.

This blame game best describes Igor Oberman’s personality, character and motivation to use every available tool to hide the truth.

Mr. Oberman is no longer employed by the Taxi and Limousine Commission for a substantial amount of time, but still calls himself a Judge.

It's good to be KING!!!!!

The website wishes him good luck in his political career and finding a new job!

Каган перестарался с критикой

"I’m the only candidate not afraid to stand up for special interests."
--David Storobin

Major holidays such as Halloween in Trump Village Section 4 this year have been used by campaigning candidates as a special resource for self-introduction.

Trump Halloween Party was to be graciously sponsored by Investors Bank and RCN, but who can check those facts while even advertising and litigation expenses were not posted on the TV4 annual financial report?

The Trump Village community newspaper was published as a special edition, just 3 days after the Halloween Kids Party, so Shareholders could not enjoy COLORFUL pictures of their youngsters, but also look through Igor Oberman’s advertising message and vote for him in delight, on Election Day. Coincidence? Probably not, but instead a very convenient campaigning trick.

The pictures of the children were primarily those of Board Member’s/management employees as well as non-residents of Trump Village. No trespassers allowed is the policy of our complex.

The November 4th TV4 newspaper was delivered to each apartment, but stacks of unread copies were found in the dumpster. At least Ms. Hacken could earn her big check from Trump Village as the editor. It was a happy Halloween for her.

"Journalist cannot run for City Council – only a lawyer can."
--Igor Oberman

Igor Oberman believes that Shareholders have to accept the 2013 Board Elections as legitimate. The count might have been valid, but the cowardly actions by Oberman, Khusid, and Dean Roberts were not. Anyone who posed a real threat to win and make a real difference for the Co-Op was unreasonably disqualified. An election flyer that was posted on the message board and on the elevators promised that certified results would follow. Does it really matter, if there were seven candidates for seven spots? This election was as always, a mockery of democracy. Igor2013 would have wished to have a similar election for City Council, but any victory will do.

Many Shareholders confessed that they ripped their proxies and boycotted the election because Igor Oberman and Felix Khusid sent ballots for one reason, “just to elect themselves”. Others did not vote because of the fear that they would be evicted shortly after choosing other candidates under their printed name on Proxy.

Cooperators kept asking TrueBallot workers if results were going to be fabricated again. After a few people asked the same questions, election employees stopped smiling and sent them to their Boss for clarification.

According to announced results Igor Oberman collected 295 votes which is still less than the gathered signatures against him on the last year petition. And certainly, the By-Laws was amended as expected to minimize the amount of Board seats under a rule “less people more control”. Second and third places are taken by Gloria Hacken and Felix Khusid, who are the right and left hands of Mr. President.

However the surprise winners this year were a special treat to Shareholders: Sasha Kanayev and Semyon Yegorov were outbidden by Sofia Osherova and Ida Lasker.

Congratulations to Sofia and Ida!

Their victory is the hard work of the website. Many questioned who to vote for and were able to make up their minds after reading the site. Keep reading and TV4united.org will keep providing the real news.

"A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood."
--William Shenstone

Shareholder’s email:
“Who decided and why was it decided not to hold elections as announced in June?
Why hasn't a candidates night been scheduled prior to the elections on October 16? Aren't we entitled to meet the candidates?
What can/should we do about the massive fraud that is about to be perpetrated on the more than 1100 Cooperators on October 16?”

The Annual Shareholders’ Meeting took place in Temple Beth Abraham on October 16, 2013. As a reminder, it was rescheduled from June by the Board Members in violation of the Co-Op By-Laws. Somehow this fact does not bother a corporate attorney, Dean M. Roberts, and the Board itself.

7 Trump Village security guards were present at the Meeting (2 were undercover in plain clothing) and were actively applauding the speakers, especially Mr. Oberman. Additionally, 2 police officers were invited to protect Board Members from Shareholders. Who are we SHAREHOLDERS or CRIMINALS?

Igor Oberman opened up the session on a positive note: CitiBank started being involved in the mortgage processes for potential buyers as well as Wells Fargo. The 10 million $ managed to retrieve from insurance companies post Sandy has been spent on urgent and essential matters: new lobbies, a playground and planted flowers, but in the heat of the spending spree, major problems such as hot water pipes and a new management office were not resolved.

Is $10,000,000 not enough for Trump Village?

Mr. Oberman’s current priority is HOT WATER and he is not able to spend his valuable time focusing on anything else, especially something useless as the parking list. Piping is not covered by the Hurricane Insurance but is extremely urgent. Ironically nothing was done to change the pipes during the warm season as in BrightWaterTowers Condo which employes a different management company. Our pipes are corroded, some steam is coming from the underground of bldg. 7-A, but that main issue was not taken care of for a year, it's probably a lot smarter to do this work, while the pipes and the soil freezes up.

According to Igor Oberman, our hallways are going to be repainted for the first time in 50 years [it was painted about 15-17 years ago] and the Board has to relocate money for that expensive project. That is definitely urgent for our luxury complex when our budget balance is negative. Loans and an increase in maintenance is the best way to get money, so lets spend!!!

Plenty of concrete work is occurring to fix the Co-Op pathways. $1 million will be spent on cable pooling project—a change of wires. The Corporation was not put any money for savings to replace elevators in the near future, since the flowers had to be planted over and over again, every day.

36 apartment units were listed for sale, and many of them are still unsold and therefore a lack of Flip Tax is a catastrophe for the financial health of our complex. Trump Village 4 apartments were thought after properties prior to the presidency of Igor Oberman without any kind of advertising. Despite huge money spent by Mr. Oberman on "sales" ads, our sales went down by 40%, while everywhere else in Brooklyn sales rose by 22%. A huge thanks for the information to the Douglas Elliman Real Estate Brokers. So much is tied in with D.E., that it's beginning to resemble a MONOPOLY?

Mr. Oberman, being a "clever" lawyer claimed that Parking Registration is not a priority for an additional reason, many people lost their cars during Sandy and have not had a chance to replace them. Applause, Applause, Applause.

Management has parking spots, our security guard drives a car bought by Trump Village and has a spot and not to mention a few spots for each Board Member. Yes, there is no need for parking for the residents, since they don't drive anymore.

Question#1 to Igor Oberman: Why did we not have the Candidates’ Night? Why were the candidates’ pictures omitted from the biography pages? This gave a clear advantage to the current Board Members and left many just blindly voting or not voting at all.

Igor Oberman failed to provide a legitimate answer. According to him, pictures were not required by the Co-Op rules and they were removed. He started calling the new candidates, but Shareholders could not clearly see them from a distance and were deprived of the basic right to ask any questions.

Question#2: Why were video cameras placed on the roof?

Igor Oberman stated that the reason for installing the $10k cameras was to catch a person who was throwing bottles filled with tequila and red wine from the apartment window, but the person stopped wasting good tequila, and cameras have been removed, for those doubting Mr. Oberman, please pass by building 6A and witness the presence of the cameras. They are still prying into your windows. A Shareholder from the 4th floor argued that she did not see any falling bottles. She asked if Mr. Oberman filed a police report and how he knew if that the wine was red. His answered in a joke tone that FBI and CIA were not involved in the investigation that means nothing was ever filed to deal with the issue, but more spyware is always a good way to blow our negative budget.

Corporate Legal Council, Mr. Roberts informed that there were lots of litigation, but the Board worked hard not to have legal issues in the past 13 months. He pointed that you can put only ONE name on the trust document, which is a change that again, we Shareholders had no say in.

Question #1 to Dean Roberts: Why did the Board move the ELECTIONS from June to October in violation of the By-Laws, and the Board has no right to amend current housing rules?

Dean Roberts answered that the Board decided to mimic TV3's election changes. If they got away with it, why can't we, and the Board certainly did, BRAVO!!!!

Question#2: Why did the candidates who were removed, did not receive any written explanation pertaining to the reason of their disqualification?

Dean Robert said that he sent 7 disqualification letters. A few disqualified candidates attempted to prove that this answer was false as well. They did not receive any explanation prior to the Meeting.

When a Shareholder, Julia, asked a question to the accountant about the advertising and litigation expenses, Igor Oberman could not hold his personal animosity. He was screaming in anger that Shareholders started Housing court cases themselves [which is not even possible] and must know the amount of the expense. Mr. Oberman kept threatening the Shareholder, that she would reimburse every single dollar of his housing attorney’s fees to the Corporation. By pressure he added that advertising expenses were over $30,000 and the Co-Op gained a lot out of it by selling apartments and getting flip taxes. [Really?]

Logically, Igor Oberman put his name on each and every advertising paid by Trump Village while running for a City Council position. Did it help to the Corporation to sell after the NYPost and the DailyNews articles destroying our image due to HIS doubtful activity?

Igor Oberman pointed that the Co-Op suffered due to HUD complaints. He also mentioned that the CO-OPs problems stemmed from his desire to enforce “no pet” policy, and the NYPost and NYTimes made stories out of it. These 2 major NY publications have nothing else to write about.

Igor Oberman attempted to evict war veterans and disabled for having a service animals, while a Board Member—Inga Zhilo is authorized to keep her dog. Inga Zhilo reasoned that she did not file any HUD complaints, unlike Eugene Ovsishcher who demanded $79,000 in damages [breach of confidentiality]. Ms. Zhilo is not even familiar with HUD policies. She is neither a war vet nor disabled. Being a Board Member who votes for Igor and Felix's ideas gives you a free pass. Ms. Zhilo no longer needs to pay Co-Op debts and fines due to previous litigations, was allowed to get on the Board with court cases pending, and gets to keep her pooch. It's not what you know, but who you know.

No clear answers were given. The accountant admitted that not all expenses were provided, the need for repairs and lack of sales will cause an increase in maintenance and will call for an additional assessment. Despite the votes, the Board will be reduced to 11 from 13 with the old members staying regardless due to their vast experience.

The meeting ended in APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE!!!!!

"Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting in a particular way."

TrueBallot, Inc. was chosen by the Board to conduct the Co-Op election this year. To avoid any attempts to get official results, the chosen company is located outside of the New York State, which would make getting certified results if there was a question about the validity of the election close to impossible. At least, the company is based in the U.S.

Current proxies do not contain candidates’ pictures, prevent many from recognizing people that they know, but do not know their full name, except for the current Board Members. Candidates’ night was postponed for the first time in Trump Village history to avoid inconvenient questions for the EXECUTIVE Board Members.

John L. Seibel, President of TrueBallot, and a practicing attorney, kindly answered our questions. Indeed, the company has no offices in NYS. That is why there are not going to have any election machines at the pole. All candidates’ names were provided by the Trump Village management along with candidates “not in good standing” or those who were disqualified by our Management or Board. Election results will be available on October 17th, 2013.

5 Board candidates’ names did not show up on the official proxies. Two received letters from Dean M. Roberts (legal Council) stating that they were not in good standing at the time of the nomination. Mr. Roberts pointed out that those candidates were under litigation. This clause is not mentioned in the Trump Village By-Laws, so the legal side of the disqualification is questionable. Three other candidates did not receive any legal written explanations at all.

Henry Dubro states that they failed to sign the bottom of the signatures’ petition which could not possibly happen, since it is management's duty to obtain the signature from the candidate and certify it.

Election Committee Board Member, Inga Zhilo explained the situation differently: She claimed that the candidates collected more signatures than requested and since they were on the back of their petition, this made the entire petition invalid. The election process has become a mockery.

Current election list contains two worthy candidates: Ida Lasker with over 20 year experience as a Quality Control Bookkeeper and NY City Engineer--Sofiya Osherova with a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and an Associate’s Degree in Accounting.

Sasha Kanayev is announced as a candidate while he is violating the By-Laws. He purchased his one-bedroom apartment 4N on August 19th, 2011 for $170,000 and therefore was not a legitimate candidate at the time he picked up the petition because he had less than the minimum 2 year resident-Shareholder requirement at that time. By-Laws mean nothing if you are Mr. Oberman's friend. Mr. Kanayev has lived here for such a short time that he doesn't know that we are TV4. His biography states that he resides at Trump Village VI (“6” in Roman numerals).

Semyon Yegorov is another hand-picked candidate of Igor Oberman and became Mr. Oberman's favorite for his uncanny ability to speak limited English. This candidate is a watchmaker and has been working for various watch companies. That special skill is not referred to the managing of multi-million corporation in any way. Will he repair Board-watches every time? Mr. Yegorov stated that he is loyal to the Board and would vote accordingly. It is sad that his biography was written about him by someone else. He is a great choice.

Igor Oberman placed his biography and name on the proxy in first place, even though he did not get number 1 during the election lottery. He is neither a practicing lawyer nor a presiding Judge, but continues to misinform citizens of NYC.

Igor Oberman did not lead the victory of $13 million RETT. First , there is no victory yet (see the litigation section of the financial statement). Second, Section 3 and not 4 is actively involved in the litigation.

Mr. Oberman, on the other hand is the reason why we have a Douglass Elliman Company, who's managing activity led to violations and paid fines, and a negative balance of over $513,000 in March’13 (the Management failed to provide the rest of documents).

Under to Mr. Oberman’s leadership, Trump Village became famous for frivolous cases against Shareholders, discrimination of military personnel/veterans and shady contributions of our vendors. Mr. Oberman's connection to the end of monopolies in our complex is minimal. Mrs Lollie Reich, the ex-President, terminated several contracts due to pressure by CCC group.

Felix Khusid, the current vice-President, is a respiratory technician at the NY Methodist Hospital. Indeed, he promises to make Trump Village a better place to live for his family on your dime.

Gloria Hacken had to be disqualified too. Her signatures were gathered not only by her, but by her friends, a big violation for candidates in last year's election, which led to immediate disqualification. Such rules don't apply to her since she is the editor of Trump Village newspaper where she gets to praise Igor Oberman on our dime. She is afraid of leaving the Board and her spot as the newspaper editor. Mrs. Hacken does not provide Trump Village with the financial reports of her newspaper’s business. The paper is filled with PAID ads and is now published more often, because Mr. Oberman needs publicity and unopposed views. Why have the proceeds from the newspaper gone toward TV4? Being a Board Member is such a difficult job.

This year's proxy asks Shareholders to mark Yes or No to downsizing the Board. Any change in By-Laws requires majority of Shareholders and what better way to get it, then by placing it on the bottom for the elderly non English residents to see and comprehend.

How can TV4 Board, our corporate attorney Mr. Dean Roberts, and now our omnipotent management company transform a Co-Op into a communist like mini government?

Power is intoxicating, but a consciousness is a gift. Santa was not kind to our complex.

"Remember this: Duct tape can fix anything, so don’t worry about messing things up."

Shareholders finally received the April 1, 2012-March 31, 2013 financial statement that was supposed to be given out on June 6th, 2013 during the Annual Meeting that was cancelled by Igor Oberman with the backing of "our" corporate attorney for the first time since TV4 became a complex.

‘Friedman LLP accounting company conducted an audit of corporate business, assets, expenses and revenues. Douglass Elliman Management is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of the current financial statements that must be free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error: “Management has omitted estimates of future costs of major repairs and replacements that accounting principles generally accepted in the USA require to be presented to supplement the basic financial statements. Such missing information…is required by the Financial Accounting Standards Board…” for a standard form of report.

Due to Igor Oberman’s lowered maintenance and tenants’ non-payments, our Corporation has lost $68,965(page 4 of the statement) in maintenance charges compared to the previous fiscal year. Due to significant decrease in apartment sales, current flip tax numbers that were gathered from the sales went down by $763,300 which is by 37.3% less than last year. Parking rental income decreased by $7,279 due to unoccupied and unpaid spots; Corporate interests, dividends and other income were reduced by $29,527; Sublease income decreased by $51,856.

At the same time, management fees went up by $189,548 and management expenses by $53,254. The Co-Op spent $206,018 for exterminating (keep in mind Green Pest generously donated for Igor Oberman’s campaign) and continued to spend lots more. Security and protection expenses were increased by $69,767. Trump Village paid fines for violations due to outstanding work of our management --$53,199 that is higher by $46,192 compare to the previous year (759% increase in paid violations and fines expenses).

Even though, Trump Village 4 some expenses were reimbursed by the insurance from storm damage, the excess of expenses over revenues was $513,936 (negative balance) that is by 766% higher than last year.

Trump Village assets (buildings, land and equipment) minus accumulated depreciation cost $15,016,827, which is less than last year by $796,186.

Douglass Elliman Management hides the total cost of all Trump Village litigation expenses other than RETT issue that we all are aware off. It states that

“The Corporation is party to litigation in the ordinary course of business, which, in management’s judgment, will not have a material adverse effect on the Corporation’s financial position”.

It is not Douglass Elliman’s matter to consider what to show us and what to hide. Actually it's their matter to consider for the purpose of the report. We are owners and have a right to know of how many hundreds of thousand dollars were misused for non-stop Oberman’s litigations based on his personal animosity and without the Board approval.

Additionally, the Management included only J-51 part of Real Estate Tax Abatement in the financial statement which was taken from the eligible tenants in the sum of $145,039(page 10) and did not demonstrate COOP part of the abatement. All those STAR abatements were given by the NYS Department of Finance and taken by the Management that was solely responsible for its fair disbursement (not Trump Village Board).

"Dear Neighbors, test your chess skills against a Chess Grand Master."
--Igor Oberman/President

According to the Gotham Gazette, Ari Kagan filed a case in state Supreme Court. Mr. Kagan openly informed Russian Americans regarding the election tricks on the pages of ‘Reporter’ and during his own weekly TV show "Here in America" on Russian Television Network of America.

“Kagan alleges that an unknown group sent Russian-language mailers to Russian-speaking voters notifying them that their poll sites had been relocated. Kagan provided a copy of the complaint to the Gotham Gazette.

He also alleges in the complaint that between March 11, 2013, and Sept. 10, 2013, several Russian-language calls were made to voters "falsely advised" that Kagan was an employee of the Soviet/Russian KGB. The neighborhoods of the 48th District are home to many former Soviet refugees, many of them elderly. There were also fliers distributed that Kagan says falsely identified him as a socialist.

He said he had also filed his complaint with the Board of Elections. A spokeswoman confirmed the agency had received a complaint.”

All those allegations do not stop Igor Oberman and he continues to run. You can still hear his audio advertising at “Net Cost Market” stores. He states that he accomplished everything from ground up, on his own, through hard work after he arrived to the United States as a kid.

Brooklyn Candidate Alleges Dirty Tricks In Council Race

Проиграны выборы?.. – Честь

Первичные выборы… Первая грязь

"When it comes to the Fourth Amendment, the home is first among equals."
--Justice Scalia

Two network video cameras have been installed on the roof of the building 6A (one on each corner). They have good observation of all apartment units located on the corner and instead of facing downward to the street level or up to the roof, they face exactly directly into the balconies and windows of numerous apartments. These cameras are weatherproof and varifocal.

Technical Specifications: color (Day&Night); Auto Backlight Compensation; Auto white balance; Motion Detection Technology; 2,000,000 pixels. Cameras cost about $1,250 each plus installation expenses.

Extremely high resolution video cameras can easily read books and newspapers together with you through your apartment windows. They may observe and record every move of your daily life at your home while you rest and do not expect it.

Expectation of privacy is a legal test which is crucial in defining the scope of the applicability of the privacy protections of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. It is related to, but is not the same thing as, a right of privacy ("the right to be let alone"). Invasion of privacy is the intrusion into the personal life of another, without just cause, which can give the person whose privacy has been invaded a right to bring a lawsuit for damages against the person or entity that intruded.

We do not know real reasons of such drastic acts stemming from the Co-op authority and only can guess of probable causes: intrusion in personal lives of selected Cooperators, watching for the 2nd floor apartment of Igor Oberman or expectation for Spiderman, but Trump Village Section 4 is beginning to resemble not only a GULAG, but modern day PRISONS, REFUGEE CAMPS, or HIGH SECRET MILITARY BASES. Remember the next time you open your shades, step out on the balcony to enjoy the view, or walk around your apartment in your underwear: BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING.

Get used to the new rules, Trump Village Section 4 is above the law and has the right to do anything and everything. What ever happened to the United States of America, where the Constitution gives the citizens of this country the right to certain freedoms? OOPS, we must not forget that the President is boss!!!!

"Case study location was determined by the availability of free lodging from researcher's partner."

BLDG and Grounds Meeting took place in the Board Room at 6:00PM on Sept. 24th, 2013.

Following questions were brought up during the last Meeting:
How much is our Electricity bill?
On every floor compactor room lights are on 24/7: to install door switch or motion detector.
To clean Vent Grille on every floor.
To turn off part of hallway lights at night to save electricity.
To install electrical meters in apartments.
Walls on ground floors are very dirty.
To have dedicated painter for touch ups.
Inspection of apartments for Smoke alarms and A/C’s.
RCN channel 93 does not work in bldg.6A.
To install awning or gutter over back door to bldg.6A due to water dripping.
Puddles of water on the grass on back of bldg.6 from irrigation.
Rats’ infestation around shed of 6A.

Management staff informed that Annual Finance Statement would include electric bills and be available soon for Shareholders. The project of installing electrical meters individually for each apartment costs $1,500,000 if requested. The violation was served to the Corporation pertaining to demolishing of garbage sheds of bldg. 6A (2928-30). They will be relocated soon close to Net Cost Market. Relevant parking spots will be taken and relocated to clean up the area.

Lobby painting is finished even though the matte color looks like a primer. Boilers are ready for the season and will consume natural gas. Underground hot water pipes are opened and inspected for leaks (see green fences between buildings). They were damaged during the hurricane Sandy and currently are inspected for engineering purposes due to corrosion. Management tries to submit a monetary claim to the insurance to cover up expenses. The basketball court was resealed.

Shareholders’ concerns and suggestions:
To level the foil/ground and perform better landscaping
To put signs: do not feed pigeons--everywhere; no rolling skates—on the playground
To create housing rules in terms of animals/pets
To remove advertising from the walls (new penal boards were installed for TV4 memos)
To infest roaches in the lobby, laundry rooms and hallways
To move back wall pictures (old Coney Island, etc.)
To receive Trump Village Community newspaper financial reports (debit-credit/profits-expenses)
Reregistration of parking spots: while management personnel uses our parking spots next to buildings and Board Members have a few per apartment, Shareholders park their cars somewhere else.
To train properly security guards and minimize their presence during the meetings.

PS. Next Meeting-November 5th, 2013 at 6:30PM

"Without the help of my dedicated staff, hardworking volunteers...getting this far would not have been possible."
--Igor Oberman

Dear Trump Village 4 Shareholders,

This website is intended to provide you with the latest information pertaining to our Co-op and if Igor Oberman, our President was not running for City Council, this article would not appear, but we feel that you as Shareholders deserve to know that for the first time in voting history, many elderly and non-English speaking Democrats were denied their constitutional right to vote, by being duped.

It has not been proven as to who was the mastermind of this criminal and malicious act, but based on the pattern of events in our complex and the mudslinging as well as election rule violations on the day of elections, Mr. Kagan might just be correct. It is interesting to note that Ms. Scavo, an Italian candidate found this action despicable and feels that an investigation is necessary: “This act was a violation of everything we hold dear in our country”. It is also not surprising that Mr. Oberman's spokesperson claimed that he was completely unaware of these mailers. Did anyone expect a different answer?

“It’s absolutely reprehensible and I condemn any effort to intentionally mislead voters. We have to encourage people to be involved in the political process,” said Chaim Deutsch, who won Tuesday’s primary.

Igor Oberman will continue on to the general election on the Working Families Party line. Working Families is backing a slate of candidates in New York City who embody the progressive values such as civil rights leaders, community advocates and tenant organizers.They endorse Igor Oberman as their candidate for City Council.

Long Live the King!!!!!

Kagan Says Dirty Tricks Mired His Campaign, Offers Evidence Of Voter Suppression In Russian Community

Oberman To Continue Campaign As Working Families Party Candidate

Грязные выборы 2013 в Бруклине

Trump Village 4 anti-Kagan flyer sample:

"We're involved in hands-on operations, pulling levers, pushing buttons."
--Arthur R. Taylor

Trump Village residents were expecting some drama during the Primary Election on September 10th, 2013, but they never expected nor witnessed before how the dirty political laundry dramatically moved from stinky to corroded.

Two days prior to Citi Council election, seven Board Members (Felix Khusid, Gloria Hacken, Sandra Malachowsky, Lilya Tamakhina, Eddie Aizman, Inga Zhilo and Bradley Pollack) signed a petition to all cooperators asking to vote for Igor Oberman:

‘Igor is actively advocating for senior citizens…Igor is a strong voice for working families.’

He actively advocates for both the elderly and the working class by harassing senior citizens and working families with meritless evictions, apartment pogroms, and foul language.

Security guards, who we as Shareholders pay for to protect us, were used as part of his campaign and delivered the signed paper along with numerous other political flyers to each Shareholder's door numerous times, especially during the last few days. They were doing this while they were on the job and no where in their contract does it state, that they had to promote Igor Oberman as a political figure.

We pay to our guards for protection not for Oberman’s campaigning!

The night prior to election, mudslinging flyers against Ari Kagan (Igor Oberman's main opponent) were distributed all over Trump Village. Co-operators were collecting flyers and throwing them out because the mudslinging that was written went beyond any factual evidence and was just filthy. Many Shareholders don't realize that the flyers that were attacking Ari Kagan did not have "paid for by Igor2013", which means that we as Shareholders contributed from our maintenance to have the office print these flyers and not to mention, how harmful this is for the environment.

Igor Oberman appointed Felix Khusid as his representative to observe the election and the Vice President of our Board, he obeyed the orders. Partners for life is their slogan. Mr. Khusid was seen numerous times with Oberman’s agenda door hangers.

On the day of election, many Board Members were assigned to monitor the elections in both buildings. Oberman’s poster was located inside a forbidden for electioneering zone and the pole watchers (our Board) did nothing about it. Inga Zhilo came to building 6A election pole with Oberman's flyers. Ms. Tamakhina refused to leave the voting area and stated that she was sent by Igor Oberman to help with Russian translation. She was escorted out by the police officer. Mr. Khusid was also readily available to help the non English speaking voters to pull the lever and help them with their choices. The republican voters did not get assistance from the Board Members, but by the original election clerks.

“N.Y. ELN. LAW § 17-130 : NY Code - Section 17-130: Misdemeanor in relation to elections
Any person who:…
4. Electioneers on election day or on days of registration within one hundred feet, as defined herein, from a polling place.”

Mr. Oberman mailed out thousands of cards falsely stating that he was a practicing attorney, the City Court Judge and Marty Markowitz Russian Community Liaison. And even some republicans believed in that nonsense and almost broke the election mechanical machine while trying to vote for a democrat Oberman instead (Leonid Bak who badly wants to become a Trump Village Board Member).

And… at the end of the day Mr. Oberman was only able to gather enough votes to come almost the last in the race. What he did manage to accomplish is to dilute the Russian vote just enough, to prevent Mr. Ari Kagan from winning. Mr. Oberman will stop at nothing. The amount of money that we as Shareholders gave unwillingly and unknowingly to his campaign, all to destroy another fellow DEMOCRAT from the same former Soviet Republic is immoral.

Is the U.S. flag that was given to Mr. Oberman by Hakeem Jeffries no longer flying over Trump Village? What a sad story about tremendous ambitions and cruel reality!

"I’d rather not know all the deep arcana of your arachnid research."

Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn ("LID") is Brooklyn’s largest lesbian and gay political organization. Founded by a group of activists in Boerum Hill in early 1978, they have grown to become one of the state’s largest LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) political clubs.

For over 35 years, LID has been the political voice of Brooklyn’s LGBT community. They have been building relationships with elected officials, endorsing and supporting LGBT and pro-equality candidates for public office, fighting for marriage equality.

They endorse for NY City Council 2013... Igor Oberman, 48th District.

Why don’t we see it on his posters? He definitely should put this information on, so voters can be better familiarized with his point of view.

"The sample was biased because the plants were growing in a thorn-bush, and I didn’t want to stick my hand in too far."

Mr. Oberman who is running for city council is a TRUE politician, always full of tricks. Mr. Oberman's campaign spokesperson gave an interview to the BROOKLYN DAILY, a newspaper, where his best friend Mr. Storobin worked for a while. It is surprising that the writer of the article published it, without checking with others about the events.

Ms. Chelsa Connor (Mr. Oberman's mouthpiece) explained to the paper that Mr. Oberman, the PRESIDENT of a Co-op refused to attend a debate dealing with the Cooperative Community Organization because he had a restraining order against the organizer of the event, Mr. Mark Silvermetz. The reporter failed to mention that C.C.O. was created by Mr. Alex Litvak and Sergey Kovalev about 3 years ago and the sole organizer of the event was Mr. Litvak. He sent an invite to all candidates in the 47th and 48th district.

Mr. Oberman declined the invite due to a scheduling conflict (the self promoting carnival):

From: Mike Fricchione (Campaign Operative at Igor Oberman for City Council)
To: Alex Litvak
Sent: Sunday, July 21, 2013 6:50 PM
Subject: Re: Cooperative Community Organization: political debates

Alex [Litvak],

Thank you for your invitation, but I am unable to forward it to the candidate because we have a scheduling conflict on the calendar that was made prior to this offer. I will let you know if our schedule breaks as we get closer to the date. Keep in touch.

-Mike [Fricchione]

Mr. Litvak submitted the evidence to the newspaper, but who wants to publish the REAL truth?
'I [Alex Litvak] personally invited Igor Oberman to attend our debates. I consider each candidate has a right to present his program about cooperative housing and catch attention of his constituents. Also, you see his associate replied that candidate is not able to come since he had the schedule conflict. It was no mentioning he has some fear. It was simple: he is too busy to attend. So, my invitation was received, and candidate exercised his right and his choice. However, it's dishonest to say he was not invited.
Next. You mentioned Mark Silvermetz as one of the debate organizers. There is no and there has never been "one of the organizers" in Cooperative Community Organization. I'm the founder and THE ONLY ORGANIZER of all actions and activities of Cooperative Community Organization starting our rally of protest in front of the Office of NYS Attorney General at 125 Broadway in Manhattan in 2008. I have never heard of Mark Silvermetz and this name has been not at my list of activists. It's a chance this man attended this our debate but it was for everybody and widely announced. Once again: this man has no affiliation to Cooperative Community Organization and I'm the only person representing Cooperative Community Organization and the only organizer of all and any actions and activities. I have never personally met Igor Oberman; so, it's hard for me to say why he was scared to come following MY PERSONAL invitation (as you can see at the invitation, just my name was mentioned).
Also, your reporter mentioned at the article that he was not able to get comments from Cooperative Community Organization...I did not get any inquiry from your reporter Colin Mixson...'

Instead, the article seemed a lot juicier when a 250lb, 6' tall, young lawyer-Igor Oberman is afraid of a crippled 60 year old cancer survivor--Mark Silvermetz.

The real reason why Mr. Oberman did not appear at the debate was because he has no agenda to help the millions of residents who live in co-ops and as the Board President has become nothing short of a tyrant.

The reporter of the article was at the event and clearly saw that no violence took place. Mr. Silvermetz came to the event, only after he was assured that Mr. Oberman declined to come, fearing that he would be arrested, as he was several months before, while he was in his apartment and taken to central booking and a hospital, all because Mr. Oberman feared that he might attend the first debate the candidates had at the Lutheran Church on West 8th Street in Coney Island.

How come Mr. Oberman failed to mention that he has spent the last year trying to evict Mr. Silvermetz and a few other Shareholders who have severe physical disabilities?

Council hopeful Igor Oberman claims Co-op activist sent him cockroaches by mail

"Pruney fingers provide a better grip for wet objects, so they may have evolved to give humans an advantage in gathering food in the rain."

Igor Oberman runs part of the sprawling Trump Village complex. And he also gets tens of thousands in donations from vendors he hired.

Today a reporter Tripp Whetsell from NEW YORK DAILY NEWS completed his investigation at TV4 regarding vendors’ voluntarily contributions to Igor Oberman's campaign and posted his article that Trump residents were waiting for a long time:

City Council candidate Igor Oberman has enjoyed lavish donations from company officials doing business with Trump Village Co-op, where he is president. A Co-op Board President at the sprawling Trump Village in Coney Island is filling his coffers for a City Council run with donations from several businesses he hired to work inside the complex — and the alleged scheme is already under investigation.

Igor Oberman has larded his $109,292 campaign war chest for the race to succeed Councilman Mike Nelson with nearly $30,000 in donations from numerous vendors for the 1,200-unit housing complex.

Records show that multiple officials at seven companies with active contracts at Trump Village have contributed $2,500 or more to Oberman’s campaign. The contributors include Salvatore Sottile, owner of Sottile Security International; Jed Alpert, manager of Green Earth Pest Control; Anthony Di Russo, a master electrician with Di Russo Electrical Contracting; and Vincent Theurer, owner of Approved Oil.

In addition, three attorneys for the co-op, Ezzra Goodman, Dean Roberts and Michael Rosenthal, have each donated $1,000. Another lawyer, Jeff Reich, gave $500.

The donations are legal — but they don’t look good, government watchdogs said.

“The fact that so many of Oberman’s biggest donations appear to have come from building vendors certainly raises the potential for conflict,” said Dick Dadey, executive director of the political watchdog group Citizens Union.

Oberman’s opponent, Ari Kagan, asked the Campaign Finance Board to investigate Oberman for using campaign funds for a flyer featuring Oberman and his family that was sent to Trump Village residents and paid for by the Kings Bay YM-YWHA. A source confirmed the Board is investigating.

Kagan refused discuss the matter with the Daily News. The Oberman camp has filed two counter-complaints against him that were recently dismissed.

It's not the first time Oberman, a 45-year-old Soviet-born attorney, has been in the ethical crosshairs. He's also being sued by three former building employees for wrongful termination and has been involved in at least 19 eviction fights.

Councilman Lew Fidler (D-Canarsie), one of the candidate's most outspoken critics, said the pattern of donations is “certainly suspicious.”

“It raises a number of red flags,” said Fidler, who isn’t openly backing anyone in the race. “If nothing else, it's very clear he's intermingling his fiduciary responsibilities to the Co-op with his own personal agenda.”

Trump Village residents were equally suspicious.

“How can practically every vendor feel the need to donate?” said one longtime tenant who asked not to be identified. “That’s the question. It’s a political race and nothing else. These people don’t live here and it raises an eyebrow."

TRUMP CARD! Donations to co-op big’s Council run spur probe.

"People buy a chair, and they don't really care who designed it."
--Arne Jacobsen

37th Annual Brighton Jubilee Festival took place on August 25th, 2013. Stretching along Brighton Beach Avenue and turning down Coney Island Avenue toward the Atlantic Ocean and Famous Riegelman Boardwalk, the Jubilee Festival is definitely the event of the year. It attracts over 125,000 residents and helps raise the quality of life for the residents of the seaside community. The participants reflect a multicultural population and all ages from toddlers to senior citizens.

Due to the Brighton Jubilee, August 25th Kids Carnival in Trump Village was cancelled and rescheduled. Mr. Oberman forgot or was not aware of the Brighton Jubilee and scheduled the carnival at Trump Village to have another opportunity to promote his candidacy at the expense of the Shareholders. Mr. Oberman, who claims that the carnivals are for the enjoyment of the Shareholders had no problem cancelling this event and made sure that colorful flyers that cost Shareholders 75 cents per each paper were hung in the buildings and were placed under each door.

An explanation for the cancellation would have been more appropriate, but Mr. Oberman doesn't have to answer to his Shareholders ever since he became the LANDLORD.

"Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something."
--Thomas A. Edison

There is a great Beatles song "Money Can't Buy You Love", but in TRUMP VILLAGE SECTION 4, money buys you everything, especially if you want to do business with our Board of Directors. Call it coincidence or just the great love for government, but Ms. Tatiana Varzar of the famous nightclub/restaurant "Tatiana" felt the need to donate $2,750 to his campaign in the beginning of summer as soon as Mr. Oberman officially announced in the Trump VIllage News Paper, that our complex can't function with out the convenience of a mini Cafe Tatiana.

It is also interesting to note that the NEW law firm Wolf Haldenstein LLP, which is no longer just in charge of harassing the elderly who received SCRIE and DRIE programs, but is going to be in charge of frivolous evictions donated an additional $500 in June of 2013.

Then there is Cassandra Realty.They actually were brought to court and countersued Mr. Oberman as well as the Board of Directors for breach of contract and were removed from an office that they occupied since TV4 went private.

James Prendamano and his boss John Pitera donated $750 each on the same day in May of 2013 just to be allowed to stay in the building and sell apartments. The dislike they felt for the current Board and Mr. Oberman suddenly turned into a huge campaign contribution.

Last, but not least is a husband and wife team of Gary and Anna Peckerman. The couple owns DaNu media (87.7fm), where Mr. Oberman's ads are constant and ongoing as well as the well known "Yoga Spot" that ironically came to Trump Village Section 4 in June of 2013, right after the power couple donated more money to Oberman's political campaign. For the mathematicians who are reading this article, it is also nice to note that Yoga Spot's success in Trump Village Section 4 has been dismal. There are about 5 devoted yoga fans, who pay $10/lesson 2x/week. The number of participants has diminished due to the fact that there a lack of adequate space for the classes and the floors are too dirty to lie on, if the yoga mat is too small.The real question lies in how a successful business is willing to pay $100/hour to TV4, pay an instructor and only collect $50-60 from this venture? Are the Peckermans also trying to make this complex a great place to live?

Welcome to business terms in TV4!

"Panem et Circenses"(Latin)
"Bread and Circuses" (English)

Igor Oberman’s political campaign for City Council definitely altered the image of Trump Village as a peaceful and quite place to live. Our grass that we spent so much money to grow, was stomped out. Non-residents freely trespass our property accopmanied by security guards paid by us.

Sundays have turned into “CARNIVALS” with vendors, strangers coming from all over because of heavy advertisement on a Russian radio station 87.7 and the never ending amount of flyers that are distributed, posted, and mailed to all democrats in the 48th District.

Flyers with Igor Oberman's "progressive" ideas and "genious" projects were distributed all over TV4 along with other propaganda materials once again during the Agust 11th festival.

The latest venture after TV4 receives café “Tatyana” will be a medical office, despite the fact that there is a fully functioning medical office in TV3, Warbasse, and Surf Ave Towers as well as an adult day care center.

Instead of dealing with Co-Op issues, our non-elected Board President has chosen Trump Village as his political hub and under the pretense of “fun” distributes his political ads to all who attend or even pass by. Mr. Oberman’s claim to fame is how he has handled TV4 post SANDY, and he has spent a lot of money beautifying the outside of TV4, but has anyone seen the inside?  The stairwells have not been painted in decades; the walls on every floor are peeling from old paint.  There are no security cameras in the stairwells where drug users get high every night.  There is however a camera on Mr. Oberman’s floor.  The tiles installed in the hallways and laundry area clash with the lobby floors and scare people, but we have a fully staffed management office that has been in a trailer since Sandy, like an eye sore.

There are some politicians that openly oppose Igor Oberman’s principles and expose his methods. Councilman Lew Fidler called Igor Oberman as a ‘Mole’ lacking integrity and stated: “Spit and vinegar and vitriol were directed at Kruger by Oberman in the nastiest days of his campaign, but somehow Oberman got a job on a government payroll and withdrew from the campaign and he endorsed Kruger, the prior object of his disaffection” .

"Igor Oberman, a friend of Storobin’s, has spent the last several months courting the city’s most liberal and pro-labor groups, including the Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn and Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City, two homosexual-oriented political clubs.  Although it is a noble cause, Mr. Oberman has nothing to show in the form of prior support toward this group of individuals, except the time when he asked for their support during his campaign vs. Kruger." (Please, read the articles below)

Those wishing to vote for Mr. Oberman, should first visit the inside of our buildings, especially on a rainy day, inspect the condition they are in, ask for the financial statement for 2012, and find out who runs the show in this progressive, democratic, and open minded complex.

Fidler: Council Candidate Igor Oberman A ‘Mole’ Lacking Integrity, And Hides Behind Storobin’s Skirt

Oberman’s Trump Village Troubles Attracting Attention In Council Race

"Here we go again, same old stuff again"

Meeting called to order at 6:30PM.

Management states that the following works were done:

All elevators were cleaned last week. Although it did not solve the problem: some professional cleaning should be done due to neglecting the work for a long period of time.

Digital timers were programmed for irrigation system. Shareholders suggested indicating and adjusting directions for watering.

New trees and bushes were planted on the playground and courtyard. If Shareholders keep insisting on planting more trees for getting a shade, each 25 feet tall tree costs $75,000.00. Dead bushes and trees were removed by the fence.

Water bugs extermination was completed on the 3rd floor of bldg. 6A.

Core security system is already on place. New video cameras have been installed and about a dozen of dead cameras (not connected to the system) have been found.

TV4 insurance agrees to pay for professional cleaning of stairwells from ground up to 12 floors. A single maintenance guy sweeps and mops only 3 floors per day. Walls painting on the stairwells is not covered by any insurance.

Shareholders complained about huge rats freely walking between our buildings and garbage place.

TV4 Management suggests creating call stations for laundry rooms equipped by intercom buttons, so you can identify any intruders trying to use our washing machines.

PS. The next meeting will take place on Sept. 24th, 2013 on Tuesday.

"Yesterday’s board meeting did more than just allay our fears—it gave us an uptick of hope!"

TV4 Shareholders’ Committee was organized to raise housing concerns to the management. All Shareholders are welcome to join the Committee and voice their problems pertaining to TV4 buildings (not the personal ones). Next meeting will take place on July 24th, 2013 at about 6:30pm in the Board room (comm.: the day was changed lately).

Managers suggested putting 10 miles per hour signs on the parking lot and warning the security guards to stop bike riding in the TV4 area. Additionally, guards were issued very powerful beam lights to inspect cars for vandalism and tire-robbery prevention. Also we were promised high definition cameras to be installed, so different segment pictures could be zoomed.

A part of the agreement with Cablevision was keeping “92” channel (entrances observation). That condition was negotiated but not yet enforced. Entrances cameras are not connected to the Cablevision wires.

"A good friend is one who inspires you to live according to your higher ideals."
--Baba Hariji

TV4 contractors continue to donate for Igor Oberman’s campaign. Would they donate if Mr. Oberman were not the Board President of Trump Village? We are adding more names to our previous list:

TV4 Board Members and their family members:
--Khusid, Felix (TV4 vice-President) $150.00
--Rubenchik, Sylvia (his wife) $150.00
--Rubenchik, Matvey $150.00
--Rubenchik, Bluma $150.00

TV4 contractors and attorneys:
--Banfield, William (real estate tax attorney used for the Mitchell Lama transfer tax litigation) $250.00
--Claman, Richard (Stempel Bennett Claman & Hochberg, P.C. ATTORNEY FOR COOP LITIGATION and TV4 Transfer tax) $2,500.00
--Garfunkel, Ronald (President at Service Directions inc, President at SDI Laundry Solutions: the owner of TV4 laundry machines) $500.00
--Goodman, Ezra (senior partner Norris Mclaughlin attorneys for TV4) $1,000.00
--Melamed, Gary (TV4 real estate broker) $175.00
--Melamed, Galina (his wife) $175.00
--Podell, Herbert (an attorney who works with Mr. Banfield on TV4 tax case vs city of NY: Podell, Schwartz, Schechter & Banfield, LLP) $250.00
--Theurer, Vincent (Owner of APPROVED OIL, the company that does TV4 boilers) $2,500.00
--Theurer, Lorena (his wife) $2,500.00

By the way, about 72% of all Mr. Oberman’s donators miss their employer/occupation data on the Finance Board lists while other candidates like Ari Kagan put all the relevant info.

"Whenever the teacher says something too banal, Dorothy rolls her eyes."

Today is not just the Flag Day for TV4 Cooperators, but a one week anniversary of a broken elevator in 6B building. Especially celebration is noticeable for morning and evening peak hours, when you cannot step into overcrowded twin elevator and have to use stairs instead.

While our Board and Igor Oberman are too busy in telling everyone that our buildings are completely and fully renewed and Board Members are “making this complex the great place to live”; Shareholders write them back messages on management flyers “Fix The Damn Elevator Please” and observe almost no renovation since hurricane Sandy left. The situation is also weird due to Mr. Oberman’s speeches to Shareholders about $10,000,000 insurance money during the informative meeting and raising the Flag event. What is actually happening with the tremendous refund?

Additionally, our pragmatic leaders gave out about $200,000 as dividends in December 2012 from our tiny budget, stating that the Corporation had some savings even after Sandy. It is not a secret that elevators are constantly out of order here and there. We had and have money in TV4 funds according to the Board and Mr. Oberman. So, why do we face these problems now?

PS After the publication of the article at 8AM in the morning, the elevator was fixed by 1PM on the same day and flyers with comments were removed.

"A lie would have no sense unless the truth were felt dangerous."
--Alfred Adler

Michael Rosenthal, Esq., is a Partner of Rappaport, Hertz, Cherson & Rosenthal, P.C.. He is also the President of the Kings County Housing Court Bar Association where most members of his bar association are landlord attorneys. (http://www.maketheroad.org/article.php?ID=2163)

Mr. Rosenthal represented TV4 on case#103206/12 in Housing Court on June 10th, where Henry Dubro (a TV4 manager) was preset as a witness. He stated that TV4 was conducting annual inspections of apartment units during his interview with the Judge Kevin C. Mcclanahan's assistant.

We are not here to explain you, dear TV4 Shareholders, that there were no annual inspections in 2012 for all of you. You know it on your own and you know who tells the truth or who lies. The most interesting aspect of the situation is not the fact, that we pay to Mr. Rosenthal for his legal services while representing our Corporation, but that according to the attorney, it is normal to notify Shareholders about any inspections by lawyers’ letters. Somehow only about 15 apartments’ owners out of total 1144 apartments were informed by Gregory Smith, Esq. regarding some inspections in August 2012.

Why do we have the management for? Is Mr. Rosenthal correct and we all received letters about annual inspections? Using simple math manipulations, if we count about $100 for each lawyers’ letter, that would be “x” 1144 apartments = $114,400 for the Corporation to waste.

Additionally, we would like to remind you that Michael Rosenthal donated $1,000 for Igor Oberman’s political campaign.

Mr. Dubro was completely silent during the Court procedure and the Judge did not let him participate in the inspection due to him being alleged in the harassing practices.

"Easy on the masala—Sarah doesn’t have the stomach for spicy dishes."

TV4 Shareholders received a call from their management at 6:30AM regarding the meeting from a phone number: 800.555.5555. Though we do understand that the information meeting is important, but we were notified about it via flyers before that call. There is absolutely no excuse to call us so early. We all have different schedules: some people spend their time to be ready for a work; others just want to sleep in the early morning.

TV4 had an information meeting instead of Annual Shareholders’ Meeting to elect Board Members as prescribed by the By-Laws, Article ll, Sec.1:
“The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Corporation…for the election of Directors…shall be held…at 8:00PM on the first Tuesday of June…”

Board Election was delayed without any legitimate reason to be explained, and none of us has received financial statements for the last fiscal year, that was over on March 31st, 2013. That is the first time for the 49 year history of Trump Village 4!!!

Over 5 security guards were present on the meeting (three per corners, one in the middle plus CPT Williams in charge), and Shareholders felt intimidated. One extra guard came for the right up corner. We do not want to live in Gulag anymore, as sharply described by New York Post. We are not dangerous and we do not live in the Soviet Union during Stalin era.

Igor Oberman started the meeting and declared that due to hurricane Sandy, TV4 Management was extremely busy and did not prepare the election. Election Committee Members were doing other stuff too, and therefore the election was moved to October. He thanked the Douglass Elliman Management and Election Committee for hard work.

[Our Comment: hurricane Sandy has nothing to do with TV4 election. The real tool for that is to hire an election company. It is not the Management responsibility to run the election. That is a violation of the By-Laws and an excuse for Board Members going for reelection for illegal possession of their seats.]

Financial Statements were announced as unprepared due to hurricane Sandy too. Even though we talked to the TV4 Accounting Company in April, 2013, and they did not even mention about any possibilities for delays; and all the information safely contains in the computer system.

Mr. Oberman did not forget to take credits for the Kefir event after the hurricane. He stated that he organized the event, and gave out about 1200 bottles to tenants.

[Our Comment: the kefir event was organized by Ari Kagan for a fact. And he was personally present helping us with getting some food]

Dean Roberts (our legal Counsel) informed about Real Estate Transfer Tax state. TV3 has won the case against the City and the appealing chances for the City are not high. Mr. Roberts considers the RETT as a big issue, but not extremely big. The worst scenario is the drop in apartment sales prices for $5,000. Shareholders, who bought their apartments when the Co-Op became private, have to pay it too.

Asked Question: There are more than enough security guards working in TV4. Unfortunately, they stay in the lobby most of the time, and do not patrol TV4 area. Drunken individuals lay on the grass unattended; dogs do their things on the grass while not been watched. Why do we need guards, if they are so passive?

Answer: That is why we are installing video cameras in the building (special security system).

Next Question: Mr. Oberman, why do you personally have a video camera on your floor while the rest of us need some protection too?

Mr. Oberman answered that his car tires were popped; some Board Member sent him cockroaches in the envelope and he had a swastika on the wall.

Cont. Question: Mr. Oberman, my husband was shot here, but I received no extra protection from TV4.

Another Question: Before buying equipment for gym, Shareholders participated in the survey for that. Now you want to open a café here. Why don’t you ask our opinion? Why don’t we participate in the decision making process?
[Our Comment: almost all present Shareholders were applauding and screaming in delight]

Mr. Oberman answered that we all were talking about cockroaches, but about 70 apartments did not let bed bugs inspection in.

Cont. Question: Mr. Oberman, you do not answer my question.

Mr. Oberman stated that he had Board Members for that, and they positively voted.

Next Question: Shareholders are on the parking waiting list for 3-4 years, but the line does not move. When will you work on the issue?

Mr. Oberman answered that they cleaned out 50 parking spots on the TA lot. TV4 parking has no priority over other problems, and he cares more about having hot water in apartments.

Next Question: Mr. Oberman, why do we have many lawsuits and who pays for it?

Dean Roberts explained that our legal insurance paid for it, and TV4 did not pay a single dollar. There is no-pet policy in TV4, and people sign the lease with a no-pet clause. TV4 tries to enforce the policy, but is involved in HUD discrimination cases as a result.

[Our Comment: Disabled/ veterans have a right for a service dog/emotional helper, and there is no need for TV4 to discriminate them based on that. Other non-disabled Shareholders have dogs and have received dog permits from TV4, including Inga Zhilo who is on the Board. There is currently only one HUD case about having an emotional helper. The rest of cases are not connected with dogs.

Our insurance can be raised because of the increasing amount of cases and we would have to pay for it.]

Mr. Oberman stated that all personal apartment inspections were approved by the Board. We all know that is not true, and confirmed our knowledge by checking relevant Board Minutes for that period of time.

Refusing to hear all comments on the mentioned issues and other questions regarding personal inspections, Igor Oberman congratulated a lady with her 100 year birthday; started singing the birthday song and the meeting was over.

[Our Comment: as per our opinion, Mr. Oberman represents the Board and therefore, as a part of his duty, has to answer Shareholders’ questions relevant to the managing of the Corporation. It is very unfair and rude when Shareholders are interrupted only because they raise non-welcome by the Board issues, so the rest of us can see the leading direction of the Board policy and trends. These topics are extremely urgent and painful for tenants and we are entitled for rational arguments.

Calling the meeting so late at 8:00PM is unreasonable and inconvenient. We all live in a democratic country and our Board must be transparent and openly connected with Shareholders. Board Members voluntarily submitted their candidacies to manage the Corporation while Igor Oberman was not even directly elected for a Board Member position. If he does not want to deal with TV4 Shareholders he should immediately resign and give up his seat for a better leader and open minded candidate who can handle the situation.]

Disclaimer: all questions and answers were modified and compressed to meet readable standards and bring main points and ideas of the discussed topics.

"Anyone who thinks my story is anywhere near over is sadly mistaken."
--Donald Trump

As President of Trump Village’s Co-op Board, Igor Oberman has been sued by tenants on the verge of eviction, faces an age discrimination lawsuit from former employees and is accused of firing another longtime worker who represented other unionized employees at the co-op in a union-busting move.

As a private citizen, he donated $250 to Republican state Senate candidate David Storobin last year and also considered challenging Democratic Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz.

But now as a candidate for a seat in the New York City Council, he is running as a Democrat and won the endorsement of the Working Families Party in May. Other liberal-leaning, union-friendly groups are lining up behind him, including the Stonewall Democratic Club, United Auto Workers 9A and New York Communities for Change.

“We put candidates through a rigorous screening process, that in this case included dozens of members and leaders, to evaluate candidates’ positions on the issues that impact the lives of hard working families,” Dorothy Siegel, chair of Brooklyn WFP, said in an email. “In this race, Igor was the clear choice.”

Some tenants and former workers have been less supportive.

In January, Trump Village terminated Pierre Wyatt, a longtime porter at the Coney Island housing cooperative who was also the shop steward representing other union employees working there. Wyatt had taken abandoned flooring, according to one account, and wasn’t completely forthcoming about his actions when questioned. The Teamsters Local 804, however, saw Oberman’s move as union-busting, and the matter is now heading to arbitration.

In March, two female Trump Village employees in their early 60s sued Oberman after they lost their jobs, arguing that they were “harassed, verbally abused and intimidated for the purpose of replacing them with a more youthful staff”, according to a press release from their lawyer.

And in April, the New York Post reported that Oberman was “notorious” for trying to evict co-op residents who challenged him. For example, one resident had to fight to keep his apartment and his service dog after his wife asked questions about board finances, and another resident who testified on his behalf was hit with an eviction order over air conditioner surcharges, the newspaper reported. Other opponents faced eviction proceedings as well.

Oberman’s campaign disputed the accusations. Chelsea Connor, a campaign spokeswoman, said that Wyatt, the former shop steward, was fired after he was accused of theft, and noted that a complaint filed with the National Labor Relations Board was dismissed. The two employees in their 60s had failed to deposit a $47,000 check, she said. As for the lawsuits regarding the eviction proceedings, Connor said that the building has had a no-pet policy for nearly 50 years and that another tenant had rewired an apartment and that it failed to meet fire code safety regulations.” (from City&State: Politics. Policy. Personalities.)

Our complex does formally have “no-pet policy”, but there are plenty of dogs in our buildings and many of them are under official TV4 pet-permits while others are just “invisible” for the Board Members. Even Inga Zhilo, an actively promoted by Igor Oberman Board Member, has a dog. At the same time, a US war vet with PTSD, Eugene Ovsishcher, who had legitimate medical conditions for an emotional helper, was not authorized by Igor Oberman to keep his pet.

Additionally, a famous $47,000 check was made for TV4 and not on management employees’ names. Therefore it could not be cashed out by any of them and logically there was no reason to keep it. After the check was accidently lost, it was immediately cancelled.

Anyway, we are confused by those accusations due to the fact that we are not informed about any pending criminal cases on any issues mentioned by Chelsea Connor. We are all adults and know that any time if something is stolen you have to make an official police report. Public criminal allegations against innocent people look like fairy tales if they are not supported by valid police reports/cases.

Moreover, according to Department of Buildings (DOB), to install small air-conditioning units you just have to hire an electrician covered by a Master Electrician License. We are not informed regarding any fire code safety regulations pertaining to any air-conditioners in TV4.

Igor Oberman and other Board Members violated DOB rules by installing a six–car private garage for their cars without a permit and outside of required fence heights on the territory of TV4 Shareholders' parking lot. These are real violations documented by DOB and TV4 Shareholders are charged for them. And none of involved Board Members returned the sum back to TV4 out of their pockets. Also, TV4 paid for 24/7 security officers staying in a special booth while guarding Board Members' cars (see the picture above).

It is obvious for us, that somebody just uses empty excuses of unacceptable behavior motivated by personal retaliation feelings. If not, let’s see the supporting documentation.

Facing Tenant and Employee Lawsuits, Council Candidate Oberman Gets WFP Backing

"Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts."
--Daniel Patrick Moynihan

The Kings County Republican Party organized its event in TV4 on May 28th, 2013. Republicans were invited to discuss John Catsimatidis’ candidacy for Mayor and meet his wife—Margo. Igor Oberman (a democrat) was present there too for an introductory ceremony as the TV4 Board President and even had a speech. Mr. Oberman was pointing out on unrestored wall paint and called it as “scars from Sandy”, even though TV4 advertising promoted it as being already completely renovated.

“The Brooklyn GOP is sending out flyers and emails to announce a meeting in the 46th AD sponsored by the Brooklyn GOP and Gloria Hacken, a longtime Trump Village community activist, to take place at the Community Room in 2942 West 5th Street, Brooklyn NY at 6:00PM on Tuesday, May 28, 2013. The purpose of the meeting is to recruit and instruct County Committee members in that part of the 46th AD and surrounding districts and to involve Republicans in the campaigns of John Catsmatidis for Mayor and for Brooklyn GOP City Council candidates. The principal attraction at the event is Margo Catsimatidis, wife of candidate John Catsimatidis” (from http://galewynmassey.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-kings-county-republican-party.html)

Coincidently, after Igor Oberman (a democrat) saw Julia Bezvoleva in the 7A recreation room, who logically attended the REPUBLICAN event as a Republican Party member, Captain Williams (the head of TV4 security service) approached Ms. Bezvoleva and explained her that she had to leave "a private party". Gloria Hacken, the TV4 Board Member and the republican community activist, tried to resolve the incident and personally came to welcome Ms. Bezvoleva.

In conclusion, our attention brought the fact that Trump Village Section 4, compare to its Section 3 twin complex, had no Flag for the Memorial Day (May 27th). For some reason the US Flag was raised only a week later on June 2nd, where Igor Oberman and congressman Hakeem Jeffries used that opportunity to publicly promote themselves together.

Apparently for some citizens having no flag for the Memorial Day was not “a big deal”, but for us—true patriots of our country, it broke our hearts.

"I can't tell you...That's classified"
--Alfred Miles

It is not a secret anymore, that Igor Oberman runs for a City Council position. We are all informed that TV4 contractors donated thousands of dollars to his campaign, and certainly, we, Shareholders, have no doubts that all those contributions were absolutely voluntary.

Then we found out that TV4 funds were disbursed for building posters and Net Cost Mall advertising mentioning Igor Oberman's name.

Later on, Igor Oberman decided to invite all 48th District children for a community carnival at TV4. Thousands of colorful cards with a picture of Oberman's family (himself, his wife and his son) were sent all around 48th District for TV4 money twice-- at first for May19th, and then for June 1st:

"Igor Oberman, President of the Board of Directors at Trump Village West invites you to join his family for a day of fun!"

Unfortunately for our budget, Igor Oberman does not stop on that. Trump Village Section 4, Inc., and not Trump Village West, pays again for another card to promote Igor Oberman for a City Council position that was sent to 48th District recipients:

"When you join Trump Village West, you become part of our family. We pride ourselves on making sure that your living experience is the most comfortable in the City...IGOR OBERMAN President of the Board of Directors, along with his wife Tanya and son Max".

First of all, if Igor Oberman wants to make "...living experience the most comfortable in the City", he should start from TV4 Shareholders...Please...

Secondly, Igor Oberman is not the owner of TV4, but just is on the elected TV4 position, while he was not officially elected by any TV4 Shareholders.

At last, TV4 assets cannot be legally used for any political campaign. Igor Oberman must send cards with a picture of his family and mottos of his political promotions for his campaign funds.

Why is the rest of TV4 Board Directors silent when Igor Oberman uses TV4 funds to pay for his political campaign? Do they all agree?
The answer is clear:

TV4 budget is unlimited and solely designated for Igor Oberman political expenses.

"Employees forgot they had been hired for the job"

A number of months ago we have seen our new laundries with all new washers and dryers. There was also a Representative on hand from the company Service Directions Inc. (SDi), that is the servicing company in Trump Village West laundry rooms. He clearly stated to the Stockholders/Tenants in the buildings laundry rooms that the company had made available NEW laundry cards free of charge to all Stockholders of TV4 as well as $7.00 on the card.

Unfortunately, nobody has seen those cards since then. Although now, we are promised to receive $5.00 off from our maintenance fee as a SDi promotion which is $2.00 less than the original sum on the card. If something happens with your card, management staff will give you a new one for a $25.00 charge, as Shareholders comment (management personnel try to deny that).

Do not just follow with the flow, insist to get your new laundry card that you are entitled to. Our management does not accept any cash, so write them a check for $5.00 to return their refund, and get your card (it should have $5.00 on it). The second way is to claim a card with no money on it. Lena, Tiffany and Nonna are in charge of cards distribution.

Another issue arises as non-residents of TV4 like to use our laundry machines. They come from Warbasse Mitchell-Lama buildings and even Section 3 of Trump Village. Somehow they possess laundry cards and easily access to our buildings with no obstacles.

If for some reason you need to reach SDi representatives (even to get a new card), call 1-800-945-9274 (that number is on your card) or you can find info on the web: http://www.sdilaundrysolutions.com/

"Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence."
--Thomas Jefferson

What makes America a great country? Our constitution. We as the citizens of this country have certain rights. One of these rights is the RIGHT TO VOTE!!!!

Does living in Trump Village Section 4 makes you less of an American? According to our PRESIDENT and a potential politician, the answer is YES.

Since 1963, when TV4 was erected, there was always a Board of Directors. There were good Board Members and bad ones, but the process written in our By-Laws allowed for adequate time for Shareholders to learn about the candidates through booklets that the Election Committee distributed to each apartment. Proxys were mailed out in advance for those who were not able to come and vote and an independent election company conducted the election. This year is different. No election company has been chosen, which leaves our manager Mr. Dubro as the unbiased individual in the election. There will be no candidate night and the proxys will be mailed out 10 days before the election. The Shareholder's Meeting is not the time to meet the candidates, especially when Mr. President will have the stage as he did last year. The Shareholder's Meeting is to discuss our finances, to answer questions, and to focus on the co-op.

A few Board Members through the years mentioned that their job is thankless and they don't get paid and have to deal with so much. If this is the truth, why is our PRESIDENT with the advice of our general council preventing a true democratic ritual of voting? Is he afraid to lose control or is there more to it? You as readers decide and question yourselves if this is the right way to behave as a leader of OUR complex?

The pen is mightier than the sword is a saying that has withstood the test of time. Too bad that most Shareholders have become so immune to the barrage of notices posted by the elevators, on every floor and under their door, that they tend to discard the papers with the infamous signature of Igor Oberman/President. The latest MEMORANDUM that listed the executive Board Members as usual, had very interesting points.

1. Shareholder meeting will be held on June 5th at 8:00pm in I.S. 303. Starting the meeting at 8:00pm eliminates a good amount of Shareholders (the elderly, the parents of young children, etc..) Holding it in IS 303 also eliminates those that are not able to walk the distance due to health problems. It also eliminates the time required to meet the POTENTIAL CANDIDATES, but is there really a need, when the new members have been chosen already.

2. The Kings Bay Y is doing a carnival on our battled playground that is supposed to be under construction on May 19th, 2013 Considering that the Kings Bay Y is really far from TV4, why are they so gracious to entertain our children and all FREE of charge.

3. Last summer CABLEVISION sponsored a movie night, was giving away a TV4 in a raffle (hope someone actually won one) and they were the toast of the town. Starting May 1st RCN will be doing AMAZING things for TV4, including the Russian channels as part of the basic package. The celebration can't be complete until an exciting outdoor event is planned with RCN for the summer.

4. The very last point is the scariest of all and most probably did not read it carefully. Mr. Oberman writes the following "TO KEEP OUR MAINTENANCE FROM INCREASING" we need to sell more apartments. In order to be able to balance the budget, more apartments must be sold. There will be a meeting on May 22, 2013. Lets see what is in store.

Now dear Shareholders, why would Mr. President lower your maintenance till December if we are facing a rent hike if we don't sell a minimum of 3 apartments/month? How many were sold in 2012 and in 2013? Can someone provide an accurate answer?

Where are we headed?

Let Freedom Ring

“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.”
--John F. Kennedy

Trump Village Shareholders were shocked while shopping in the local Net Cost Market (a grocery store) this week. They heard an advertising of Trump Village which promoted Igor Oberman as a triumphator that completely rebuilt and renovated the entire complex after hurricane Sandy. His name was repeatedly pronounced many times to be imprinted in your memory.

We are down-to-earth people and use truthfully arguments and factual statements. To remind you about the real condition of our buildings, we just took pictures of the playground and hallways to make them directly express our point of view.

Unfortunately, our complex has not been neither rebuilt nor renovated. Our playground still looks the same way as it was 6 months ago after Sandy. Hallways are not painted and the only sign of some kind of work is a lay of primer.

We visited Net Cost Market and noticed that the advertising was not withdrawn. Trump Village budget is not intended to be used for personal promotion by claiming not real facts.

“If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.”

Board Candidates received another letter from Henry A. Dubro. TV4 General Manager signed the letter this time per our request:

“On Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 in the 6A Recreation Room at 7:00 PM our corporate attorney Dean Roberts and I will be holding government classes for Trump Village Section IV Board candidates. Pursuant to the bylaws each candidate is allowed to submit a 250 word statement regarding their qualifications for becoming a member of the Board of Directors.
Therefore, please bring your supporting documentation by your candidate biographies to this meeting. Dean and I will meet with each candidate one on one and review the documents and make copies as needed.”

Mr. Dubro CC’d Lilya Tamakhina, Inga and Eduard Aizman (Election Committee Members, as we guess) on the letter.

Neither Mr. Dubro nor Mr. Roberts is an Election Committee Member. Trump Village By-Laws does not give any legal right to the Manager/ Legal Counsel to perform such duties. As a result, Election Committee Members have not participated in any election process up to now. Dean M. Roberts and Henry A. Dubro cover up for Igor Oberman (nobody else has enough power to do it) attempts to attack his opponents again.

We are looking forward to meet some Board Candidates such as Igor Oberman, Felix Khusid, Gloria Hacken and Sandra Malachowsky for their Board qualifications review on April 23rd. “Each Candidate” (from the letter of Mr. Dubro) should mean each candidate in reality. May we finally see college degree transcripts of Gloria Hacken and Sandra Malachowsky? We have big doubts that they have any education credentials from any college and are happy to change our minds.

According to Sandra Malachowsky biography from last year, she “make sure…the buyer receives the blue book”. She really has to demonstrate great qualifications for such professional performance.

Felix Khusid is a respiratory therapist (RRT) at New York Methodist Hospital who has passed the advanced level written and clinical simulation examinations of the National Board for Respiratory Care. We are pleased finally to see his financial/engineering qualifications for managing of 300-400 million dollar corporation.

PS. Candidates Night for April 24th (Wednesday) was cancelled.

“Minds are like parachutes - they only function when open.”
--Thomas R. Dewar

Board candidates received letters from Henry A. Dubro on April 12th:

“Pursuant to the bylaws each candidate is allowed to submit a 250 word statement regarding their qualifications for becoming a member of the Board of Directors. The candidate statement is then distributed by the corporation to each unit. It is the duty of the Election Committee with the assistance of the management office to review the biographies to ensure their compliance with the bylaws and accurately detail qualifications and statements.

Somehow while our manager was writing the letter, he made some grammar mistakes. And somehow he determines himself important enough and skilled to interpret legal documents and housing rules.

TV4 By-Laws, Article III Section 2(D)(2) states in reality:
“Each candidate may submit no more than a 250 word statement of his or her qualifications together with a photograph to the Election Committee which shall distribute copies of the statement and photographs of all candidates to each apartment.”

As you can see, Henry A. Dubro completely changed the By-Laws in his letters. The question is who gave the ordinary manager this right? The answer is obvious; he is not even a Trump Village Shareholder.

First of all, the Election Committee not the corporation duty is to distribute candidates’ biographies and photos. Secondly, TV4 By-Laws determines only one specific detail to biographies—it must contain no more than 250 words.

Then Mr. Dubro writes:
“…In order to assist the Election Committee in this duty, please provide the management office, with documents evidencing any professional degrees, awards, specialized employment …”

Apparently the manager knows that his request does not comply with TV4 Co-Op rules. And, of course, Mr. Dubro did not sign the letter. He CC’d Board Members--Lilya Tamakhina, Inga Zhilo and Eddie Aizman, on the letter, who as we logically think represent the Election Committee. None of these Directors has any education or employment experience to manage a corporation. We wonder who made them qualified to join our Board? Undoubtedly, none of them want to discredit themselves, and none of them sign the letter to candidates either.

Shareholders questioned Igor Oberman who checked the accuracy of candidate biographies last year. His statement was that nobody did and nobody had any legal rights to do it.

It is also significant that Dean Roberts, a legal counsel of the Corporation, is not mentioned anywhere in the letter.

“One of the reasons people hate politics is that truth is rarely a politician's objective. Election and power are.”
--Cal Thomas

More stories are published about Igor Oberman, Soviet-born President, as a City Council candidate. He has collected over $85,000 donations for his campaign, but we’ve never heard about any events especially organized for fund raising purposes.

“It’s all from thirty years of building relationships, and being a part of the Brighton Beach community,” said a jubilant Oberman, who has stopped campaigning for cash and started campaigning for council. “I worked for the Borough President, so people got to know me and my abilities. I’m thrilled to have this overwhelming support.”

We are in touch with Marty Markowitz housing representatives. Igor Oberman does not work there anymore. Real reasons for this outcome are unknown and not mentioned anywhere, but you can guess. Of course, it was more beneficial for Igor Oberman to stay as a Russian community liaison.

Somehow, Igor Oberman worked for the Borough President, but received donations from Trump Village 4 contractors. Where are others he is talking about? Another question we have is about "...people got to know me and my abilities..." What does he mean? What kind of abilities does he suggest?

If Mr. Oberman is 45 y.o., then according to his words, he started building relationship 30 years ago since he was a 15 y.o. schoolboy.

Igor Oberman comments for “Brooklyn Daily” regarding donations from TV4 contractors:

“Every contract that is approved at Trump goes through a rigorous bidding process,” he explained. “I’m only one of the 13 members that votes on every single contract.”

First of all, there are currently 11 Board Members not 13 as Mr. Oberman falsely states. Does the Board President not know that? What an interesting situation! In addition, 2 out of those 11 Board Members such as Sandra Malachowski and Bradly Pollak spend lots of time in Florida and we do not see them very often. Another two: Eduard Aizman and Inga Zhilo were brought to the Board with violations of the Co-op By-Laws, and were personally promoted by Mr. Oberman.

Secondly, may we, Shareholders, take a look at “a rigorous bidding process” documents? We’ve never heard about any. Do they really exist? We have big doubts. Anyway, Mr. Oberman's explanation is too strange; keeping current contract/job is a bigger motivation for any contractor.

“After Hurricane Sandy, the leadership I’ve shown has definitely made some people who have worked with me see that I have a vision of not only how I want this complex to be built, but how to revive the neighborhood,” Igor Oberman said.

What is the direct connection between Hurricane Sandy repairs and security, pest control and roof fans (approved before Sandy) contractors? It does not have any logical explanation. What Igor Oberman did in reality was building a personal garage, candy with his name on it and installing a video camera for the corporation budgeting money, but forgot to ask for Shareholders' approval. Indeed, he has a vision!

We do not consider non-reasonable eviction cases as a proof of leadership. That is just a waste of corporate funds and an abuse of power expression. What other kind of leadership has Mr. Oberman shown? His words sound more like uncovered bravado.

By the way, Shareholders were told that all Sandy damages were covered by TV4 insurance during TV4 meetings. Thanks to us, we did not let Mr. Oberman take a $1,000,000 loan for a TV4 playground replacement before Hurricane Sandy. Shareholders often demonstrate a common sense strategy in the corporate solutions when they have any opportunity to speak up.

Please use the following link to read the article in full:


“The thorn bush is the old obstacle in the road. It must catch fire if you want to go further.”
--Franz Kafka

Today a respectful newspaper “New York Post” published an article about our Co-Op and Igor Oberman. Its reporter, Philip Messing, was interviewing TV4 Shareholders, and looking through different TV4 Housing and Supreme Court cases for a few weeks.

Angry residents of a Coney Island co-op say they’re living in an American-style gulag, thanks to their iron-fisted, Soviet-born Board President.

The animosity between the Trump Village residents and their co-op president, Igor Oberman, 45 — who works as a prosecutor for the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission and is poised to run for City Council — has already led to a series of legal skirmishes.

“[Oberman] thinks it’s 1938 in the Soviet Union,’’ said Yakov Mirochnik, a disabled tenant who has publicly clashed with the co-op honcho.

The rest of the NY Post article you can read using the following link:

Evict war at Coney Co-Op

Other newspapers and websites put this story on main pages:

Coney Island residents fight with Co-op President

Выселительные войны ко-опа

Кооператив Trump Village и его железный председатель

“Why not show off if you've got something to show?”
--January Jones

There are 14 candidates and 7 open Board positions this year. Candidates have submitted their petitions and biographies by March 21st.

A Board Member, Sandra Malachowski, did not show up at all. She is like a phantom: we know that she is a Board Member going for reelection, but nobody has seen her collecting and submitting signatures. We wonder when she affirmed her nominating petition. Is that again an exemption of a rule?

Igor Oberman, who is running for reelection decided to join the photo session briefly. It was odd that the people he hugged and spoke to, were the only nominees that were never seen or involved in our buildings till last night (Simon, a watch repairer, from 6B bldg. 9th floor and Sasha from 7A bldg. 4th floor).

If you care about our complex, please care enough to give your votes to the candidates that you believe in. Each vote and each proxy makes a difference.

Praise should be given to Mr. Hacken, who is a master of his trade, photography. His passion and dedication to this art form came out last night during the picture taking of the potential candidates. Mr. Hacken, stayed till the very end and showed his ability to make everyone look good. Bravo to a true gentleman!

“It's a very, very tricky situation. I haven't said yes to either of them.”
--Brigitte Nielsen

A direct benefit from Freedom of Speech is not just familiarization other human beings with your point of view, but also making people aware that their activity has been noticed and watched. After our article about violations of election rules had been posted, the Board Secretary, Gloria Hacken decided to show her ability to collect nominating signatures of Shareholders on her own. That was a smart and brave step to prove recognition among Shareholders and demonstration of rules priority. You could meet Mrs. Hacken in 7A building lobby on March 19th. Shareholders did not waste that opportunity to get some exclusive information from the Board Member, and asked plenty of questions. Discussed topics:

--Why didn’t Board Meetings take place for a few months?
--Who was making decisions for that prolonged period of time?
--When will we receive TV4 annual financial statements?

Good job Gloria Hacken!

“I remain just one thing, and one thing only, and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician.”
--Charlie Chaplin

Our Board President, Igor Oberman, who is running for Councilman Mike Nelson’s seat, has already raised $85,448 through the donations of 226 people (including his own donations). Most of them are NOT Trump Village residents (zip code: 11224).

Among donors are four TV4 Board Members:
--Aizman, Edward $200
--Oberman, Igor $85.69
--Tamakhina, Lilya $25
--Zhilo, Inga $10

Two well-known TV4 lawyers:
--Roberts, Dean (TV4 legal council) $1,000
--Rosenthal, Michael (TV4 Housing Court lawyer) $1,000

Igor Oberman's relatives:
--Porotnikova, Tatyana (wife) $2,750
--Porotnikova, Anna $2,500
--Oberman, Mikhail $2,500
--Oberman, Yulia $2,500

Green Eart Pest Control manager pays back to Igor Oberman for an expensive project (the company has recently made mandatory bedbug inspection and treatments in TV4):
--Alpert, Jed $2,500

Sottile Security International (TV4 security staff is doubled and Igor Oberman gets benefits for that):
--Sottile, Salvatore (an owner) $2,500
--Sottile, Cathy $2,500

T.DiRusso Electrical Contrng (Firm#001401) received an electrical permit (B352860) to do roof fans in Trump Village 4 (August 2012-August 2015).
--Di Russo, Anthony (a Master Electrician license#011007/ a responsible representative) $2,700

NYC Campaign Finance Board Page

The Article “Igor Oberman Rakes in Huge Fundraising Haul”

”This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.”

While picking up their nominating petitions for election 2013, Shareholders saw neither Gloria Hacken nor Sandra Malachowski, who were supposed to do the same thing. They are still Board Members and now run again for their positions.

A few senior citizens were collecting signatures for Sandra Malachowski in 6A building lobby, which was prohibited by election rules.

Now a Shareholder, Helen Commodore, residing at 6A (2930) building on the 19th floor, openly gathers signatures for Gloria Hacken. Ms. Hacken is in charge of our community newspaper, and organizes a page “Poetry & Creative Writing”. Ms. Commodore likes to publish her poems there such as: “A Vanished Aspiration”, “Moondreams”, “Jay, Our Song Master”, etc. On our remark that it was against the rules to collect signatures on behalf of candidates, Helen Commodore answered: “But Gloria Hacken is nice”.

There is a statement at the end of each nominating petition that: “I_______, affirm that the following is true. …I know each of the stockholders whose names are subscribed to said petition and that each of them, IN MY PRESENCE signed his or her name to the petition…”

Even Igor Oberman was personally present when Shareholders signed his petition.

Where is Gloria Hacken? Is she in Florida instead of collecting signatures?

Gloria Hacken MUST be disqualified. How can she explain this unfair business?

“Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.”
--Warren Buffett

STAR provides homeowners with two types of partial exemptions from school property taxes:

Basic STAR available for owner-occupied, primary residences where the resident owners' and their spouses’ income is less than $500,000.

Enhanced STAR provides an increased benefit for the primary residences of senior citizens (age 65 and older) with qualifying incomes.

In order to apply for that program you had to fill out Form RP-425 and send it along with your income tax documents for 2011 to NYC Department of Finance, PO Box 311, Maplewood, NJ 07040-0311 by March 15th via certified mail.

According to NYC Department of Finance, there are 1052 apartment units receiving STAR benefits in our complex.

STAR credits were available to TV4 Shareholders in February-March all prior years. Money should come directly to Douglas Elliman local TV4 office (not through Douglas Elliman headquarters), and that is our manager, Henry A. Dubro, responsibility to disburse them fairly among eligible owners. Only Mr. Dubro MUST have all relevant knowledge and information regarding TV4 STAR money.

Somehow terms are different this year. Shareholders have questioned TV4 management regarding their STAR benefits, and no one could adequately explain what was going on. After numerous complaints to Douglas Elliman main office, we finally received some answers from Igor Oberman who promised to give out our credits on May 1st.

NYC STAR savings are not authorized to be used by our management for any other purposes than originally projected including political campaigning.

PS. If you have any STAR delay complaints, please call to Douglas Elliman main office for investigation: 212-350-2845. Do not let anyone play with your benefits.

“Honesty is for the most part less profitable than dishonesty.”

According to Douglas Elliman collection status report for Trump Village Section 4, Igor Oberman (Board President) and Tatyana Porotnikova (his wife) pay for a single air conditioner a charge of $25.00 per month. The rest 2 air-conditioners installed in their window sleeves are not reflected in any reports. Trump Village occupancy agreement §17(a) clearly states “That no air conditioner will be installed without first securing the written consent of the Housing Company”. Precisely our Corporation management has not given any consent due to the fact that relevant documentation does not specify/include other 2 units. If our management knows regarding the issue, it means it covers up for Mr. Oberman’s violations. Igor Oberman has not just used corporate funds for a video camera installation on his floor, not just for fence surrounding of his personal parking spot, but also to partially pay his maintenance charges.

While Igor Oberman by his personal decision puts some Shareholders in Court for authorized air-conditioners and regularly paid fees, he just disobeys housing rules on his own. But what is worse, our management company that he brought to our complex last year makes some favors to him.

PS. Board Members’ positions are voluntary and therefore are not designed for getting any benefits and privileges. As we can observe, human values are completely different in our Co-Op Board, and housing rules are not equally set up for every tenant. Double standards are for double-sided citizens.

"A pint can't hold a quart - if it holds a pint it is doing all that can be expected of it."
--Margaret Deland

Igor Oberman starts running for the City Council position of District 48th. We are expecting our Board President to advertise himself for Trump Village 4 corporate funds. Stay tuned.

District 48: Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach, Midwood
Currently: Michael Nelson
The Race:
Natraj Bhushan: Attorney, entrepreneur – @NatrajBhushan
Chaim Deutsch: Founder of the Flatbush Shomrim
Ari Kagan: District Leader
Igor Oberman: Attorney  http://igor2013.com/
Theresa Scavo: Chair of Community Board 15
Michael Treybich: Attorney, Board member of the Brooklyn Barrister – @MichaelTreybich
David Storobin: Former State Senator

“My name is very often associated with parties and entertaining, but it's not true. I am not such a party person.”
--Roberto Cavalli

Trump Village kids were invited to attend Purim event and demonstrate their creative costumes. According to TV4 flyers, that event was not sponsored by any third party, and therefore, money was spent directly from our budget. Of course, we are glad to enjoy some entertainment as parents, but also are concerned how corporate funds are disbursed. If we consider hurricane Sandy connected expenses, lawsuits legal services and given out dividends, it is easy to realize, that TV4 budget is limited and should be well-balanced. Igor Oberman proclaims that we are in a very good financial shape, but in reality we have no truthfully documentation regarding financial situation in TV4. It means, if all our resources are spent out, we have to take a loan to cover growing expenses. Loans are not credited for free, and we would have to pay interests from our pockets as well.

It was not the first show, where Igor Oberman aggressively promoted himself as a perfect leader paying relevant expenses not from his personal funds. The key question is if all children parties are set up for our entertainment or just to push his election? And the answer is just obvious.

Chairs were not set up, children were sitting on the cold floor, and everything was barely organized. It looked like that event was not intended solely for kids, but with an agitation goal to advertise Igor Oberman and others Board Members,” remarked a Shareholder who brought her granddaughter for the event.

The truth is close. Because of raising percentage of Russian-American citizens in Councilman Michael Nelson’s 48th District, it was reshaped. Now many candidates openly start their political campaign, and Igor Oberman is one of them.

Igor Oberman says: “The lines look good! The lines look good! I haven’t made any decision but I can say every morning, the lines get louder and louder”.

Political campaigning is not cheap, and must be run for voluntary contributions. Redirecting TV4 funds for political agitation is the same thing as to misuse them for personal needs, which is regulated by our By-Laws.

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."
--Abraham Lincoln

It is sad that from the beginning elections 2013 are conducted with controversy.

The initial flyer to pick up the paperwork for those wishing to run had the wrong dates on them, which was corrected after the notice was posted on the site.

For the first time in TV4 history the petitions were given out in the management office and not in the lobby and required a copy of official identification. A new packet will not be given if anything should happen to the one you got (rules are rules as our management likes to point out).

Last year our President was quick to disqualify those who did not gather all of the signatures on their behalf except for the candidates that he already chose to win.

This year our President had a great trick up his sleeve. He coincidentally planned the distribution of funds to those Shareholders who could not make it on the day that he chose in December. The Shareholders were signing for their money as well as his and Mr. Khusid's nominating petitions.

The Shareholders were just happy to get their dividend checks, and many of them were not paying attention what they signed.

“The difference between genius and stupidity is; genius has its limits.”
― Albert Einstein

Our management ruled directly by Igor Oberman keeps raising questions regarding its competency and adequacy. Today (Feb. 17th, 2013) its employees posted a Petition Pickup flyer; somehow not signed by Igor Oberman (thousands of flyers with his signature cover TV4 walls, doors, elevators and even are delivered almost daily to our apartments).

“Petition Pickup—Tuesday, February 13th, 2013…” the first part of the flayer says. According to 2013 annual calendar, on Wednesday February, 13th was, four days ago. How is that possible for normal human Stockholders to pick up something that is no longer available?

“…or Thursday, February 19th, 2013…” another part of the flyer says. One more time, in accordance with 2013 calendar, February 19th will be on Tuesday. So, can somebody clarify if we have to pick up election petitions on Tuesday (February 19th) or on Thursday (as it stated on the flyer) which is going to be February 21st?

PS After the publication of this article, new revised dates (Feb.19th and Feb.21st, 2013) were posted.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”
--Baron Acton

Trump Village Section 4, Inc. filed an eviction case #103212/11 in 2011 against owners of an apartment 3L located at 2944 W 5th St – Michael and Patricia Klopot, and finally won the case in 2012. NYC marshal, Darlene Barone, sealed the apartment pursuant to Warrant of Civil Court on June 12th, 2012, and the corporation could sell/lease the premises to get some profit.

According to our source, Igor Oberman decided to use TV4 property for serving HIS personal interests but not the corporation interests. As always, instead of using that opportunity to bring some extra funds to TV4 budget, he wants to benefit his handy manager, Henry A. Dubro, by providing these premises to him. Shareholders are dissatisfied with Mr. Dubro’s managing talents and hysterical attitude, and demonstrate their intentions by questioning him at the official meetings.

A permit was issued on Jan. 28th, 2013 for the apartment renovation. Who pays for that renovation? Of course, we pay, that is still our property. Mr. Dubro is an essential tool for Mr. Oberman’s discrimination politics, and he deserves some “bonus” for his service. Can you explain it differently? Let us know if you have some doubts or conclusions.

We will see if Mr. Doubro accepts that bonus.

"Easy come, easy go"

The Personal garage for some Board Members and management staff was built on the 6A building parking lot about a month ago. 8 feet tall fence was installed without a DOB construction permit and violations notification was served to TV4 management for consideration.

Shareholders were confused that Igor Oberman’s cars were guarded for corporate funds while at the end of January about 8 cars of Shareholders were vandalized in the corner of 6B building parking lot. We are all equal owners of the corporation, and Board Members have no right to use their positions for personal needs. Otherwise, it’s called “abuse of power” and “misuse of corporate funds”.

Trump Village Shareholders complained regarding the situation to Domenic Recchia’s housing representative (Domenic M. Recchia, Jr. is an American Democratic Party politician in New York, and a member of the New York City Council from Brooklyn, representing the 47th Council District). Next day the parking garage was disassembled.

We thank our active Shareholders for taking care of Trump Village Corporation. When TV4 Board Members follow their personal interests while wasting TV4 funds, other  Shareholders are truly dedicated to the best interests of the Corporation.

TV4 residents (on an email roster) have just received a letter from a Shareholder, Mary D.. Our website was created for sharing ideas and information among TV4 Shareholders and tenants. We recognize a "freedom of speech" principle, and therefore, let's just read the letter and make comments and conclusions:

"Guess what Trump! Our Board of Directors and Management have sunk to a new low.......
They offered Pierre Wyatt [was removed from TV4 maintenance team] money NOT to come back to Trump......

Let's get the history In order...

First he [Pierre Wyatt] was terminated because he had no permission to move boxes on the weekend, come to find out that there was no such rule in place...

Then the President of Board [Igor Oberman] said that he didn't have permission to move the boxes... So, if Pierre was SO wrong, why offer to buy him out....

I tell you why, this is clearly an example of harassment on the part of the Board of Directors and an abuse of power. This HUSH money is offered because they don't want Pierre to file a wrongful termination charge against the company.

Trump get ready to pay out yet ANOTHER lawsuit initiated by our Board.

Not sure why he like to spend and waste the building's money when those funds can be put to better use like getting new elevators or a new plumbing system.

Maybe he's trying to bankrupt the building's one lawsuit at a time.....
Ask the Board what happened to the previous lawsuits against Trump.....
Trump lost them all...

Stay tuned...."

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Trumped Up Charges at Trump Village

Management at Trump Village tried to make Local 804members pay a portion of their monthly healthcare premiums.

Actioni contrariam semper et æqualem esse reactionem…
(To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction…)
Newton’s Third Law

Personal garage was built on the Trump Village parking lot on Jan. 9th, 2013. Shareholders saw Igor Oberman and other Board Members parking their cars there. They don’t just use our corporation territory as their own, but also build the personal garage for corporate funds. In addition, a security booth was installed with the video camera on top of it. As a result, our security personnel have to guard some Board Members cars while being paid from TV4 funds. That is just another example of how corporate funds are misused. What about Shareholders? Who is watching for our cars?

Unfortunately, that is not the only problem we have. Department of Buildings (DOB) inspected the parking construction and found violations: DOB Violation#: 012413C13RL05 and ECB Violation#:35001131M

NYC Department of Buildings

Complaint at:  



BIN: 3196576




ZIP:   11224



Category Code:


DOB District:


Special District:


Assigned To:


Priority: D


  01/11/2013   13:20


Block:  7273

Lot:  25






Last Inspection:

01/24/2013 - - BY BADGE # 0702


01/25/2013 - A8 - ECB VIOLATION SERVED



The construction work was done without obtaining any legal permits:

NYC Department of Buildings

DOB Violation Display for 012413C13RL05


BIN: 3196576    Block: 7273   Lot: 25

Issue Date:


Violation Category:


Violation Type:




Definitely that is not the first time when our Board and management prefer to pay fines from Trump Village budget instead of legally working under a permit. As only Igor Oberman became the President of the Board, he notified Shareholders of his attempts of “making this complex a great place to live”. Igor Oberman informed us of ventilation system replacement on the roof in about January 2012. What he forgot to tell us that all those works were done without a permit. DOB issued the Trump Village ECB Violation Number: 34930415Y and DOB Violation Number: 010512C13RH01.

Violation Date:


Served Date:


Inspection Unit:


Infraction Codes

Section of Law

Standard Description




Specific Violation Condition(s) and Remedy:


What a great plan! We thank our Board for so smart decisions and outstanding management!

"A swarm in May is worth a load of hay; a swarm in June is worth a silver spoon; but a swarm in July is not worth a fly"

After numerous complaints made by Shareholders, TV4 Board of Directors and Management finally approved a mandatory bedbug inspection. Green Earth Pest Control personnel hired for the inspection and treatments if needed visited TV4 apartments in December 2012- January 2013.

Some Shareholders having problems with bedbugs were informing TV4 management regarding the issue, but no actions ever followed. Therefore, tenants and Shareholders paid for their apartment disinfections from their own pockets (thousands of dollars). To mark infested apartments is just a half of the solution. Hopefully, TV4 representatives will initiate affective treatments after all, and start working for Shareholders but not against them. TheTV4 election campaign is going to begin soon, and Board Members have to show efforts to keep their positions.

"If life deals you lemons, make lemonade"

Extremely often Shareholders witness how the Board President, Igor Oberman, manages TV4 complex based on his personal interests/opinion. He signs eviction letters as the Landlord and initiates housing cases against Shareholders with no cause, due to his personal retaliation positions. He distributes Corporation checks ruled by his personal decisions and works with confidential information of other Shareholders while not being a TV4 management employee.

Igor Oberman is just another TV4 Shareholder. We, Shareholders, did not even elect him to be on the Board. Instead, Mr.Oberman behaves as he is the only owner of this place. In addition, he wants to decide who can work in our complex and who has to leave.

Many Shareholders received an email from a Shareholder, Mary D., regarding Pierre Wyatt 09/24/2012:

“I just learned that the president of the board (Igor Oberman) is trying to fire Pierre Wyatt Tuesday, September 25th at 11:00...

We cannot let this happen; he's our favorite porter...

The Wyatts have been with the company for over 40 years; Pierre has been with us for over 20... He's always courteous, and always willing to help anyone who needed.  Igor, has some sort of weir issue against Pierre and he should not get away with what he's trying to do.

Make your voice heard, send Igor an email, knock on his door and ask what exactly is he trying to accomplish by getting rid of Pierre.

Just remember that it was Pierre that turns the buildings around.

He was given a lead position and pushed the men to strip and paint along with other tasks to improve the buildings condition and now Igor want to get rid of him because Pierre brought 5 boxes down the stairs on a Saturday afternoon. Igor want to know where the boxes came from and Pierre told the company it was from a tenant he was helping out on Saturday.   The rules are that you can bring boxes down but no furniture. And because of this, he wants to fire Pierre.....

Don't let him get away with this; Pierre has no write ups, no warnings of any kind on his record.  I have known Pierre for many years and he doesn’t deserve this treatment.”

Indeed the union staff came to support Pierre Wyatt. No doubts, they will bring a case against our Corporation, and we’ll have to pay legal charges and monetary relief (not Igor Oberman from his personal budget).

As per Igor Oberman: “…he and the union view the circumstances surrounding the discharge differently than do we (our comment: who are those “we”?)… “

Shareholders met the professional Union staff with respect and support. They gladly were signing the Petition for Pierre Wyatt. We should not suffer from Mr.Oberman personal point of view.

TV4 Board of Directors decided to give out $5.00 per share to Shareholders in good standing. Instead of just decreasing of maintenance fee on that amount, some Board Members such as Igor Oberman, Felix Khusid and Gloria Hacken personally were giving out money checks. Shareholders were staying in line for hours, and security guards were distributing candy with Igor Oberman’s name among them. Shareholders were confused due to the occurring situation. They could not explain poor organization of the event. These long lasting lines reminded Soviet Union ones to some of them.

We have no confirmation that the TV4 financial climate is so outstanding to give out corporate funds, and transfer tax issue is still on the air. Some Shareholders consider this money coming from FEMA or Con Edison. That is not true. These funds directly come from TV4 budget.

The only reasonable explanation is that involved Board Members used our corporate funds to promote themselves due to next year Board election. Precisely Igor Oberman, Gloria Hacken and Felix Khusid are going for reelection.

Some Shareholders were announced not in good standing. Igor Oberman as a Landlord personally signed eviction notices for them due to his own retaliation. These Shareholders were not told in advance that they would not get any money, and were staying in line for hours with other Shareholders. Certainly, some of them were upset, and requested a letter of their status from the Board. Felix Khusid and Igor Oberman refused from giving out any letters, and a Shareholder who was not under any known litigation called police. Police officers came and asked questions to Igor Oberman about the situation. Management employees promised to write those letters, and next day letters were delivered to Shareholders.

Comment on that subject by aTV4 Shareholder:

"I waited patiently like one of the herd, being told to stand here and
stand there, move here, move there.  I had enough.  I left the line.
This plan to distribute checks to stockholders is a disaster.  I am not
a physically well person, and make me as the others stand around for
such a long time was just plain mean.  Logically, if the management
company felt guiltly on how it treated the people of this community
during the aftermath of Sandy, why didn't they just credited our
monthly rent bills.  You do it for the STAR program, why not this.  I
could have used the check, don't get me wrong, but I don't and won't be
treated like cattle.  Shame on you."

"Great minds think alike"

Shareholders were extremely surprised by the Board again. Newly printed colorful cards in envelopes were distributed by security guards around TV4 complex. Cooperators have been living here for over 20-50 years state that they’ve never seen anything like that for the whole period of time. The main question aroused, who paid for that? According to our opinion, the answer is obvious: everything was paid from the corporate budget. It means that we, Shareholders, unwillingly spend our common funds to advertise the Board Members. Instead of promoting themselves by strictly following the By-Laws and managing well cooperative money, somehow the Board Directors and TV4 manager believe that we should be happy to get greeting cards with their picture and candy with Igor Oberman signature for our money.

Unfortunately, there are no economists/budget analysts among our Board Members. That is probably why they do not consider their advertising efforts as a direct misuse of corporate funds.

Shareholders’ meeting was called at 07:00pm in Community Room 6A. The meeting was arranged for the Approved Oil Company to update the status of TV4 boilers. Kenneth Van Bramer Jr. (C.E.O.) and Vincent Theuer Sr. (the company President) were gladly answering Shareholders questions. Igor Oberman did not show up for the discussion of TV4 issues. Instead, Mr. Dubro (our manager) and three Board Members such as Gloria Hacken, Sandra Malachowsky and Edward Aizman attended the meeting to represent the Corporation.

Salt water completely destroyed TV4 boilers. Temporary boilers were installed outside to create livable conditions for our buildings. Otherwise we had to be evacuated, and find other places to reside at. The important issue with temporary boilers is fumes production. Unfortunately, any filters are not authorized to eliminate smoke. Shareholders were complaining about two things: fumes hazard and still existing heat/hot water problems. Two fans are going to be delivered next week to fight with smoke. If the wind is strong, that could be a problem anyway. Due to technical requirements, boiler trailer cannot be removed far away from the building. Good news for Shareholders, everything is covered by TV4 Insurance (boilers, fans and even extra hours work).

Henry Dubro received many questions regarding his ignorance to Shareholders complaints, and not returning calls. Shareholders suggested installing emergency lights on staircases, and lowering boilers’ power sometimes to minimize smoke a little bit. Board Members did not participate in any discussions either they didn’t make any remarks. Our attention brought one Shareholder—young father, who were extremely worried about safety hazard coming from fumes. His kid has asthma, but there is almost no oxygen in his apartment to breathe with. His family lives on the 4th floor, and has no opportunity to leave the place.

Town Hall Meeting was organized to discuss occurring situation after the Hurricane Sandy. TV4 Shareholders, Luna Park and Warbasse tenants came to get updates. We also attended the Event, and heard real stories of TV4 Shareholders.

TV4 Shareholders were complaining that the food giving out by Management staff after the hurricane was not fresh. Elevators did not work, and elderly Shareholders were stuck in their apartments without any help (no food, no water). TV4 Management posted out flyers that heat and hot water were restored while many apartments still had no heat at all and hot water was only partially available. This misinformation brought lots of confusion and resentment.

"Good fences make good neighbours"

A video camera was modified on the 2nd floor of 6A (2928) building, where Mr. Oberman lives. Now it has 360° observation angle. Does it mean that Igor Oberman does not trust his neighbors? Is he extremely unpopular as a General Manager of our Complex?

Surveillance cameras for home use video cameras to capture and transmit the signal to a specific monitor. Latest technology allows the images to be connected and transmitted through internet or network connections.  Thereby someone can log in remotely and access images on their computer or smart phone. It allows you control of the surveillance system for 24 hours a day even from a distance and keep records on your computer.

Who paid for it? Why was that installed only on the 2nd floor? Who is recording his neighbors’  routine?

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Shareholders were unexpectedly surprised while attending Co-Op management office. Our Board President, Igor Oberman, decided to promote himself again prior to TV4 Board election. He ordered candy with his name and signature on it. Everybody could see and take special candy from the plate in the management office. However Shareholders are more concerned who paid for that luxury and ambitious trick. What is the next step? Is our Co-Op going to be renamed to “Oberman Village” or “Oberman Plaza”?

Mr. Roberts, the Co-OP Council, notified us, that the signatures had not been verified yet, although he spent 2 months for legal review. Good job, Mr. Roberts! Additionally, he states that there are some allegations regarding misrepresentation (as we can guess made by Igor Oberman). It means that any Court accepts your signature on any document and you are personally responsible for reading the document before signing, but Dean M. Roberts creates a new precedent in jurisprudence.

As you could see while signing the Petition for the Board removal, it contained a written note on the top of the page. Mr. Roberts announced in his memorandum that you did not know how to read.

At the same time, Dean M. Roberts makes a statement that he works in our best interests. It looks like he covers Board Members named on the Petition, especially Igor Oberman.

Igor Oberman states in his email to our representative:
"...the shareholder petition, which I personally believe to be defective, is being reviewed by the attorneys for Trump.

That is one more demonstration of no transparency and the By-Laws violation of the Board.

According to our By-Laws, Gloria Hacken as the Board Secretary is personally responsible for organizing the Special Meeting. She is going for the next year reelection. Are you ready to vote for her? Are you ready to vote for Mr. Oberman?

View Memorandum

"If you can't be good, be careful"

A video camera and a motion detector devise were installed on the 2nd floor of building 2928 next to one of the elevators. It starts recording your actions every time you are passing by. As per Co-Op security officers, that equipment does not belong to our Corporation. It means that it belongs to somebody on a private basis.

Shareholders complained regarding the video camera to our management office. It violates their privacy, but no actions were made up to now. Do you know why?

There is another side of that story. Igor Oberman, the Board President, lives there. If equipment is his, it means that he does not feel safe to live in TV4, and is afraid of Shareholders and/or neighbors.

A Special Board meeting was called to remove Galina Ovsishcher (the Board Director) from the Board. Our By-Laws allows voting out the Director for cause. The reason (cause) was announced as “litigation against the Co-Op and using the Director’s position for personal interests”. Somehow the meeting was called a week later after Galina’s official request to check financial reports of the Corporation. She, as a licensed CPA, wanted to inspect Trump Village finance flows and expenses receipts.

The truth is that Galina Ovsishcher had won the Housing Court case against the TV4 by that time. Galina was acting as a defendant, and the case was filed by TV4 representatives.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) currently investigates an act of discrimination that was made by the TV4 Board of Directors vs. Galina and her husband, the veteran of war. Housing discrimination based on your race, color, national origin, religion, sex, family status, disability, or military status is illegal by federal law. One of the HUD functions is to protect us from housing discrimination.

Only 8 Directors voted against Galina during that meeting. After the meeting was over, voting results were announced (“8 against 5”), and while some Board Members had left the Board room, Eli Ben-Jshay (ex-Director) changed his vote, as we think, under pressure of some Directors (Igor Oberman, Gloria Hacken, Sandra Malachowsky, Inga Zhilo were still present in the Board room at that time). That is not fair and not legal, but “9 against 4” results were posted out in Memorandum by Dean M. Roberts.

A few days later, the Board Member, Eli Ben-Jshay resigned from the Board. You can make your own conclusion as to the reason of Galina Ovsishcher removal and Eli Ben-Jshay stepping down from the Board.

Cooperative Community Organization hosted a Town Hall meeting to discuss problems of Cooperatives. Along with Shareholders and Co-Op tenants Michael Zumbluskas, Ben Akselrod, Andrew Gounardes, Ari Kagan, Sergey Kovalyov and Alex Litvak were present at the meeting.

Shareholders were advised to be more proactive, and elect trusted and professional representative for the Co-Op Boards. Unfortunately, Trump Village 4 official Election Results have never been posted out. As a result, we cannot be sure that the announced winners were directly elected by us through an honest and fair voting.

As per Ari Kagan (a District Leader in 45 AD), TV4District Leaders are Mark Davidovich and Dilia Shack, Councilman Domenic Recchia and Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny, Congressman Jerrold Nadler and Senator Diane Savino. They all represent Trump Village today and they have offices and staff to deal with the problems of their constituents.

Volunteers were collecting signatures of Shareholders for a Special Meeting Request for a few months. The reason to call the Special Meeting was to remove the following Board Members: Igor Oberman, Sandra Malachowsky, Lilya Tamakhina, Felix Khusid, Bradley Pollack and Martine Levine. That was the second attempt to change the situation with unpopular Board. The first one was took place in December, 2012, when Michael Perry and other Shareholders submitted the Petition with over 25% Shareholders’ signatures for the Board Members removal to the management.

Galina Ovsishcher as a truly dedicated Board Member was trusted to pass the Request to the Board Secretary—Gloria Hacken. Ms. Hacken received the document on Aug.1st during the Board Meeting. The names of Directors from the Request were announced, and the Petition was given to Dean M. Roberts for a legal review.

The Request was supposed to be checked for signatures authenticity, and the Board Secretary function was to call for the Meeting all Shareholders. Although, our By-Laws clearly state the procedure for the Special Meeting Call, we recently received a respond from Dean M. Roberts on that subject.

"First impressions are the most lasting"

We were informed that a Board Member, Edward (Eddie) Aizman, had received a parking spot#635 next to 6B building during his election campaign. He bought his apartment (shares) on Jun.1st, 2010. As a result, he had been living here for less than 2 years on date of electoral campaign, and officially could not be the Board candidate according to the By-Laws rules.

In defence Edward Aizman states that he had lived with his father before he bought his apartment. Also, he declares that he obtained the parking spot 1.5 years ago, not during the Board election.

We checked the documents submitted by him at the closing procedure. According to documents, he had lived at the different address, not in any of Trump Village 4 buildings. He lived at 2830 Ocean PKWY APT 18F, Brooklyn, NY 11235.

Nevertheless to mention, that shareholders has been living here for more than 3 years, as Galina Ovsishcher , are still in a waiting line for a parking spot. We consider it is fair if Edward Aizman gives up his spot to the next in line Shareholder. The question is still opened as to the matter of how Mr. Aizman received his parking spot around the official parking line. We think, we all know the answer on this question.

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